Hardware massages

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Massage

the Slavic tribes and karelofinnov great recognition enjoyed bathing in baths and rubbing techniques throughout the body along with the pat and quilting body birch and oak twigs.

in the XVI century.Japan used gistoriamma - arched piece of wood 10-12 cm long with rotating coils on the ends and special sticks to the hair follicle at the end.The latter seems to have been borrowed from the traditional medicine of ancient China, when the surface of the skin effect on the acupuncture points used bundles bound together 8-10 short needle, attached to a long handle (method mei-hua-chen).

in the XVIII century.clinician Tissot in his fundamental work "Medical gymnastics in surgery," wrote: "If every morning, lying in bed on his back and lifted slightly bent knees, rubbing his stomach and abdomen with a piece of flannel, then this increases peristaltic movements in all the guts of the abdominal cavity".This experience is not forgotten, and now in many countries issued special gloves for massage and body wash in th

e bath.Another Frenchman Jean Vigorouh for treating motor coordination disorders applied the fork.

Later massage tools and machines become increasingly complex and refined.Considering all the benefits of massage hardware, it should be noted that any device can not replace the human hand consciously controlled, which determine the condition of the tissue and perceive the subtlest of their responses.Adapting to the anatomical and physiological features of tissues and given the pathological changes in the therapist every single moment can strengthen or weaken the effect of massage, massage techniques to replace one another according to their physiological effects on the body.With manual massage masseur massaged continuously exploring the area with the help of touch and vision, it is necessary to compare its condition before and after the massage, and after several sessions of massage.Neither the therapist is not able to repeat the massage, by the nature of performance similar to the previous, so there is no indication in the literature on adaptation, habituation to manual massage.At the same time, the hardware type massage body can adapt, if not change the dosage without combining with other agents.

device really can not yet completely replace the hand of the masseur, but this view can not be considered absolute in view of the creation of robots is already the fifth generation.The father of modern massage Zabludovskii IV at the end of the XIX century.He wrote: "Is it possible to take advantage of the latest improvements in the mechanics of the device for such machines that would replace the current hand, or even whether the action-given base machines preferable action hand?It would be necessary only to invent such a machine, whereby it would be possible at any given moment to determine in numbers, and thus, instead of uncertain work Massera, depending on the subjective feeling of muscle to deal with the work, expressed in numbers;In other words, instead of the number of medicinal means take accurate eye - it weighed on precision balance. "

Currently, our industry produces a variety of massage devices, which are different functional purpose, the degree of mechanization of the massage process view of energy consumption, actuators, overlooking the impact of massage on site and operational and technical data.