Are you ready to lose weight ?

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

No need to once again prove that excessive fullness is harmful to health, encourages the development of many diseases, as a result of the reduction of excess weight come healthy changes - normal blood pressure, reduced blood cholesterol levels in patients with diabetes achieved dose reductioninsulin or even cancellation of the drug.

say that the French are three stages of completeness: the first is the envy, the second - an ironic smile, the third - sympathy.

For many, excessive fullness - a psychological problem.

Obese people often look unattractive, but this may impose an imprint on his relationships with others and health.Moreover, excess weight causes a feeling of constant physical stress, overload and overwork.

For successful weight loss is necessary not only a strong desire to lose weight, but also be able to form and strengthen this desire.Those who managed to lose weight, associated weight loss with some vital purpose - to gain or regain the family fortune, like the beloved, to feel more conf

ident, become more attractive afford to wear fashionable clothes, restore health, etc.

Interfere with the loss..the weight of the reasons on which point many: the constant feeling of hunger, desire to eat, have a habit of tight, craving for sweets, laziness, lack of or lack of willpower in order to increase the level of physical activity.

In order to better understand for themselves the goals and be prepared for possible difficulties in their implementation, think, or better still write down all the "pros" and "cons".Divide the paper into two parts by a vertical line: the left side, write "for" and the right "against".

In the "for" column list what is worth to lose weight, which can be achieved by reducing the weight.In the column "against" record, which prevents to lose weight, this makes it difficult to process.Then, imagine that are placed on the scales all the "pros" and "cons."What would chip?What is more important to you?

If some obstacles seem insurmountable to you, please refer to the psychologists, experts on healthy living.Successful weight loss and keep it at an optimum level will depend on your inner readiness to change much in their way of life, habits, attitudes to food.

Much will depend on your ability to mobilize the willpower and how much you are willing to perform certain daily recommendations.

In order to assess the degree of their readiness to reduce excess weight and their chances of success, answer for yourself the following questions.

Can you:

take a firm decision?

think over all the "pros" and "cons"?

Consult with your doctor how much you should weigh?

Buy scales?

Weighed 1 times a week and build a graph of weight change?

there 4 times a day and do not snack in between?

supper not later than 3 hours before bedtime?

Before going to bed to go for a walk?

not there "for the company", if you are full?

strictly follow a diet recommended by your nutritionist?

Refusing temptations?Remember

Indian proverb: "goodies thousand and one health"?

Make a list of products that shall be permitted on your diet, and carry it with you?

Monitor the right balance of nutrients in the diet (protein, carbohydrates, fats, water, minerals, vitamins, fiber, vegetable fiber)?Learn

table calorie foods and learn how to count calorie daily diet?

Drink tea without sugar?

Unsubscribe from sugar-containing products?

refuse sauces, seasonings, carbonated beverages, spicy, pickled and salted food (as they stimulate appetite)?

Change eating habits?

not eat if you do not want, and will never make others?

cooking small portions of the dishes have small sizes?

Before serving, spread the food into portions?

Every time he sat down at the table, repeating to himself: "I do not eat too much", "My appetite is subservient to me," etc...?

behave at the table as if you are indifferent to the food?

there slowly, in small pieces.Conduct at the table for at least 20 minutes?

chew food as carefully as possible?

arrange short pauses while eating?

felt saturation, just stop eating?

not have to complete satiety: nedoest better than to overeat?

Within two weeks, observe and analyze is the reason why you eat: worried, I have been annoyed, tired, "for the company", was bored, lonely, anxious, etc...?

Away, sitting down at the table, try to eat as little as possible?

Do not drink alcoholic beverages (otherwise you can quickly lose control over the amount eaten)?

If you have broken a diet, the next day sure to arrange unloading?

In no case did not violate the diet for two days in a row?

not go to rest and not to sit down to read immediately after a meal?

Check the functionality of your body and get medical advice about physical exertion mode?

Try to move as much as possible: do gymnastics, walking at a fast pace?

Limit your use of the lift, transport?

Pass walk at least 5-7 km a day?

do exercises every day?

hour a day to devote gymnastics, autogenic training, relaxation breathing exercises?

every day to take a shower, followed by a strong rubbing a towel?

Every 7-10 days to go to the bath (if no contraindications)?

trained in the use of self-massage techniques?

good rest, sleep 7-8 hours a day?

improve your character, to expand the circle of its interests?

Foster willpower?

Learn how to remove nervous tension with the help of non-drug health funds?

Learn to manage their emotions, desires and appetites?

With increasing hunger to use the techniques of autogenic training, relaxation breathing exercises, and so on. N.?

If intolerable feeling of hunger bite the apple, raw carrot or cabbage (temporary measure)?

not "comfort" food itself?

Search for sources of joy, fun, non-food?

remember that we eat to live, not live to eat?

Do not despair if temporary setbacks?

When difficulties in reducing weight to get a psychologist consultation?

guided literature on healthy lifestyle?

So, the higher your ready and the greater the number of these conditions you decide to actually perform, the more likely that will achieve the goal, and in the future will be able to maintain your weight within normal limits.Remember that the secret of success - in your determination to achieve the desired result.All in your hands!

Know that feeling of slight hunger is difficult to overcome, only the first time.If you persist, you will soon get used to the changes in his life, and a sense of lightness, vivacity, good mood and awareness of the fact that we were able to overcome yourself, your reward will be.

In order to strengthen its commitment, it is necessary to understand the psychological causes that led to the fullness and prevent normalize weight.