Massage using mechanized devices

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Massage

When using these tools is carried out a mechanical action on the skin, connective tissue, subcutaneous tissue, muscles and joints.Slow and gentle their use reduces the excitability of the nervous system (such a character effects allows you to remove or reduce the pain of injuries neuromuscular system), and the rapid and vigorous - increase the tone of the central nervous system (which is used to relieve fatigue).Application in reflex zones (cervical-occipital, thoracic) and in areas Zakharyin-reflex Ged has a therapeutic effect on the pathologically altered activity of various tissues and organs.

Massage tools cleanse the skin from dead cells, dust and germs, while open ducts of sweat and sebaceous glands and increases their activity, increase blood circulation in the skin.As a result of improving its power, it becomes softer and more supple.

Massage tools accelerate the flow of lymph, but only if their promotion is performed on the body in the course of the major lymphatic vessels.Acceleration current


helps to reduce swelling, rapid removal of metabolic products.

mechanical action on the fabric, the displacement and stretching cause irritation receptors, i.e. nerve endings, which leads to increased blood flow due to vasodilation and blood flow to accelerate them.Skin temperature can be increased by 1,5-3 ° C.It is delivered to the tissue more oxygen, nutrients.Blood Rapid current contributes to the rapid oxidation of incompletely oxidized products of metabolism in tissues and their removal from the body, promotes the resorption of hardness, pathological deposits and accumulation of fluid in the tissues, especially in the joints, increase mobility of tissues, stretching scars, adhesions under the skin adhesions, and so on. n.Action tool is widely used to improve the overall tone of the body and its performance at the physical fatigue.

under the influence of mechanical stress in the skin formed physiologically active substance histamine.Histamine causes dilation of capillaries and improves the permeability of the capillary wall, not only in those areas where the tools are used, but also throughout the body.As a result, increased metabolism, which leads to the separation of fat from the fat depots and contributes to "burn" the excess amount of fat in the body.

Of the various types of non-motorized massage devices most widely used massage track (massager) and pad feet.