The use of color for therapeutic purposes

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Different Methods Of Treatment

Red - the color of activity, energy and power.It is very good for headaches.Experts advise: if you do not help the pill, do a cold compress towels or napkins red.To do this, soak them in cold water and put on the eyes.During this treatment you need to lie down on the couch, relax and try to turn off all thoughts.Adrenaline, drawn up by the body, can help relieve the spasm that caused the headache.

red hot and irritating, in moderate amounts also helps with depression and melancholy, helping to improve mood.If you are depressed and in a bad mood, it is possible to improve the situation.To do so in your field of vision was constantly some thing red: a bouquet of flowers, books, souvenirs, etc. This color is also an effective treatment for the common cold, blood diseases, endocrine disorders, rheumatic fever, pneumonia.., asthma, reproductive disorders and strabismus.

Red rays accelerate the elimination of inflammatory processes and the effects of mechanical damage.For example, they are well dried oozing


has long been known that the colors of the rainbow people of different nationalities unequally determined.

In the Middle Ages healers used red for the treatment of skin diseases, chicken pox, scarlet fever, measles.

Due to the fact that the color red can cause severe sensory reactions and irritation, it should be used with great caution.Prolonged exposure to red can cause fatigue and heart palpitations.It is not suitable for high blood pressure, nervousness, inflammatory processes, acne.

Pink - the color of sensuality, tenderness and sensitivity, helps to relax, relieve external and internal psychological clamps.Therefore, experts recommend that people suffering from nervous disorders, irritability and aggression, choose shades of pink in the interior, wearing pink clothes (especially sleepwear), sleep on pink bed-clothes.

Psychotherapists act with this color on the patient to awaken in him the love and resist melancholy.

In applying pink virtually no contraindications.

orange color, as well as red, the color of energy has a strong impact on the body.However, unlike the red, its effect is soft.This color is used to achieve the effect of light warming.It helps with diseases of the spleen, digestive system and kidneys.Orange is often used as a tonic.He is particularly recommended for chronic fatigue syndrome, melancholy, depressed.This is a very powerful anti-depressant, mobilizing all the forces of the body.It strengthens the immune system, increases sexual potency.Moreover, the orange color, affecting the hormonal and endocrine systems of the body, helps to eliminate from it all sorts of toxins, t. E. Has a cleansing effect.

Orange should be very careful with the use of increased excitability.It is not recommended for people suffering from nervous diseases.

Yellow - the color of the sun and gold.It is often referred to as the color of the intellect, which although produces a warm and pleasant impression, but at the same time worried, stimulates the mind and imagination.Yellow color helps to concentrate and enhances the activity of motor centers, so it is often used in the retardation and mental retardation.

With laxative and choleretic effect, yellow stimulates the cleansing of the skin, liver and intestines.

Helps yellow in liquidation suppressed or depressed state, it also soothes and relieves tension.

It is used in the treatment of ocular diseases (strabismus, pathologies of the retina, the eye blood vessels) and to improve vision in general.

Yellow is not recommended for people suffering from neuralgia and visual hallucinations.It is also contraindicated with elevated body temperature and is harmful to persons suffering from neuralgia.

Green - the color of life, one of the most important in nature.It helps to make decisions in difficult situations, calms, adjusts to the tranquility, it contributes to the preservation and improvement of inner harmony.

Green tones help in diseases of the cardiovascular system (lower blood pressure, dilates blood vessels, improve their tone) to promote the recovery of the nervous system, relieve irritability, eliminate insomnia and fatigue.Well known analgesic effect of that color.

as hypnotic and sedative he is actively used in psychiatry for the treatment of hysteria, nervous diseases and psychotic disorders.

Used green in orthopedics to accelerate regeneration and fusion of broken bones.

green Overdose can cause confusion, so it should be carefully applied to people who are prone to melancholy.

Blue - the color of spirituality, contemplation, reverie and romance, which stimulates creative energy.

Since blue promotes calm, it is used for increased excitability.The blue color reduces muscle tension, blood pressure, pulse and breathing calms, so it is often used in the treatment of nervous and mental diseases, successfully used in neuralgia, insomnia, severe nervous attacks.

Blue color helps to get rid of the obsessions and delusions.

It also has an antiseptic effect, therefore, it is indicated for the healing of inflammations and tumors, wounds, especially

too intense and prolonged exposure to yellow in some people can cause exhaustion and depression.

purulent.Often used the blue color in the treatment of rheumatic pains.

Blue color is not recommended under reduced pressure.

Blue color - the color of air, water, cold, clarity and perfection.His colors are used in the treatment of inflammatory processes, diseases of ENT (ear, nose and throat), fevers, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.Blue color helps stop bleeding.

Soothing blue tones used as an analgesic, as well as nervous disorders and increased excitability.Blue is an excellent antiseptic, so it is used for various types of disinfection.

Blue contraindicated in hypertension, tachycardia, and rheumatism.An overdose of blue can lead to depression and cause a feeling of fatigue.

Purple used in the treatment of virtually all inflammatory processes, as well as diseases of the nervous system (it removes excitation).Effective when it is bulimia, t. E. Unhealthy, increased appetite.Shades of purple beneficial effect on the heart, kidneys, lungs, so it is used in pathologies such bodies.

Purple tones help to relieve discomfort in the eyes, such as stinging, and improve the perception of sensations.Use purple color at a depressed state and a bad mood, especially it helps in removing the feeling of loneliness and despair.

Good results are obtained by using purple for the treatment of neurological diseases, as well as violent insanity.

it also helps with rheumatism and epilepsy.

Overdose purple can cause depressed mood, so it is not recommended for depression and chronic fatigue.Because it increases the pressure, not recommended for use in hypertension.

Black strengthens and increases energy potential of man.Therefore, it is often used by people whose work is related to the expenditure of large amounts of energy.However, it should be carefully used in the treatment,

In ophthalmology blue color is used for the treatment of myopia, corneal pathologies, and even in the early stages of cataract.

especially for people with neuro-psychiatric disorders, because it can enhance the state of dimming of consciousness.

Although color therapy is available to almost all, to use it should be cautious.Too long and intensive influence of any color, especially red portion of the spectrum can lead to negative;health consequences.When serious illness before you apply color therapy, you should always consult with a physician or other qualified person.