Broom in the bath more than money

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Treatment Bath

Our ancestors the problem of "flavoring" occasionally solve a very original way: they did the bath in the form of temporary huts made of branches and leaves of different trees.Depending on the desire for a particular fragrance chosen and the tree (branches, leaves).Most often used lime, then birch, juniper, and so on. D. That's bath "huts", "advised the" our ancestors to create a miracle "bath business" broom.Slavs probably used all the plants, shrubs and trees before chose brooms made of birch, oak, linden, mountain ash, alder, fir, juniper.Of these herbs like St. John's wort, wormwood, and even ... nettle.

What gives the broom?"Pohlestyvanie their body - pi Sheth

Ivanchenko - a kind of massage increases blood circulation in the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle, contributing quenched subsequent contrast of temperatures, more intense sweating and metabolism enhancement, the opening of skin pores and leaching of these different, including pathogens, dangerous action of which the body is paralyzed vola

tiles - volatile production, contained in the leaves of the broom, has a bactericidal effect.A essential oils falling on the skin, it improves metabolism, "prevent premature aging."Not by chance the people say: "That day soared, the day is not old."To enhance the bactericidal effect is best to steam with a broom made from fresh branches, since they contain more essential oils and volatile production, which, when dried almost completely evaporate.It should be borne in mind that each broom has its own special effect, since each plant, which is made from a broom, found their inherent only to him essential oils and volatile production.According to V. Ivanchenko, birch broom helps "with pain, aching muscles and joints ... cleans the skin with tendency to rashes and pustules, accelerates healing wounds and abrasions, has a soothing effect, improves the mood.Its feature - a strong expansion in broomcorn couple of small bronchi.This helps sputum discharge and improve ventilation.That is why, after such a bath is very easy to breathe!For asthmatics and former smokers, began to engage in breathing exercises, birch broom is indispensable. "

Russian predilection for birch brooms understandable: for many centuries, this tree takes

special place in the life of Russian people.Birch leaves, buds, bark, sap, juice, shelf fungus, wood-all used in the household, in households with medicinal purposes.Not a single tree is not devoted as many songs, poems, fables, proverbs and sayings.Kidneys birch

contain essential oil, bitterness, flavonoids, resins, tannins, and other biologically active substances.The leaves were found betulore-ascorbic acid and statins, giperozid, tannins, saponins, essential oils, carotene, volatile.All these substances have a beneficial effect on the human body, including the leaves in contact with the human body at the post-birch twigs or drawn in the steam bath.

Birch brooms can procure almost all summer long green leaves.However, this is best done in June - early July, when the leaves have grown stronger, but still in the juice, rather dense, but still flexible, emit all so familiar and favorite flavor.

Some fans in the procurement adhere to a rather complicated technology that requires a lot of time and place.But more often the workpiece approach simply observing only the most basic requirements, which are as follows:

• cut the branch must be in dry weather, as harvested in wet weather, or covered with dew branch perishable: the leaves for drying yellow, deformed, quicklyoverfly.This broom is not enough even for a "park";

• harvested branches must be kept in the shade, as from sunlight leaves are processes that destroy useful substances, in particular antibacterial, and other aromatic;

• harvested dry brooms best in quite a cool place in the shade, in a well-ventilated area.When drying must be observed, "distance", that is to brooms were from each other at a certain distance.At the beginning of drying twigs should be turned daily.Then polupodsohshie brooms can be stored and stouter, continuing to flip them;

• store-dried twigs best in limbo.

way, according to the technology described can prepare twigs of alder, oak branches, linden, currant, and other deciduous plants, as well as nettle and sage.

special art demands the formation of a so-called modular broom, which meets all the wishes of the fan.The assembly includes a broom branches of many plants: birch, oak, alder, willow, ash, linden, currant, mountain ash, viburnum, even the cherry, as well as some herbs.

second most popular after the birch is considered by fans baths oak broom.

oak, birch, as well as, for a long time venerated in Russia as a sacred tree.Our ancestors were actively used as a drug of oak bark.In "Travnik" E. Zalesova read: "Oak bark of different species of oak contains tannic acid.Inside the oak bark in decoction is used rarely.Outside bark decoction is used in all cases where it is shown the use of binders in the form of lotions, injections and baths, from bleeding, abundant mucous discharge, scrofula, English disease and pressure sores. "

Those who like to thoroughly steamed, warm "to the bones," prefer to use oak twigs with his massive thick leaves that are held more strongly than the birch.

However, it is believed that the cleansing properties of birch broom is much higher than oak whose leaves are not dense and porous such as birch.But experts acknowledge that oak broom with its dense leaves faster and better absorbs the heat bath and naturally faster transfers this heat to the body of bathers.

addition of tannins, which many in the oak leaves, they contain other very useful for the human body substances: liquor pectins, sugars, proteins, essential oils, bitterness, starch and others.All these substances oak broom in its use gives more economical than the birch.And one of the advantages of an oak broom - it is much more durable birch and many other brooms.

preform oak brooms produced in August-September.

Oak broom is particularly suitable for people with oily skin.When the body is treated in a bath with oak veni- • whom the special role played by tannins and essential oils leaves.These fatty substances make elastic skin matte and purified it well, as well as the pores have a strong anti-inflammatory action.Oak broom, with massive, strong, thick leaves bathers quickly cleans the body, quickly and deeply warms up.Released during evaporation from the leaves of the broom substances have a healing effect.Experts say, "that these substances can even reduce the pressure in hypertension Tanning vesche

OPERATION AND volatile oil secreted leaves oak broom, have a therapeutic effect in all sorts of skin diseases:. Scrofula, rashes, eczema In some parts of Russia, especially there.where there are large lime trees, popular lime twigs. lime has long been popularly considered a plant is highly curative. a man sick colds disease, often recalls the lime color, a radical remedy for many colds as a diaphoretic and antipyretic. Infusions and decoctions limes (leaves, flowers) are used as an expectorant for coughs, diuretic at pielitah and kidney stones, a painkiller in the gastro-intestinal spasms. Fresh leaves of linden tree is used as a compress for headaches as an emollient and anti-inflammatory agent for burns, purulent inflammation. Healing ability linden leaves are used and by phony broom, which "perfectly eliminates the headache, produce soft" exercises "for kidneys, accelerates sweating, have a calming, healing wounds, broncho-expands-present, antipyretic effect."For colds equal Linden broom no!

In many parts of Russia steamed maple broom.Maple trees can be found in the Caucasus, in Siberia, in the Urals, Bashkiria and other places.Among the many species of maple greatest interest is the maple sugar.From it get maple sap rich in sugars.

Young leaves and shoots of maple, being ripped off, emit white, sweet and pleasant juice.Older leaves are bitter.

decoction of young leaves and twigs useful "from internal obstructions, jaundice, scurvy, and other attacks."Vinegar, which is boiled leaves consumed inside "for unyatiya vomiting and sadness."Boiled in wine leaves applied to inflamed eyes.Liquor made from dead burned maple bark, used for cleaning scabs and sores on the head.This liquor is often prepared for a bath.

Broom of maple branches is very effective for certain skin diseases, treatment of the body in such a broom gives excellent results: actively removed from the body toxins, the skin and subcutaneous tissue become "sterile" because of the bactericidal effects of this broom.

In some regions, especially in Siberia, one of the favorite trees is a bird cherry, which has such a wide range of advantages that its somewhere deified.

Broom of bird cherry branches - is a unique attribute of the true lover of the bath and cleanliness.With its powerful bactericidal "arming" Cheremuhovo broom like no other, ensure the destruction of all pathogenic microorganisms on human skin.In addition, the use of such a broom, especially if the branches torn from the flowers, the whole atmosphere of the steam room is filled with such a wonderful aroma, which are the envy of any perfume shop.But this fragrance is not just pleasant, it is very useful, as it contains all the chemicals bird cherry.Penetrating with inhaled air into the lungs, this fragrance cleans them, destroying all pathological bacteria in the lungs and airways.This broom is useful for colds, as well as skin lesions, especially pustular.

soared in Russia and mountain ash broom.Rowan Common - one of the favorite trees of Russians.Reverent attitude to the mountain ash is reflected in folklore and poetry.Rowan dedicated songs and poems, her slender the way, pure white fragrant flowers, bright fruit.Rowan is very decorative.On mountain ash, especially in the period of its flowering in the fall or when she wears a purple dress from the berries, you can not see enough.

The same, except for his article and beauty, attracted Rowan man?For its medicinal properties and nutritional qualities, which are defined by rich chemical composition.In fruits of mountain ash, and (to a lesser extent) in the branches and leaves contain vitamins: B ^ & gt;B2, C, P, PP and K, carotenoids, tannins, pigments and pectic substances, sugars, organic acids (mainly malic, tartaric, sorbic, grape and succinic), bitter, almost the entire periodic table - zinc salts, manganese, iron, copper, magnesium and other fatty and essential oils, glycosides, and others.

in places where it was difficult to find clean water, Russian explorers in the swamp water put fresh leaves of mountain ash, and insisted it 2-3 hours smell and taste of watercompletely disappeared.Bacteria in this water disappeared due to high bactericidal properties of the rowan.Volatile ash and natural antibiotics contained in it, on its effect on pathogens compete with such traditional water purifier, as silver ions, chlorine and activated carbon.

Leaves (young) of mountain ash contains up to 85 mg% of vitamin C, and in some places the young rowan leaves added to salads, especially in the spring.The bark of mountain ash contains up to 15% tannins and a good tanning agent.

In many regions of Russia, especially in Siberia, Rowan broom is often preferred by many others, including birch and oak.Body Treatment rowanberry broom ensures enhanced separation of sweat and concluded the greatest number of toxins, the skin will be no harmful microorganisms, quickly and permanently activates metabolic processes, will increase blood circulation, clears the cardiovascular system, and not only on cholesterol and other harmful substances.

sometimes make brooms mixed - of rowan twigs and grass tansy.If all of the above brooms help restore strength and good sleep, then mixed broom from tansy rowan and strengthens the processes of excitation in the nervous system.Therefore, if after a bath it is necessary to remain "fresh as a cucumber" - use a broom so mixed.

way, tansy has long been known to man as a medicinal plant.A strong characteristic smell of tansy, and its bitter taste caused by contained in its inflorescences and leaves much of the essential oil, the main component of which is a ketone-tui it.In addition, the composition of the oils are camphor, boron-Neolithic, pinene and others. Tansy also contains flavones-dy, bitter substance tannin, organic acids, tannins, alkaloids, sugar, coloring agents, a wide range of minerals.

Thanks to these unique substances like bitter tannins and essential oils contained in it, Tansy acts excitingly naorga

Lowland broom from tansy and rowan "invigorating."Steamed broom from tansy rowan and when they are operating on the top shelf, issues such incomparable flavor than that, as some bathers, "clears the brain" and permanently excites the nervous system.That is why such a broom is recommended to use in the morning rather than the evening, as the evening hovering broom so may be worth a sleepless night.

If you travel in Russia but go to the sauna bath and get acquainted with the customs, you can open a lot of new in each region, although the general principles of use of Russian bath is almost the same everywhere.What are the only plants are not made brooms!From the branches of aspen and ash, acacia and rue, a lilac and cherry ... And what a variety of herbs brooms can meet!By the already mentioned tansy, nettles and wormwood can be safely counted among a half-dozen two herbs.Make brooms podmarvennika yellow and willow-herb (Epilobium), from herbs.For example, a broom, collected from a variety of branches, may include Bogorodskaya herb that has long been widely used in folk medicine: its use of chest pain, abdominal pain, with women's diseases, insomnia, and cough, decoction of herbs drink from the binge.So, this herb together with some other aromatic herbs (peppermint, for example) include a broom made that very effectively on the human skin and the respiratory system, especially for colds.

fireweed mentioned above is sometimes the only component of a broom.The composition of fireweed leaves includes a large amount of tannins (more than in the leaves of oak), the leaves and flowers with

holds about 250 mg% of vitamin C. Cyprus has hemostatic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action.Flowers of fireweed (and plant them on the lot) contain a lot of sugar (Epilobium excellent bee plant).When steaming in a bath of fireweed flowers and leaves emit a pleasant and also very useful fragrance that bathers felt immediately relieved, he passes a headache.Good Cyprus and in conjunction with birch branches.Broom from birch branches and fireweed blooming (July-August) - is something delicious!

very fragrant and extremely useful is a broom made of branches of black currants, which leaves have diaphoretic, diuretic, astringent, anti-inflammatory action.Contained in the leaves of the substance (ascorbic acid, tannins, essential oils, pigments, FLA-vonoidy et al.) Have a beneficial effect on the skin, clean it well from the pathogens and odor emitted leaves, able to satisfy the most refined "nose."In folk medicine, infusions and decoctions of the leaves of black currant are used in the treatment of rheumatism, gout, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and bladder, tuberculosis of the lymph glands, scrofula, nephrolithiasis, dropsy.Take a steam bath in this broom, we can hope that relief will come in the presence of such diseases.

Somewhere in Russia grows an evergreen coniferous shrub juniper, the fruits of which are widely used in folk medicine.