What to eat and drink before the bath , in the bath and after bath

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Treatment Bath

Depending on whether normally functioning digestive system or are failures in its activities, disease, particularly its work, everyone decides what and when to eat before the bath that use in the bath and some food stick mode immediately after a bath.However, there are a number of general recommendations on the matter.

should not go to the bath immediately after a heavy meal (after lunch, supper).One of our old medical manual recommends taking bath procedures after 4-5 hours after a heavy meal.

previously mentioned Antonio Sanchez wrote: "Many people go to the baths shortly after lunch or dinner.But then it becomes harmful Bath ... From that made great severity ... jam in the damaged stomach throughout the body ... These things abuse as harmful as it is helpful to reasonable use of the bath. "

Visiting the baths with a full stomach can cause unpleasant consequences, especially if staying in the steam room or sauna procedures continue for a long time.When exposed to high temperatures on the skin blood

from the internal organs to the skin rushes, rabota.vnutrennih bodies is somewhat reduced.Digestion slows down, since this process requires an abundant supply of the digestive organs with blood.Bolus, especially in crowded stomach for a long time, stopping the

etsya, undigested food begins to ferment (especially carbohydrate), then the undigested into the small and then into the large intestine and the entire digestive system begins to suffer.Painful symptoms are worse if people bathing procedures generously dilute tobacco smoke.Smokers in the bath, especially in the steam room, it is hard to breathe, he had a headache.And if a full stomach, tobacco smoke (which also partially enters the stomach) is added alcohol (which is practiced in many bath), then room of the recreational and hospital transformed into a restaurant is highly harmful.

Do not eat in front of bath products, such that it is difficult for a long time to digest.It is above all meat products, beans, various meats, whole grain products, fried foods and strong.containing a large amount of tannins;products containing a lot of fat, in particular animal (cakes, ice creams and the like in..);food, stuffed with preservatives, food additives, dyes, artificial flavorings and so on. As to the room, and in general in the diet should be possible to refrain from the use of products with food additives, it is necessary to use natural products and are best fresh, minimally processed, cooked at home.Let it become an integral part of your lifestyle.

general, to use commercially prepared foods containing food additives should dwell, as most bathing buffets offer visitors is the following products: different kinds of chips.

What of you are dietary supplements?This chemical by which the products were washed (eliminating the dirt, pesticides, mold), treated to protect against rot;illuminators used, dyes, to give the product an attractive appearance;a layer of a chemical to prevent moisture loss;product saturate aromatics to give it an attractive smell;stuffed flavoring substances to simulate the real taste;using antioxidants to the product did not lose their external characteristics due to oxidation;processed product derived from the oil to prevent it from rancidity;Antimicrobial agents used for protection against microorganisms and t. c.All used food additives, preservatives, colorings, flavorings, antioxidants, and many others impossible to list - a lot of them, but all of them - are artificial substances that are harmful to humans.American doctors warn: "Avoid food additives, always and everywhere, wherever possible.Remember that the risk-benefit ratio depends on what you put in your mouth.Learn to understand the food.Do not spoil your health. "

doubly dangerous to use such products in the bath.The fact that under the influence of bath factors (temperature, humidity etc.), All processes in the body is changing dramatically, especially metabolism, and under certain conditions in supplements of these modified conditions may greatly harm the body.

This also applies to beverages, which are no less, and often even more saturated with additives gases.

especially careful with the intake of juices and waters must be persons who are overweight, obese, as well as other diseases of metabolism, liver and kidney.

most common drink of many visitors to the baths is the beer, and quite a few do not deny themselves and from taking alcoholic beverages, including strong.Healthy young people carry such frivolity is pretty good, though they do themselves harm.As for the elderly people, but still suffering from all sorts of illnesses, their beer and alcohol is very dangerous to take, in how much it can even lead to tragic results.

And it is very dangerous to take bath in all sorts of stimulants, and so on. In.

Danger in the bath and take many medications: the fact that the absorption of drugs in the bath decreases dramatically, as blood from the stomach and other digestive organs flows off to the skin and the functioning of these organs decreases sharply.

can not go to the sauna and with a completely empty stomach.Russian doctor G. Sobolewski another 200 years

NPD got1 Gopal bath before doing the enema for those who suffer from constipation.He wrote: "When aggravation of the stomach and intestines in the bath can happen rush of blood to the head," and the digestive organs stop working.

What and when to eat before visiting the baths?The bath day in the morning is better to stick to gentle diet.

Breakfast is desirable to use the fruits, vegetables, wild, to which you can add the fish and seafood, eggs, dairy products, cereals.

then lunch.It is desirable that the dining table was not temptations: wine, fried, smoked, salted, pickled, sweet products.It is better to use products that are easy to digest:. Vegetables, fruit, cottage cheese, dairy products, eggs and products from other

What can be used during bath procedures?In many regions of Russia it was customary to serve at the entrance to the baths every visitor a few slices of radish, and the baths at home, when receiving the desired or the guest of honor, his wife filed a radish or a daughter of the owner.By the way, the true Russian tradition with Russian baths, and moved in some European countries, which also serves a radish in the bath.

Why radish served in the bath?Apparently, the reason for this lies in the chemical composition of plants.Radish - it is a vegetable plant that man began to cultivate for 1.6-2 thousand years BC.According to Avicenna, in ancient times used not only cultivated varieties of radish, but also wild.Now hardly anyone eats the tops of radish and its juice.Obviously, our ancestors were more intelligent.Read

at the same Avicenna: "Spring leaves of radish, if _ boil and eat them with olive oil and Murry (sauce), more nutritious than its root."Avicenna recommended eat radish leaves "after the use of other dishes, because they help digest food, and the leaf juice opens blockages in the liver and jaundice stops ... Radish stimulates the appetite and stops pain in the liver ...»

radish and its juice has long beenand were used by our ancestors "from cachexy and consumption", and externally they were ground in the bath "of ache and irritation of the skin in the cold."The Russian national medical reference read: "Juice redechnym still rotten sores washed away, then the rotten meat of them driven out."

Radish, and especially its juice activates the pancreas, a beneficial effect on the activity of the intestine, contribute to a peristalsis, useful for those who have difficulties with bowel cleansing.Redechny juice - a good cleaner body from harmful substances.