The temperature of a drink

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Treatment Bath

for our health is not a matter of indifference whether we accept drinks hot, warm or cold.We all know that even the taste of beverages to a large extent depends on the temperature at which we accept them.

What does the temperature of the drink to the health of the easiest to make on children, especially on nursing infants when they are bottle-fed.Too hot milk or a mixture of even perfectly cooked, make the baby restless, cause insomnia, sweating and so on. In.With long-term use of the hot milk mixture, other drinks, the baby starts to fade, becomes sluggish, a little putting on weight.However, not less negative impact on the child and provides too cool drink.It causes cramps in the stomach and intestines, vomiting, and sometimes diarrhea, especially in infants and weak from birth.

Attentive parents notice that often it is enough to change the temperature of the food and drinks to give the baby to 2-3 ° C against the norm (it is 38 ° C) in order to make him disorders mentioned above.,null, Of course suc

h a reaction of the organism (quite adequate) at the temperature of the food you eat and drink over time is smoothed out and the adult body gets used to more or less significant differences,

than normal temperature of food and drink, but nevertheless, and for an adult is farI do not care what the temperature employed food and drink.

Many of us do repeatedly experienced when icy water or other beverages, especially drunk in one gulp, when overheated state of the body, causing various disorders, including cardiac, dyspepsia, and occasionally stubborn catarrh of the stomach.

Doctors say that long use exclusively or almost exclusively cold drinks adversely affects health.The man, a commitment to eat cold food and drink, becomes less resilient, its working capacity is reduced.Doctors have long noticed that people who are prone to eat cold food and cold drinks are the attraction to alcohol.

negative effect on the body of hot food and hot drinks.This leads to gastritis, acute inflammation of the stomach, often in chronic catarrh.German scientist Loybe noticed that a relatively common disease round gastric ulcer cooks and chefs explained by the fact that they often have to try too hot food and drink, which is confirmed by experiments on animals Loybe.

well known effect of food and drink to temperature zubk Fast transition from food and drink hot to cold or vice versa causes the appearance of small cracks in the enamel, leading to their damage.German scientist Uffelman had experience: he dipped svezheizvlechennye in human teeth in hot tea

(64-65 ° C), and then in cold water (6 ° C).In the study of these teeth it has been found that in these conditions, 82% of dental enamel crack received.

Thus, temperature and adults received food and drink is not indifferent.It was found that the hot food and drink increases the body temperature and cold - reduced.Moreover, such action is considered by the food and drink have not only on those areas of the body, which touches food and drink, but also far inland, the nearest tissue, gradually weakening as removing body from the place of direct influence.The heat causes the tissue adjacent to vasodilation, cold -their taper reducing arteries, causing heart acceleration, then, during a prolonged exposure, slowing it.Thus, abrupt changes in temperature taken food and drink, by acting on blood vessels, nerves and muscles, and consequently blood circulation in different organs also affect the overall operation and administration of these bodies.

Heat and cold have a great influence on enzymes, hormones, amino acids, etc., Usually weakening their action.Very hot food and drink have a detrimental effect on all mucous membranes;mouth, esophagus, stomach.Experiments on animals conducted by some of our and foreign scientists have shown that the introduction of water into the stomach 45 ° causes flushing its mucosa;and the water temperature 55-65 ° C introduction - overflow blood of small vessels, bruising and expressions (sores) of the body.The introduction of a water temperature of 70 ° C - leads to complete destruction of the gastric tissue.It should be borne in mind that the introduction of cold water

young for hot though and reduces the harmful effects of the latter, but does not eliminate it entirely.Scientists have come to the conclusion that the use of both a large number of hot drinks can lead to death.