the washing up

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Treatment Bath

In the bath do not go just to warm up, but also to wash.Wash bath can be divided into three parts.The first part - the washing immediately after coming to the bath, to the pair of procedures.Many go to the bath with a pretty solid margin of dirt and germs on the skin.American bacteriologist T. Rosebery in the book "The Life of Man" writes that on the surface of the human body can act rapidly to 15 trillion microbes!A 1 cm2 of skin can be "based" to 40 thousand germs.Man, not caring about the purity of their skin, strangles himself.Dirt, bacteria irritate the skin, it loses its antibacterial qualities, elasticity, becomes sluggish, and then the microorganisms organize a powerful attack on the person: there are inflammation, suppuration, often caused by staphylococci (scientists call them "the plague of the XX century").Hygienists have come to the conclusion that every fourth patient - this is to some extent a victim of violations of hygiene.Healthy, clean skin disease-causing microbes (or at least most of

them) are not terrible.Human skin - a mirror of his zdorot

Vias.The ancient derived a formula that basis to Goleta is a careful personal hygiene.German hygienist M. Petenkofer stressed "Observance of hygienic rules should be eating lat human development more perfect, it upa dock at a slower, more powerful life, the death of more distant."i

Our great scientist and Nobel laureate II Mechnikov, who worked at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, comparing the life expectancy of older generations with his contemporaries, came to the conclusion: "Prolongation of life is to be attributed, of course, the progress of hygiene."Mechnikov emphasized that the purity of the body, achieved the easiest way, the most simple means, such as by washing with simple soap and water should be on a large scale reduction of morbidity and mortality.Next Mechnikov wrote: "If hygiene, even so poorly developed, as it was until a later time, yet contributed to prolongation of life, then we have reason to believe that in its further development, it will be much more effective in this regard."

sensational statement was made by an American doctor D. Schrader, "A man can extend his life by at least 10 years, if only to be able to maintain its immediate surroundings certain standard of cleanliness."

So a man going to the bath, e carries a "present" in the form of 15 trillion germs.What he needs to do to free itself at least partially from this filth and to award it to other visitors to the bath?The answer is simple: come to the bath, wash away

at least partially

this dangerous ballast.That is, we are referring to the first part of the washing in the bath.Can this be done with the use of the pelvis, but it is best to get into the shower.Thus you will be free from germs and warm up the body and prepared him to enter, in the steam room.The first wash in the bath should not wet the head, as in a steam room to go to the dry head only.Before entering the steam room must also be warm feet, that is to hold them for a while in the warm water.

After the first call in a steam room must be rinsed in the shower and usually after that should be easy, for 15-20 minutes massage (as example below).But massage is not always resort.After a short rest, proceed to the main bannomu body wash.However, before that bad after the pair (and the shower) soak in the bath.According to Alexander Galitsky, "You lie yourself quietly, relax, and the water" works "-this tebya-- takes away all the excess that cleansed skin with hot steam.I got out of the bath, rinsed with hot water tub pretty - and wash. "

washing process - it is purely individual, each worked out for himself, and make recommendations here can only be of a general nature:

• loofah better not lather soap and dissolve in the pelvis lather;

• recommended to the pelvis with foam to add a few birch leaves (if you are bathing birch twigs) - this is done not only for flavor, but also because the leaves have a beneficial effect on the skin;

• loofah should be chosen according to your taste, in any case, it should not be too hard, but not quite so gentle.Sponge is designed OJEC

pechit a skin treatment in which the skin becomes almost "brand new";

• lather recommended not haphazardly, but clockwise wide circular movements.Soaping, and you make a body massage, it turns pink;

• Lather thoroughly, pour over the hot body first, then cool, then again with hot water.

special attention when washing in the bath is given to certain specific parts of the body.

So when processing entity should apply the contrast, that is, you must first dip your face in hot water (as hot measure), then cold, then hot again, and so repeated several times.This massage vessels makes the skin supple, soft.

Particular attention is paid to the shin.For them in a bath, basin normally designed oval.As soon as you come out of the steam in the soap compartment, follows immediately pour into a bowl slightly podmylennuyu water, adding to the same pinch of soda, put it in his legs, and as long as you wash, the stratum corneum of the feet softens and pumice it can be easily removedfeet.

head in the bath washed last.It is recommended to dissolve in the pelvis lather (it is best to use the shampoo, especially if powerful enough shock of hair) and lower his head into the foam.Water should be soft, as well in hard water to wash your hair impossible: the hair remains "erOvato-whitish coating (it is deposited calcareous substances, which are abundant in hard water).Soften the water can be a very simple way: in a basin of water need to add a teaspoon of baking soda.

Do not wash your hair too hot water (this water irritates the hair roots).Under normal circumstances, the head should be washed once a week.If circumstances facilitate rapid contamination of the head, it is washed as needed.

During shampooing nice massage.Putting his thumbs on the temples, the fingers rubbing his head in a circular motion.

Greasy hair well washed mustard - one and a half to two teaspoons dry mustard in the basin of water.Good wash my hair infusion of nettle, but in this case you should not use soap.Actually, sometimes the hair can be washed without soap, using, for example, the infusion of birch leaves.

recent times in the bath to wash it (and entire body) use infusions and decoctions of some plants.For example, to wash it from time immemorial our ancestors used camomile tea: it improves hair growth, removes dandruff.By the way, broth chamomile - a great tool for rinsing the body and skin.

This basic washing finishes.After that, the person is still 2-3 times comes in a steam room, and after the pair finally treatments body wash in the shower, remove moisture with a towel, and when the body and the head is dry, you can go home.