Overeating in a stressful situation

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

People often eat when they are unhappy, depressed, worried.After all, the food - it's reliable, affordable source of pleasure ...

habit of overeating in a stressful situation is formed in early childhood.American psychologist Stanley Schachter describes the mother's communication with the baby: the baby cries when it is inconvenient or painful, or it is scared, or he wants to have.An experienced mother will change the diaper when the baby is wet, feed when he is hungry, calm when he is frightened, etc. And the inexperienced and anxious mother behaves absolutely wrong, inadequate, ie not in accordance with the state of the child:.. Wanting to reassure himHe is trying to feed, but he just screams.This behavior is the mother - the basis of chronic obesity, which in the future will develop in the child.

In this situation, the child is a mixture of strong emotional states and feelings of hunger.In such circumstances, a child often develops the ability to distinguish between hunger and fear (anxiety, anger)

.And then the person can unknowingly take any state of excitement as the feeling of hunger.

Thus, if an obese person believes that he is hungry, it may be something other than people of normal weight: it is possible that he was just upset about something.In a stressful situation, a person is usually easier to reproduce the ways of behavior that emerged in the early childhood.And if his mother taught, and he eats for fear.Aspiring to lose weight usually complain of increased appetite and the constant feeling of hunger.Some of them realize themselves that their hunger is caused by psychological reasons for the order, it is an artificial feeling.This hunger is amplified during the doldrums, when a sense of longing and loneliness.Unsettled personal life, troubles and try to compensate for food, finding it "comfort."In moments of failure and distress food seems the only available means of pleasure and positive emotions.However, so people do not solve the problems, but only drown his frustration.

To get rid of obesity, you need to understand the psychological reasons for his emotional tension and compulsive overeating.First, you need to learn to deal with stress.

extremely important to master the skills of conflict-free communication in the family and at work, to learn how to shoot arising tension.Reduction of emotional stress without the aid of drugs to help autogenic training exercises, relaxation breathing exercises, physiotherapy, sauna, a point self-massage and other wellness tools.