Medical rehabilitation and prevention of diseases

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Treatment Bath

task of medical rehabilitation is to restore the health and performance at different, especially chronic diseases, as well as post-operative conditions with the help of physiotherapy, balneology and proper rehabilitation methods.All of these methods complement each other and form a so-called comprehensive rehabilitation program.

Banya (sauna) is one of the means of physiotherapy, in which the heat, followed by cooling and physical relaxation form a complex, have an impact on the human body.

Bath as a physiotherapy treatment is widely used in the field of physical therapy, prevention of certain diseases, rehabilitation, physical labor forces engaged athletes and officials.

Physiotherapy techniques and procedures contribute to the renewal of homeostasis c, the body.Each disease, especially in its chronic course, leads to disruption of homeostasis - shifts autonomic balance, which can be restored with the help of medication and physiotherapy methods, including bath procedure.

Banja rehabilitation system

is one of the therapeutic procedures.If the sauna is included in the rehabilitation program, it is necessary to observe the basic rules of her visit:

• accurately regulate the residence time in the steam room;

• to maintain a certain temperature in the steam room;

• support in the pair of determining the relative humidity of the air;

• strictly observe the sequence of procedures;

• observe the duration of stay in the pool.

bath can be combined with other rehabilitation methods, such as massage.

bath has a definite place in preventive medicine research, although it has long been the people's takes pride of place among the preventive measures.Recently, the bath is increasingly starting to use to improve physical and mental health.Doctors consider it important that the habit of visiting the baths originated in childhood, has become an integral part of a proper lifestyle.

prevention of diseases associated with the body's cooling system.This group of very common diseases that afflict people regardless of age, sex, occupation.Most often it is the upper respiratory tract infection, inflammation of the tonsils infectious nature, arising from excessive or prolonged cooling, and sometimes when overheating and subsequent cooling.

To prevent these diseases it is necessary: ​​

• to eat (food must contain sufficient amounts of vitamins, especially ascorbic acid and vitamin A, minerals (iodine, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, etc.);

• observe.personal hygiene;

• maintain a healthy lifestyle, avoid bad habits: overeating, smoking, alcohol, stress;

• constantly train their thermoregulatory abilities, that is engaged in quenching

modern man most of the time is in warm and dry conditions.that sooner or later leads to iznezhivaniyu.

Hardening can be carried out using a variety of methods and means of their combination. Good to use natural environmental factors. it can be tempered at home, but the best in the bath (sauna).

dangerous enemy of health is obesity. The prevention of the disease (a disease) it is possible to recommend bath which is used for this purpose in conjunction with the unloading diet.

prevention of cardiovascular diseases.Even with the lack of physical activity, sauna improves metabolism in the body.A stay in the sauna trains the cardiovascular system, making it more stable.

Prevention of neuroses and psychoneuroses.Sauna can give a good effect in the treatment of these diseases, as promotes relaxation, elimination of fatigue, the achievement of physical and mental rest.