Internal use of clay

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Mud Therapy

for ingestion better buy only clay in the pharmacy.Healing clay should be clean and free of harmful bacteria and chemical contaminants.For internal application use clay powder, pellets, and the solution.

powder is prepared as follows: a piece of clay to be pound in a wooden or porcelain mortar, removing possible impurities.Cover with cold water and allow to settle (the water should be used pure), stir again and allow the solution to settle.When the grains of sand will settle, can be drained to defend the water and carefully remove the clay, separating it from the sand deposited on the bottom.Clay dry and pound to a fine powder.

Folk healers recommend to dry clay in the sun, so that it soaked with solar energy.After that break into small pieces, remove foreign particles and put in glass jars.

Clay beads made from powder.To do this, the powder should be diluted with water to the consistency of firm dough and roll into balls with a diameter of 0.5-1 cm. Bulbs to dry and soak with water before taking.

Clay solution.Clay powder is diluted with water at the rate of 0.5 teaspoon to 1 cup of water (minimum concentration) and 1 tbsp.spoon on 1 glass of water (maximum concentration).The resulting composition of the mix plastic spoon and an empty stomach to drink in small sips.The best is the one to receive the clay, which after dilution with water precipitates slowly.

begin better with the smallest doses, eg 1 st day - 0.5 tsp, in the 2nd - 1 teaspoon, 3rd - 2 teaspoons, 4 th - 3 teaspoons, etc...Wash down with a clay slurry is best boiled water or infusion of herbs without sugar.Upon receipt of the clay into the need to take breaks.For example, a policy for 21 days, and then take a break for a week.You can not use clay with milk, coffee and alcohol.

Traditional healers warned that ingestion can occur exacerbation of disease, which manifests itself in the fact that at night can get sick stomach and pancreas, urine becomes turbid, and cal - dark possible constipation.Afraid not to be - is evidence that the treatment process has begun.

therapeutic effect of clay.When administered clay affects the body in different ways.First of all it has a wicking action, concentrating on its surface a very large number of foreign substances - dissolved in the liquid environment of the body and undissolved.In this clay removes toxins and wastes from the body as a whole, as well as the individual tissues and organs, even the most remote of the digestive system.

absorption capacity of clay is that, getting into the stomach and intestine, it absorbs toxic

Clay slurry was forbidden to leave for a long time without using, otherwise it will become a breeding ground for microorganisms.

substances and wastes, which zashlakovyvayut and poison the body under normal circumstances.