Treatment of dry mud

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Mud Therapy

mud therapy is best done in special clinics, spas and resorts, as the transportation of liquid therapeutic mud over long distances - a complicated matter.Other business dry dirt.It has one important advantage - it simply transported.

Usually such dirt is packed in a special 2-kilogram bags of thick fabric.Package with mud is separated by two longitudinal seams on the three parts of the rectangle.It is used in whole or in parts, cutting them along the seams.Buy this dirt is necessary only in a drugstore or specialty store.

dry dirt no less a healing than liquid.To treat her pack should be placed in a basin or bucket and pour the right amount of hot water, but not boiling water.If possible, it is advisable to moisten the mud composition mineralized water, put the heat on low heat, bringing to 45 "C. Impose the resulting mixture on the sore spots.

Mud useful for prevention and promotion of healthy well-being of the body, and for the healing of a variety of diseases. Despite their differences, they share

common characteristics:. lack of heat exchange, high heat capacity, heat-carrying properties and colloidality causing greater absorbency mud in addition to the heat, the dirt has a chemical effect on the body, stimulating the chemoreceptors and thermo embodied in the skin contained in.therapeutic mud chemicals penetrate through intact skin have a stimulating effect on the connective tissue system, the function of the endocrine glands, promote metabolism, improve blood circulation.

With a dry dirt can be made of mud course in his home, which is very convenient, cheaply and effectively.

mud therapy has analgesic, resolving and desensitizing effect, increases the regenerative processes.

mud have different actions on your mind - thermal, mechanical, chemical and biological.

Thermal mud action in comparison with thermal water procedures has its own characteristics.Thus, the water bath with a temperature of 40 ° C is considered to have a hot and hard-tolerated by the body.However, mud treatments as general and local baths at higher temperature equal to 44, 46 or even 48 "C, patients maintained comparatively easily. This procedure increases body temperature, which causes changes in vital bodily processes.

mechanical action on the body surfacemanifested in massaging dirt effect is particularly strong influence felt capillaries from the capillary blood is run into the bloodstream, which leads to the improvement of the cardiovascular system

Chemical action is revealed when taking a bath:... expressed is that the skin and other organssuck contained in the mud gases. this is the therapeutic effect.

The biological effect of mud is that the mud contains a substance, equal in action and their properties to the hormone of sexual glands. this is why regular use of mud therapy helps to normalize sex life.


action currents in different directions occurs when the body is in contact with the medical mud weight.Penetrating into the body through the skin, its current supply contained in the mud of bromine ions, iodine, potassium, calcium and sodium.Besides currents promote the excretion of various toxic substances -. Of mercury, lead, arsenic, etc.

The therapeutic mud found microorganisms that produce antibiotics, so they can remove the inflammation.