Psychological causes of overweight

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

In the event, along with genetic predisposition and endocrine disorders overweight large role played by social and psychological factors.In most cases, excessive fullness is caused by improper way of life - the constant overeating, malnutrition, insufficient physical activity, chronic emotional surge, etc.

Against the background of hereditary predisposition main cause of obesity is overeating...There are many families in which reigns literally eating cult.Especially on weekends, people eat large quantities and almost continuously.In the evenings after work strictly observed tradition it is very tight and dinner, in addition, snacking, snack, and feast on while watching TV.So, looking at the screen, some do not even notice how polbatona eat bread, a box of chocolates, a packet of biscuits or anything else ... the same high-calorie and unnecessary.

In addition, in such families to provide food and insistently persuade each other to "eat another bite, even a spoon, even a plate" and so on. N. It becomes

almost the only way to demonstrate care and attention.

often speak of hereditary completeness.However, non-hereditary nature of obesity evidenced by the results of numerous scientific studies.For example, many cases when suffering completeness of all members of the same family, even if among them there is no blood relationship - wife, mother-in-law, mother in law, foster children.It was found that in obese humans and pets often differ overweight.

matters and excessive appetite.Children who grow up in families where a lot of eating, at an early age there is a violation of the functional state of the nerve centers that regulate appetite and a feeling of fullness.As a result, some people are more and more strongly than others, want to eat.They eat more than the body needs, as the appearance during the meal satiety them very late.

Quite often a change of taste sensitivity.In addition, many families are preparing too sweet or too salty food.Children learn to sweet dishes too, which raises the threshold of taste sensitivity to sweet.As a result, an adult who, for example, drinking tea and poured into a glass one teaspoon of sugar, it seems that tea is unsweetened.To the tea seemed to him sweet, he should pour three or even five spoons of sugar.A tea without sugar too does seem tasteless, inedible.Similarly obtained and sensitivity to salty flavor.Some, starting to eat, do not even try it, add salt to meals.

An important reason for high prevalence of overweight - poor awareness of nutrition rules.Not everyone knows how to control the amount of food by counting calories, some calorie foods and which are not, from what nutrients they are composed.

addition, misconceptions are widespread - prejudices, rooted in the minds of many.For example, if a child full symbol of health and adult fullness of alleged evidence of prosperity, solidity, well-being, social achievements, "weight" in the society.However, the prevalence of overweight is also influenced by fashion, notions of beauty, the stereotype of the exterior.The notion that a person is considered to be beautiful, attractive, contemporary, can be sharply opposed the representatives of various social and ethnic groups.

There are many misconceptions about the various foods, sometimes bordering on the absurd, for example, that sugar is good for health, as allegedly necessary for the brain, liver, and bones.From this it is concluded that there is need sugar as much as possible.

often cause overweight becomes chronic emotional stress (anxiety, depression, frustration, and so on. P.), Which causes an artificial increase in appetite and compulsive overeating, which is difficult to fight.There are people who are in a state of depression, emotional stress or stressful situations begin to eat more in the same way as the other in a tense situation smoke.