Massage to restore the health of the upper limbs

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Massage

Restorative massage is performed in a local scheme: collar area, deltoid and shoulder joint, shoulder, forearm and elbow, hand and wrist joint of one limb - and only then in the same sequence massaged the other upper extremity.

apply all the techniques, except for the drums, by nature much at a slow pace, lasting on average 30 minutes.

Fig.92. The sequence of massage by zones of the ear for pain and cramps in the calf muscles.

Acupressure held an average brake option for 2 minutes at each point.

Recommended point massage (Figure 93.):

LES TSYUE - located on the radial surface of the forearm proximal to the styloid process of the radius between the tendons of the short extensor and long abductor muscle I finger a stabilizing point (LR-point) of the light channelto the colon;

Chi-Jie - in elbow outwards from the tendon of the biceps shoulder, brake (sedative) channel point of light;

BI-nao ( "arm muscles") - in the place of attachment of the deltoid muscle to the humerus, the point of a broad

spectrum of action;

Fig.93. The main point massage used to restore functionality of the upper extremities.

NEYTUAN - stabilizing LO-point channel pericardium, located on three transverse finger (II-IV) pro-proximal radiocarpal crease between the tendons of the long palmar muscle and the radial flexor;

Tien Quan ( "celestial power") - between the heads of the biceps, three transverse finger (II- IV) below the top of the axillary folds;

Liao Tien ( "heavenly pit") - is located in the middle fossa Supraspinous vertically from the highest part of the shoulder girdle to the spine of the scapula;

BI-FENG - at the upper edge of the mid-scapular spine;

Jian Zhen - the top of the axillary folds back with lowered arm;

Jian-yu ( "shoulder end") - between the head of the humerus and the acromion;

Jian-jing ( "arm pit") - on the highest part of the shoulder girdle, on the line between the clavicle and spine of the scapula.

Linear massage recommended braking technique in 4 stages (Fig. 94).

I stage - 5-6 times only from the point of LES TSYUE to Chi-Jie, then 5-6 times the motion continues to the point BI-HAE.

II stage - up to 20 times from the point to the HER-kuang Tien Quan.

III stage - up to 10 times from the Liao Tien in a straight line to the back of the head.

IV stage - linear massage to 10 times a neutral method of the meridian of the small intestine in the direction from the point of BI-Feng (at the upper edge of the spine of the scapula) to the point of DA CHZHUY, which is the connecting point of all yang channels.

Massage ear shell (Fig. 95) is made in three areas.In the first and third - both during a massage for the purpose of relaxation of the lower extremities of the muscular system.The second round is performed on the scaphoid fossa in the upward direction.Scaphoid fossa belongs somatosensory representation of the upper extremities, and massage it affects the muscular system trophism.

To restore functionality neuro-muscular system of the upper extremities effective combination of first point, then the line of massage.auricular massage is recommended to perform after the classical massage the neck area and the entire upper limb.

Fig.94. The linear sequence of massage to restore the health of the upper extremities.

Fig.95. Sequence by zones massage (1, 2, 3) of the ear to restore functionality of the upper extremities.