Cooling after the pair

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Treatment Bath

cooling period after steam includes all functional changes in the body associated with this process.It is very important to choose the best for yourself cooling, ie the cooling medium, the contrast of temperatures and cooling methods that would ensure the preservation of the heat balance at the minimum voltage of physiological systems of the body to return to their original state.It should be noted that most of the complications involving adverse reactions so-called catarrhal character using the baths, it is associated with errors in the duration and rate of cooling.

When selecting the cooling medium should be borne in mind not only the functional state of the body, but also its constitutional features.For example, obese people are cooled more slowly than those of asthenic physique.Obese people additional heat amount produced by the body is considerably greater than in lean.

The cooling period occupies an important place replenishing lost fluids and minerals.Their deficiency may adversely affect the ge

neral condition of the body, the appearance of feeling of lethargy, weakness, heaviness in the head, pain in the calf muscles when walking, while swimming in the pool.

loss of water in the body when taking baths zharovozdush-tion in the steam room can reach considerable size: an average of about 1.5-2 for three or four times

visit the steam room.If these losses are not compensated ingestion of adequate amounts of liquid, its deficiency may occur in the body.A body is very sensitive to the fluid deficit.The deficit is considered to be weak, if it is 1-1.5% of body weight, average - 1,5-2% and pronounced, that is dangerous for the body, if it exceeds 3%.It is known that sweat 1 kg is about 1.4% of the body weight of 70 kg.

dehydration (dehydration) the body with considerable sweating causes drastic changes in the composition of mineral substances due to reduced content of sodium chloride, the concentration of which in the body at the start of bath treatment is about 5 g /, and in the end they reduced to 1 g /.

scientists found that sustainable adaptation of the human organism to the microclimatic conditions with high temperatures in a steam room is only observed after 10-15 visits a bath with an interval of 5-7 days, ie 3-4 months with a weekly visit baths and natural steam.This fact should be taken into account and the bathers and doctors when they prescribe bath treatments as therapeutic measures.

for cooling in the bath, it is desirable to have a room equipped with relevant subjects and objects.First of all, in this room should be a pool with an area of ​​at least 6 m2 and a depth of 130 cm. The pool next to a steam bath, the water in the pool comes from the bottom, where there are holes.Descend into the pool stairs, holding the railing.The water temperature in the pool does not exceed 10 ° C, it must meet the requirements for swimming pools, ie

be recycled.Water is continuously chlorinated.

Area zrny cooling must be equipped with benches.

From the cooling zone usually go to the rest room, the equipment which consists of couches, seats in an amount corresponding to the number of visitors to the bath.In the common room you can compensate for the loss of body fluids.Usually drink mineral water, fruit and berry juices, kvass, vegetable juices and other beverages that do not contain alcohol.

Thus, the second phase is a cooling bath visit, which should be sufficient to pass after heating in the steam room and the appearance of an irresistible desire to cool.Cooling Zone (the best), of course, is the fresh air.It could be argued on the basis of centuries-old experience of Russians.Earlier in the Russian baths were taken out of steam once on air, river, pond, or snow.Now, of course, in urban areas it is difficult to find a decent pile of snow, and as for the fresh air, it is still achievable.

Coming into the fresh air, you must first take a few deep breaths, as the forced breathing could cause cramps due to respiratory alkalosis.The cooling phase is very important for the body.Its duration is individual and depends largely on the state of health.Cooling is carried out usually at a temperature of 18-20 ° C.After a brief cooling in the shower or in a cold water pool with seating.If the cooling takes place in air, then in the summer well slowly like the grass, and the daring can be like in the winter and the snow.;

With long-term cooling of the room for rest is recommended to immerse the feet to the upper third of the lower legs in the water with a temperature of 35-39 ° C.In no case can not use cold water, because it can cause vascular spasms of the leg muscles and reflex changes in the whole organism.Generally, the cooling water should be treated with caution and take into account the state of health.Cold water temperature should not be below + 8-15 ° C.

best in a public bath method of cooling water is the shower or pouring water from a hose, and without strong pressure, as this may cause unwanted reaction vessels, up to the collapse.You can, of course, and to pour out of the bucket, and from the other some containers.

effective body cooling method is a swimming pool (barrel bath).But cores to use this way of cooling is not recommended, as this is a big load on the cardiovascular system.Before diving into the swimming pool should take a shower to remove sweat from the body.It is not recommended to use soap, because after steamy skin is naturally acidic, that is protective antimicrobial coating.It should be remembered (especially cores, high blood pressure) that quickly raises blood pressure when submerged in cold water.It is recommended to dive into the cold water up to her neck and head should remain above the water surface.The pool can not jump, the more upside down, and should be carefully and slowly sink to the neck.When sufficient size pool well it move, swim.

cooled in the snow, only completely healthy people can in the hole of the rivers and lakes.

Continue cooling is recommended until the desire to keep warm.It is impossible to cool until there feeling cold and chills the more.Cooling is best to finish showering and drying of the whole body to re-visit the steam room.If the legs are in the cooling period was cold, the steam room before they need to be warm in a basin filled with warm water (40 ° C).

Stay in the steam and cooling is usually repeated 2-3 times, but the fans do this up to 5 times.

After thorough washing of the feet, especially the feet and between the toes, should be wiped dry (department nympolotentsem-leg) and for the prevention of bad grease the soles and the spaces between the fingers of a special cream or ointment with anti-fungal components.If these drugs do not have, at least wipe these parts of the legs with a cotton swab dipped in cologne (it is possible vodka) or 6% vinegar.

All bath accessories (slippers, towels for the feet, sponges, gloves, etc.) should be placed after a bath in a separate package, and all the house to handle detergent or at least a solution of baking soda and soap.

Remember, the fungus "catch" is very easy, but get rid of it can not be many times in a few years!

Tips those who visit the sauna for the first time:

• steam in a short time and to be on the lower shelves;

• listen to your well-being: if you're having fun while in the steam room, then you have everything in order.The first feeling of discomfort, discomfort in Liu

boy.chasti pair should leave the body;

• cooling phase in any case to prevent hypothermia;at the first sign of hypothermia, especially the legs, you need to take a warm foot bath, or warm up in the steam room on the bottom shelf;

• Observe bath inviolable rule: cold treatment should be short;

• bath procedure is recommended to finish taking a shower and foot bath, which leads to a reflex flow of blood to the skin, accompanied by a pleasant sensation of lightness;

• the duration of rest before the departure of the bath is determined individually, but not less than half an hour.During this time, the body will rest, all systems and organs begin to function normally.With proper behavior in the bath should be a feeling of freshness and vitality.The appearance of fatigue, headache, bad mood, pain in certain organs and parts of the body indicate the wrong time of stay in the bath, especially in the steam room;

• and the last, in our opinion, the most important advice: do not turn the bath in a convenient place for making all sorts of alcoholic beverages and the use of heavy to digest food.To make up for the loss of fluid during the holidays, you can use a variety of mineral waters and other vegetable juices, preferably natural, without any admixture of sugar and other additives.It is necessary to learn and take for granted: alcoholic beverages during the procedure of bath and after it are contraindicated.

Alcohol can cause complications in the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, which in the bath already operating at maximum capacity.Frequent SLE

teas when after drinking his fans on the spot, in the bath, dumped from a heart attack or stroke.After the bath is not recommended even to drink strong tea or coffee, which also have a pretty heavy load on already loaded heart vessels.

can not immediately after a bath thoroughly to load themselves high-calorie food, all sorts of delicacies..