Techniques and methods of linear massage

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Massage

Reception strokes with by pressure pads is performed mainly III, II and I finger, at least the back of one of the middle phalanges, or the rise of the I toe.

You are receiving exactly along the meridian with impaired function, without affecting other areas of the meridians are not involved in the pathological process.pressure force depends on the method and massage can be about 0.2 to 10 kG.The first in a linear stroking massage is done with low pressure and then gradually increase the pressure, the latter passing to make a strong push.In all cases, that is, during the same passage, finger pressure massage all the way should be the same.

When the reception should occur provided the feeling from mild to severe, depending on the method of massage.

When you receive strokes with pressing found error: unstable pressure at the same massage that is in the initial and final points of the massage;inaccurate compliance path of the massage;excessively strong pressure during the first rounds (passages) linear

massage, compared with the subsequent movements.

Reception strokes with vibration is applied, as in acupressure, vibration-shaking movements in the course of performing stroking the pad produced one of the first three fingers.

vibration amplitude should be minimized, and the frequency depending on the massage technique, - from 50 to 200 in 1 min oscillations.

most common errors when performing reception stroking with vibration: large amplitude, traumatizing the skin with a fingernail, and all that is observed when taking strokes with a press.

three methods are used in the linear massage.

Sedation (brake) method - a strong, deep pressure (up to 10 kg), affecting the subcutaneous tissue, muscle, periosteum.Vibration is performed

frequency of 150 to 200 oscillations in 1 min.Provided for sensation - to the point of pain, grinding and significant heat.The total exposure time - up to 5-6 minutes, sometimes up to 15 to 20 minutes.The direction of hand movements - against the meridian running from the patient to a healthy area.

Neutral (harmonizing) method - pressing the middle forces, vibrations up to 100 oscillations in 1 minute, with the achievement of specified pleasant sensations and flushing.The long reception - up to 3 minutes, sometimes up to 10 minutes.Linear movement along the meridian stroke can be alternated with counter-movements.

Tonic method - light, soft surface of pressing up to 0.2 kg and vibration up to 50 oscillations in 1 minute, affecting the skin and subcutaneous tissue.Envisaged feeling weak, duration of reception 1-2 minutes, sometimes up to 5-6 minutes.Arm movements are short, the direction of travel along the meridian, from the healthy to the sick area.