A visit to the steam room

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Treatment Bath

So, after spending a hygienic body treatment, we can safely go to the steam room , a visit which actually is a main purpose of going to the bath.By the way, in the hygienic processing, it is desirable not to wet the head, so as not to cause the pair to its overheating.

The steam should not immediately get on the top shelf, where the highest temperature.To get used to the heat in the steam room, the best 4-5 minutes sit or lie down on the bottom shelf.And in general, in the steam room is best to lie down rather than sit: prone position promotes proper blood circulation in the extremities, fever affects the whole body evenly.If you sit at the feet of the temperature of about 15 ° C lower than that of the head.Furthermore, in lying position the body muscles are relaxed, allowing them well steamed.In the supine position, the head should be slightly raised, and it is best to rest on the wooden headrest.Experts say that in a sitting position in the steam load on the body is increased almost twice.If conditio

ns do not allow steam bath, lying down, it is not necessary to sit sveshivaya feet from the bench, and keeping them on the bench.In the transition from horizontal to vertical position should pause: to sit for 2-3 minutes in order to avoid collaptoid state.Length of stay in the steam room depends on many factors related to both the characteristics of the body soaring, and with the conditions in the steam room.An important role is played by the so-called individual tolerance of heat, especially the high temperatures;habit of features micro-climatic conditions the pair (here plays a role, how long and how often visits of bathers bath);Soaring health in general and on the day of the visit the bath in particular;as well as on such seemingly minor factors such as mood, mental state, and others. In fact, the length of stay floating in the bath, especially the sick, the doctor must determine.Usually patients length of stay in the bath determined within 10-20 minutes as a short stay does not allow for sufficient heating (heating) of the body.A longer stay in the steam room leads to weight loss that is often used too full of people, athletes and others. By the way, not all, who first visited the bath, there is quite a noticeable perspiration.On subsequent visits to the bath (steam room), as exercise thermostatic devices, the process of sweating and getting better when visiting the baths become regular, the body is already adequately responds to the heat of the steam room sweat accordingly.

main weapon in the steam room is, of course, a broom, which before entering the steam room to be prepared.Many fans are beginning to prepare the broom still at home.If it is a dry broom, his first douse the shower - first with warm, then hot water.Then, shaking it, put in a plastic bag.Do it usually for 6-7 hours prior to the bath, that is, for an evening hike to the bathhouse broom handle in the morning.On arrival in the bath broom first need to rinse, then put in a bowl with warm water, gradually adding hot water.Then the pelvis with a broom served another basin to the broom steamed, and only if he is ready for use.The water in which the broom steamed, do not pour out: it can be washed after the steam head.According to E. Galitsky: "Hardly a proprietary cosmetic better helps strengthen hair and dandruff destruction than the birch elixir."

If fresh broom made of twigs plucked, his preparation for the steam room is extremely simple: before entering the steam room it is enough to rinse with warm water.

However, to find the right broom - that's half the battle.It is also necessary to prepare steam.According to V. Ivanchenko: "The basis of the bath of art, valued in Russia, is to create a smooth, heat-resistant floor-to-ceiling windows.It is necessary to uniformly heat the walls and ceiling ... "And that Russian bath allows uniform heating.The dignity of the Russian bath is the ability to "almost from the apothecary precision to achieve for themselves the desired temperature and humidity.After the Russian bath has a headache, normalize breathing and sleep.And in general - Russian bath is the best!

guys have to prepare a few times.After the steam is ready for use, visitors are beginning to actively work with brooms, after some time (an hour and a half), humidity increases, it becomes unbearable, there is an unpleasant smell of sweat.Everywhere in the steam roll broomcorn leaves, steam turns into quite an unpleasant place.To avoid this, it is necessary to promptly bring the pair back in perfect order.To do this, clean the leaves, the entire first steam pour hot, then cold water (to form a temperature contrast).This leads to the fact that the ceiling accumulates dry heat, to a moist air leaves the floor.Simultaneously with the start-up of cold water opens the door to the steam room and the window, as it is necessary to ventilate the room.Then 1-2 times splashed hot water on the rocks, the air can refresh in the steam room, steam room and ready for use again.

So you went to the steam room, sat or lay for 3-4 minutes on the bottom shelf and decided to climb on the highest shelf.For this- it is necessary to put on a dry head hat, hand - gloves (or canvas thick woolen better), and you can start processing your broom body.First broom lightly touching the body then begins legong postegivanie something, and then as you like: some lash themselves quite actively doing it for fun.Begin with the feet, then move to the buttocks, and then to the sides to the back, shoulders, and in the reverse order to toe, and then again from the heels up to the head and back.And so repeated 4-5 times.

residence time in the steam room should not be very long: 2-4 entering the steam room and each set 8-10 minutes - this is acceptable norm for many.The bath is going to speed up the regenerative processes in the body.When the excessive presence in the pair occurs overvoltage thermoregulation processes and recovery processes are not activated, and slow down.Rule experienced bathers: "Fear overheating!" Once overheated, start the unpleasant symptoms: quickens the heartbeat, difficulty breathing, dizzy, felt pain in the temples, there may be nausea, before his eyes begin to flicker flies, ringing in the ears.If there was at least one of these symptoms, it is necessary to leave the steam room and go to a cool room.

If you soared lying, you can not just after this jump to his feet, a sharp transition from horizontal to vertical position.From a prone position you must first go to the sitting position, a little sit down and only then wake up.And you can not go directly from the pair - need a little sit on the bottom shelf and only leave the steam room.

main active factor to a human body in a high temperature bath, which depending on the type of the bath in the range 60-100 ° C, and temperatures of various contrast media, in particular, - the air and water.Dosed thermal action is carried out in pairs.This pair is used for heating the human body, providing a welcome fabrics of various amounts of additional heat.The temperature rises to tissue cores 38-40 ° C and the shell to 44-50 ° C!Under these conditions, the total heat content of the body further increases 8-10 times!

course, such heating of body tissues can not last long and the body needs a removal of heat, ie cooling, which are commonly used such cooling medium such as water (basin, shower, bath), snow and air (in the form of air baths).

In doubles, if desired, you can create both dry and wet (steam) micro-climatic conditions are achieved metered irrigation water.heated stones.It should be borne in mind that the dry microclimatic conditions of low (within 10-30%) relative humidity creates less stress on the human body than humid steam at the same temperature.The reason is that a high partial pressure of the steam produced in such microclimate conditions, partially or completely blocks the evaporation of sweat from the skin surface of the human being in the steam room, where a so-called greenhouse effect.As a result, dramatically slows down or stops completely heat the body by evaporation of sweat from the surface of the skin and tissues of the body warmed up quickly and deeply.The higher the moisture content in the steam room, the faster and more powerful than is expressed by the thermal load effects on various organs and body systems, especially such as the respiratory system, metabolism, heat and thermoregulation system, cardiovascular and endocrine systems.Not remain without affecting other body systems, such as the digestive, nervous and circulatory systems.

should be noted that the microclimate created in the steam room can provide not only a pronounced therapeutic and training effect, but can be a

cause pathological changes in the body, occurrence of stress state.Especially dangerous are the combination of microclimatic conditions in which high temperatures combined with very low humidity (below 10%) or someone slips a high (up to 100%).Such microclimate conditions are most unfavorable in relation to the physiological effects on the human body.

When creating the optimal microclimatic conditions in the steam room should be borne in mind that the high relative humidity in the steam room (over 80%) can occur without irrigation water on the hot stones.The fact that air is almost motionless pair.As the pair of filling a large number of people and the air saturated steam atmosphere in the steam becomes severe, unbearable for some.After a short time in the air is saturated with steam (and very quickly) a fairly large number (4-5%) of carbon dioxide and evaporation of sweat, the air becomes heavy, created the so-called effect of closeness: this is understandable - the concentration of carbon dioxide in the steam room is increased by 8-10times compared sobychnym air.In addition, the air is saturated with harmful substances contained in the sweat of a man who generously released in the steam room.That's why next to any entry into the steam room needs to be aired, that is to expel stale air.Usually it is done by competent bathers using towels and other means at hand, driving them stale air from the steam room.Of course, it is better to do it with the help of fans, air conditioners, but, unfortunately, in our simple folk baths these "wonders of technology" is not used.

During reception zharovozdushnyh procedures in the steam room can be traced to two periods.

first period - adaptation.The beginning of this period is the passive heating of the body through the skin and lungs.In the body, there is an accumulation of heat and warming of the surface layers of tissue.As heating increases the temperature of the blood and deep tissues, increases blood circulation vascular muscle and skin.At 3-5 times increased blood flow and blood microcirculation.With further increase in temperature after 5-7 minutes starts sweating, which slows down the rate of heating of deep tissues and accumulation of additional heat in the body.At high temperatures the ongoing action on the organism adaptation period associated with passive warming the body shell finishes.By that time already beginning to warm the internal organs, their temperature reaches 38 ° C or more.

The second period is characterized by intensive and deep heating of the body, the accumulation of additional heat it, accompanied by an even greater increase in the temperature of the internal organs.Starting profuse sweating, there are conditions for reducing and blood clots.Occurs dehydration (loss of water) of the organism, then a large amount of fluid is lost and salts, in particular potassium chloride;a shift in the equilibrium saline.When inadequate thermal exposure dosage degrades all conditions of heat transfer and enhances the internal body temperature to 39 ° C, which indicates overheating.This situation is very dangerous for bathers - can occur so-called heat exhaustion, sign

E which is muscle weakness, feeling of fatigue, the appearance of seizures of individual muscle groups.And the further overheating to these symptoms can join nausea, vomiting, dizziness, shortness of breath, confusion, restlessness, nervous irritability, inadequate behavioral responses;there is a real threat of heat stroke.At this point, the heart rate can increase to 160-180 beats per minute, respiratory rate - up to 28 per minute, ie kardiorespira-Tornio system begins to experience significant functional voltage that appears sharp increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, increased contractile powerthe ability of the myocardium.

Occur and negative changes in the respiratory system: there are changes in the value of the capacity and lung volumes, respiratory mechanics, diffusing capacity of alveolar membrane, oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide.Light at this time begin to operate in the mode of a kind of air conditioner, the function of which is aimed at cooling the inhaled hot air by dramatically increasing the evaporation of moisture from the surface of the alveolar membranes.The total loss of body fluids through sweat and exhaled air is approximately 80% of the fluid loss for the entire period of stay in the steam room.

To maintain at an optimal level functionality of the body when taking zharovozdushnyh baths in bath steam rooms and to ensure good health is required Dosing heat load based on body condition of bathers, features adaptive these things

the body that depends on many factors:sex, age, level of fitness to thermal and physical stress, the characteristics of the constitution of man, the presence of diseases, the degree of their severity and some others.

From a physiological point of view, the maximum permissible temperature of heating of the internal organs (the "core" of the body) when taking zharovozdushnyh bathing in the sauna should not exceed 38-38,9 ° C.The higher the temperature of the internal organs is associated with risk to life.It is also dangerous to stay in the steam room for a long time, and at this critical temperature of the internal organs, that is, at a temperature of 38.9 ° C.

During intense heating in the steam room, along with an increase in temperature of the internal organs in the 2-3 °, still much more increased skin temperature - it can rise by 5-7 ° and reach a temperature of 40-44 ° C.The period of intensive warmed tion, usually accompanied by profuse sweating, severe erythema (redness) of the skin, increased heart rate and breathing with a reduction in its depth.

A few more tips for lovers of steam:

• if you want a good sweat before entering the steam room can be sweated drink a decoction or infusion;

• those who do not particularly shine health, it is recommended to visit the steam bath, and not in the evening (as we usually do), and in the morning, after 10 hours.Why?Because steam has a greater burden on the heart, and on the whole body, and when visiting the baths in the morning, when it is not wasted, the load on the body in the steam is transferred easier after a night of rest the body strength;

•, in the steam room should stay as long as necessary.Gambling desire to "sit out" for someone to be a champion, that is especially true for some of the visitors to the bath with little experience, fraught with dangerous consequences.Such bravado is misplaced in the bath;

• many of steam emitted "bullet".Experienced bathers are advised to sit slightly after soaring in the steam room on the bottom shelf - in bath procedures is important gradual transition from one to the other.

reader will object: "But what about our inveterate bathers directly from steam headlong rush into the snow or a hole?" Yes, but in order, it is necessary to "learn" this behavior of the bath: to be perfectly healthy, have a decent bath experience andto resort to such extreme methods-bath treatment after a gradual, long-term training.