Reception mummy on Shakirov

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Shilajit


nervous system diseases, ear, skin, gastric diseases, fractures.When the articular rheumatism, after reduction of dislocations, sprains, fractures, etc. -. 0.5-0.75 g mummy with pink or any other oil.Add the beans and the Crimean 3-4 yolk.They may be applied topically or inside of 0.2 g once a day on an empty stomach.After 10 days of break, repeat the course.He studied in Uzbek NIITO.

AA Shakirov studied in animals, has no negative effect if the mummy to certain internal organs, if he had any carcinogenic properties.It turned out that in this respect mumie causes degeneration of tissues.Shilajit is practically non-toxic and is not radioactive.Biochemical studies have confirmed the strengthening of the process of metabolism under the influence of the mummy.Shilajit increases the tone, stimulates the vital functions, positive effect on the activity of the stomach, on the function of some endocrine organs and the liver, it is antibacterial and is especially effective against infections and radiation


In "Kabide Kabir" provides the following method of mixing the mummy.For mixing mummy with various oils, rose water, juices and decoctions of herbs use water baths, which are moderately heated.Then mixed with a glass rod.When the monotonous mass is formed, the upper container is removed and the mixture was stored prior to use in a cool place.

In oriental medicine mummy is used in the form of pills, whose composition varied.There is only one, it helps with general weakness, fractures, bruises, sprains: 3 of the mummies mixed with rose water, then 2.5 parts of gum arabic (no glue), and added crystal sugar in an amount equal to the mummy.Crystal sugar and acacia triturated mumie added and dissolved in water pink.All are mixed to a dough and this dough is rolled thick pill.Since receiving a dose 0,2 g per day, each pill must comply with 1/4 of the dose.For pink oil red rose petals moistened with water, is poured on top of a vegetable oil, all this is mixed and boiled.The water evaporates and is oil, which is filtered through cheesecloth.