Gynecology and Obstetrics

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Treatment Bath

Banya (sauna) in the lives of many people, not only played the role of hygiene, but also a place where people were born and died.In particular, in his time in Russia, it was decided to have children in the bath are not only common people, but also among the boyars and the royal family.Such practices adopted and many other peoples of the world.For example, the Mayan sauna also was the site of the birth of children.A habit of Finnish women to give birth in the sauna has recently become the subject of attention of doctors.It was found that the sauna, especially home from a bacteriological viewpoint sterile space.The sauna is easy to create a good environment for childbirth: there are a lot of warm water, the desired temperature, a number of other necessary hygienic conditions not only for the mother but also for the newborn.

If during pregnancy the woman is correct use of the sauna (bath), her birth are much easier and the process time by about 1/3 shorter.In pregnant women who visited the bath, during chi

ldbirth occur much less frequently pain requiring admission antispasmodics and analgesics.This is due to the psyche, increasing the elasticity of ligament apparatus, reduction in excessive we

antiplaque voltage, positive influence baths on the autonomic nervous system.

bath causes an increase lactation in nursing mothers, which occurs in about 80% of cases.

known that approximately 1/3 of women have during pregnancy, varicose veins.When you visit a pregnant woman baths, these disorders are reduced, which is associated with an increase in the tone of the vascular system, which helps to reduce the propensity to collaptoid state.The women who attended the bath, rarely observed thromboses and their complications, indicating that the effect on blood clotting mechanisms.When visiting pregnant women sauna have noted a decrease in headaches, fatigue and gastrointestinal disorders.For some infectious diseases during pregnancy is easier when a woman visits the bath.For example, influenza, women attending bath tolerate much easier.Under the influence of bath skin diseases during pregnancy, such as urticaria, dermototoksikoz, itching and others may regress or disappear completely.

bath used in the treatment of gynecological diseases.Basically, it is a chronic process.The positive effect of the bath for a gynecological diseases associated with an increase in blood circulation in the skin, the inclusion of redistributive and compensatory mechanisms that alter the blood circulation in the internal organs, with the changes caused by rapid cooling.This leads to improved blood circulation in chronic diseases of internal organs and excretion of inflammatory tissue components.

Indications for bath in gynecology and obstetrics: primary and secondary sterility and infantile, violation of ovarian function and related disorders of the uterus functions, primary and secondary amenorrhea, ovarian dysmenorrhea and failure, chronic inflammatory diseases of internal genital organs, chronic complications after an interruptionpregnancy, menopause when portability hyperthermic treatments, normal pregnancy until delivery.

Contraindications: acute inflammatory diseases, conditions following recent surgical procedures, complications of pregnancy.