Recipes healing

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Wang

AMENORRHEA (scanty menstruation).Two kilograms of husks of onions pour 3 liters of water and cook until the broth is not I will become dark red, almost brown.Take fasted morning and evening for one cup of coffee.

arthritis.Take 20 rhizomes (a lump) plants dryakva (cecclfmen europaeum L) and cook in 10 liters of water.When the broth is cooled, the total number of cast 1-2 liters of liquid and the remainder do morning and evening bath.It is recommended to keep this sequence in a liquid but a half-hour first leg, then his hands.After the procedure three times to throw his head with water, you advance

separated.The broth can be used several times, only to be gently heated it before serving.

asthma (in children, the initial stage).Several pound aspirin tablets into a powder and then thoroughly mixed with a small amount of pure lard.Within 10 days of applying for a sick child rag chest, which caused the mixture.

asthma (in children).40 dried leaves mother-and-ma-Czechs pour 500 grams of rakia (homemade vo

dka) and left overnight.The treatment protocol is as follows: the first night of a sheet is placed on the back (between the shoulder blades).The next evening - on the chest.So you need to alternate leaves, until they run out.

40 dry leaves mother and stepmother, pour 500 g of strong brandy and leave overnight.After that, every night obkladyvat child leaves the chest, while the leaves have no end.The number of leaves is determined by the size of the area you want to cover.

ASTHMA 40 seed onion head pour boiling water and wait until they are soft.Then drain the water and put out the onions in half a liter of olive oil.Simmer until tender, then mash until the consistency of mashed potatoes.Take on an empty stomach in the morning and evening for one tablespoon.


INSOMNIA (in children).A kilogram of river sand boil in a pot with plenty of water.When the water cools, pour this water a sick child.

sick child wrapped in a cloth, soaked in the morning dew, and leave it for half an hour - an hour before the web is dry.

insomniacs (adults) Wang recommends sleeping on a pillow stuffed with forest hay or dried hops.Before going to sleep well to take one tablespoon of honey.

trouble sleeping (in children).Early in the morning, when the dew falls on the grass, spread out in the meadow clean white sheet and soak it thoroughly with dew.Then wrap the baby in a sheet, let her sleep an hour and a half until the sheet is dry on it.

back pain.Take a piece of pure white linen, the size of one meter on and apply him 100 grams of gun oil.Three nights in a row to put to the back.

Coat the back of honey.Jerky movements resembling "peel" the skin from the bones, promassazhirovat back.Repeat the procedure on the next day until complete disappearance of pain.

back pain and right shoulder blade.Wang believes that this pain is the result of a more early fall.She advises skinned hare (rabbit), sprinkle it with the skin of the inside of the red thirds and sprinkle with sunflower oil, and then attach to the back of the patient.

PAIN in the forearm (acute).Take two bags of incense (40-50 g) and dissolved in 50 g of apple cider vinegar.Apply the mixture on a woolen cloth and three nights in a row to apply it to the sore spot.

Soak a rag wool gasoline, attach to the sore spot, and from above to press a heated (but so as to be able to endure), a plate or a copper plate.For three nights in a row.

chest pain (inveterate).Wang believes that in such cases, the inflamed lung shell.She recommends that you do wrap from dough kneaded at home kvass, with the addition of 100 g of vinegar, 100 g of sunflower oil and 100 g of wine.This compresses applied to the sore spot.

leg pain.In a large pot boil a bunch of clover.When the broth has cooled, strain, add one tablespoon of kerosene spoon.Three or four nights in a row to make bath.

pain.Take an old Turkish tiles and a good pound to a powder, then sift through a sieve.Add three beaten protein, 20 g of crushed incense and tea cup grape vodka.All this is thoroughly mixed.Apply mixture on linen wrap around the waist and at night.

SICK gums.Several times a day, rinse your mouth with a decoction of thyme, which added a pinch of alum.

patient is recommended twice a month for one hour to chew white pine resin.

kidney infection.For a week the patient should take a decoction of pumpkin seeds.In addition, a few days in a row at night to make compress "feet" on the kidneys, to compress the solution: pounded linseed (about one hundred grams) in a small amount of water.

Once a week, the patient should eat only boiled wheat, drinking its water, which was cooked grain.

Get great blackberry root and cook 5 liters of water, until the water boils away in half.Take a decoction three times a day for 100 g

pottery clay pour apple cider vinegar and knead well.The mixture was put on a rag and evening attach to the back, above the kidney area.

warts.A place where, above all, there was a wart, a good hot rod sear, then immediately make a hot bath.

bronchitis (in children).In the lard to fry two eggs and salt well.When the eggs to cool, attach it to the chest of the child overnight.

Take a head of red onion, peel it from the chaff and make the middle groove.Pour back crystallized sugar.Every day, eat one head to a full recovery.

initial stage.One time give the child to drink a teaspoon of castor oil.

Two - three leaves mother and stepmother to cook in half a liter of fresh milk.Add a small amount (pinch) fresh pork fat.Take the evening before bedtime for one coffee cup.


sore throat.Two times a day to do the following rinsing solution: in a coffee cup water to dissolve a pinch of ammonium chloride.

inflamed skin (on the face).To the sore spot put the moss taken from the stones that are washed running water.

inflammation of the facial nerve.Red-hot coals on a metal needle.A light touch to the skin (pricking) process, the entire face - first half of the healthy, then - the patient.Light burns quickly pass, leaving no trace.

high blood pressure.At the bottom of the tea;cup to pour a tablespoon of corn flour and pour hot water over the top.Leave overnight.In the morning drink the water, trying not to stir from the bottom sediment.

hair loss.Washed hair rinse with water, which boiled ivy.

Wash your hair and use medical white clay instead of soap.After that, within a month to rub the exposed places lightly roasted lemon wedges.

Children.Three clover root the size of olive grate and pour 100 grams of alcohol or a strong grape vodka.Insist one day, and then one - two times a day to wipe the exposed places a cotton swab soaked in tincture.

lethargy muscles (in children).400 g of honey added 20 grams of sulfur.This mixture thoroughly lubricate body child and do massage.Massage should make the expert.After that, the child should sweat three times.Change clothes, wrap up well and give sleep.


Sinusitis.Take a piece of fresh butter (the size of a grain of corn) and stick to the nostril.It should be alternated on the first evening one nostril, the second - in the other, then the procedure is repeated.

two - three days to bury once daily in both nostrils, 2-3 drops of juice dryakvy.

gastritis (acute).200 g of plantain leaves Lanzo tolistnogo boil for five minutes in half a liter of pure grape vodka.Strain and, when cool, pour into a bottle.Take on an empty stomach one tablespoon per hour to raise the bed.During drug administration in any case do not smoke.

the morning on an empty stomach to drink a cup of tea from the leaves of the white willow.This is followed by a cup of fresh milk.

hemorrhoids (internal).Take the white mistletoe, which grows only on a pine tree, and chop its stalks with leaves (about one tablespoon) in a glass of water.Leave overnight and in the morning on an empty stomach to drink brandy.The procedure is repeated until complete recovery.Stems can be used for two - three times.This recipe is contraindicated for people with low blood pressure, ie. To. Mistletoe further reduce it.

hemorrhoids (external).Water pepper (both types - with broad and narrow leaves), boiled plenty of water.Once the water has cooled, make hip baths.

Fruits of elderberry cook without sugar - to the consistency of jam.Take each day one tablespoon before eating.

Headache (persistent in children).Stuff a pillow everlasting sand, which had previously been thoroughly dried.(In Everlasting Ukraine called "serotsvet", "Bogorodskaya grass").After the baby sleep a night on a pillow, get out of pillowcases grass and cook it.Decoction to wash the sick child's head.

recommended to wash your hair with water, which boiled peppermint.

If the headache is caused by stress, for several days in the evening, before bed, put in your mouth for one tablespoon of sugar, then drink a whole cup of water.

When chronic headache Wang advised to make broth thyme (water should be plenty).In the evening head to dip into the vessel with the broth and keep as 10-15 minutes, then rinse with the same broth entire body.

fungal diseases of fingernails.Boil strong coffee (not to throw sediment), a few times to hold coffee in hand.

Patients reported that successfully used this recipe for the treatment of fungal diseases of the feet, as well as for the removal of thick scaly skin on the heels, and pain in the feet and ankles.After some time, the fungus on the legs disappeared, the pain ceased, and the skin on the feet become white and smooth.

fungal diseases on your toes.

Well washed your feet dipped in strong vinegar.At night it is recommended wear socks impregnated with vinegar.

very useful to do a cool bath of feet.The water should be add one tablespoon of baking soda and salt.Keep your feet in the water, until the water does not cool down, and then rinse with clean water.

Mint pound in a mortar with salt and lay this pulp between fingers about an hour.Repeat this procedure up until the fungus disappears.


DESEMINIROVANNY sclerosis.Lubricate all body with honey and promassazhirovat his jerky movements, as if tearing the skin from the body.

Diabetes (initial form in children).Collect color white mulberry and make broth.This broth to pour over the child.

initial form.It is recommended to drink a decoction of the tops of blackberry shoots.

dysentery.Bunch pimpernel plant field 10-15 minutes to boil a liter of water.Take broth one cup of coffee in the morning, only two or three days.


jaundice (children born in the summer).Bathe in broth dodder.

GALLBLADDER (inflammation).Every day the patient should eat on an empty stomach for two pears.It is also recommended to drink compote of wild pears, cooked without sugar.GALLBLADDER (pain, feeling of heaviness and vomiting after taking the fat food).Drink the juice of half a lemon, which dissolve half a teaspoon of baking soda.


constipation.Once or twice a day, take 1 tablespoon of jam, brewed from the berries of black elderberry sugar.Sugar can be replaced with honey.

pruritus (whole body).

A large amount of water to boil one kg of barley grain and bathe in this water the patient.500 g

domestic alcohol (used for combustion) and 50 g of salicylic acid mix.Morning and evening, lubricate body cotton swab dampened with this solution.


immune protection is enhanced if once a month pour decoction of the Bogorodsk grass and creeping thyme.

fright.When frightened people immediately have to drink a glass of water with dissolved in it a small amount of sugar.

hysteria.At night, park in a bucket of water a bunch of meadowsweet.The next day boil water without removing it from her bouquet, wait for cool down and pour this water the patient.


COUGH (the child).Take one hundred grams of honey, one hundred grams of fresh butter and vanilla powder.All good stir.Take three times a day, one teaspoon.

One potato, one onion and one apple to fill a liter of water and cook until the water boil away half.Giving the child three times a day one teaspoonful at a persistent cough.

few mallow roots forest boil

10-15 minutes in half a liter of fresh milk.Take one cup of coffee per day repeatedly at inveterate smokers cough.

in one liter of water to cook a piece of gum (glue) on the white cherry.Once cooled, drain and add 200 g of honey, three grains of cloves and a small amount (pinch) of ginger.Thoroughly stir.Take on an empty stomach in the morning and evening for one tablespoon for adults.

Four walnuts with shell, one tablespoon of elderberry and one tablespoon of honey to fill a half-liter of water and boil.Once cooled, drain.Take three times a day for one tablespoon.

Within a week, the patient should take a decoction of flaxseed.

colitis.Twice a day, take the serum, which is released is obtained for cheese.Avoid fatty foods.

"lump" in the body.Prepare a mixture of honeycombs (cells), erased in the powder, tarragon and brandy, the resulting gruel to lubricate the affected area and cover with gauze net, to keep all the night.Repeat the procedure until the "lump" disappears.

urticaria (in children).Take equal parts of nettle and elder, to prepare a decoction and take a dip in the child there.

Bleeding (prolonged and profuse in women).The six proteins of fresh eggs thoroughly mix with half a teaspoon of citric acid and drink the mixture.Repeat if necessary.


leukemia (children).It is recommended to drink the juice from the fruit of the forest mallow, mallow.

Powder of dried fruit mallow, mallow mix with the powder of dried rennet little lamb.Take twice a day, one teaspoon, washed down with a little water.

patient should regularly drink the juice of the roots of mallow, mallow.

suit.From rye flour, soft melted fresh butter and fresh milk knead the dough and cook the cake, which should be applied to the sore spot for the night.The procedure to carry out a few times, until complete recovery.

ALMOND (inflammation).Take bittersweet that grows in damp places, and is particularly useful in March, a good pound, mixed with pork fat, then apply the mixture on a clean cotton cloth and wrap her neck as a compress.

dried roots of hellebore pulverize.Prepare dough from a flour and water, and pull it into a long tape.The width of this tape should be such as to be able to wrap her throat patients.Then carefully sprinkle strip of dough powdered with powder of herbs and wrap her neck patient so that the tonsils were definitely covered.On top lay bandage or cotton canvas.For children, the duration of a compress should not exceed half an hour, and adults can leave it on all night.Repeat if necessary.

If tonsillitis complicated by the adenoids, the previous procedure is used, while for the duration of young children compress from hour to hour, for big kids - two to three hours, and adults can leave the wrap on all night.

uterine fibroids.Within 15 days the patient is recommended to drink three times a day for one coffee cup broth from the hemp seed.


metabolic disorders.One tablespoon of St. John's wort to boil for 1-2 minutes in a glass of water, broth to drink in the morning on an empty stomach.The procedure should be repeated every day for some time.

abscess okolonogtevoy wells.Get hot pepper, cut from the bottom of a tail, remove seeds and fill the strong brandy.Lower back sore thumb,

and try to make the brandy is not poured, and the finger bandage.The dressing is desirable to leave for the night, but as this procedure is very painful, you need to keep as much as the patient can tolerate.Recovery occurs rapidly.