Massage using massage track

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Massage

Massage do on naked body or through a tracksuit.The duration of treatment is on average 10 minutes, according to the scheme of the spin - 3 minutes, pelvis - 1 minute, thighs - every 2 minutes, 1 minute -r- shin, chest and abdomen - about I min.

Length depends on the purpose of massage.Thus, if we carry out a massage immediately after exercise, it is sufficient for 10 minutes, and after 4.2 hours - 15-20 min.On a preliminary and hygienic massage is given an average of 10 minutes, in the intervals between the individual sports exercises - 3-5 minutes.

Massage begins in the back massaged at the position standing, feet shoulder width apart (Fig. 103).Massage path superimposed on the lumbar region and 5-7 transverse movements by moving back to the armpits (exercise repeated 6-7 times).Next massage is applied to the side of the body and 5-7 moves massaged obliques and latissimus dorsi (the exercise is repeated 3-4 times).Thus massaging body rotates in the opposite direction.The same needs to be done on the

other side (Fig. 104).Then massage the shoulder begins, deltoid and upper trapezius muscles.In this case one handle track is fixed with one hand masseur in the lumbar region, and the other - in front of the opposite breast area (Figure 105.).It has done 5-7 movements, and each time the masseur moves closer to the neck (the exercise is repeated 3 to 4 times).After this change the hand position.During massaging can be tilted, rotated and straightened, to cover all muscle.

Fig.103 Back massage using massage track.

Fig.104. Massage the side of the torso.

Fig.105. Massage girdle.

neck (Fig. 106) massaged 4-5 lateral movements from the neck toward the back (the exercise is repeated 3-4 times).Hands massage therapist holding track, that are then discharged, that is, brush, or are facing, or on the sides.During the massage, you can make your head tilts forward, backward and sideways.

pelvis massaged from the gluteal folds to the lumbar region (Fig. 107).When the lateral surfaces massage body is rotated in the opposite direction.Massager moves first horizontal, then - on the diagonal (the number of movements and repetitions - 4-6 times).The pelvis is recommended to serve it back and forth, which allows to provide a more profound impact on the muscles in the area.

Massage hip performed in different positions: 1) standing, relying on the free foot and massaged slightly exposed front (Figure 108).2) standing leg massaged placed on

Fig.106. Massage neck.

Fig.107 Massage of the lumbar region.

Fig.109. The rear surface of the thigh massage

Fig.108. Massage the front of the thigh.

elevation;3) sitting, bending the tibia (Figure 109).;4) sitting massaged leg tibia is the second chair.For 7-8 massage movements moves from the knee to the groin and gluteal folds (repeat 3-4 times).During the massage the front of the thigh massage takes on rollers, while massage the outer lateral surface of the body masseur turns in the same direction.

Shin massaged with a calf standing (foot is placed across the foot on a chair) or sitting, bending the shin.Massage movements are carried out by Achilles tendon to the popliteal cavity.Massager better grab for rolls, for the convenience of the torso bends forward (exercise repeated 3-4 times).

Perednebertsovye muscles often massaged in a sitting position, the leg slightly leans forward and under the fingers is enclosed some object that allows you to better relax the muscles (Fig. 110).Make a 5-7 movements from side to side and diagonally across from the foot to the knee joint (repeat 3-4 times).

sole is massaged in a sitting position on a chair (leg forward output) or on the couch (leg straight), 4-5 transverse movements (hands work for themselves and by themselves) try to promote massage from the toes to the heel (the exercise is repeated 6-7 times).Similarly massaged other end (Fig. 111).

Fig.110 Massage the front of the leg.

Fig.112. belly massage.

Fig.111. Massage plantar surface of the foot.

abdominal massage is performed in a standing position.Please produce transverse movement of the chest with a gradual lowering of the tumbler down and return back, then - in the diagonal directions.Each direction is 5 to 6 motions (Fig. 112).

After the massage the abdomen advisable to 12-15 movements massager from feet to armpits on a back surface (Fig. 113) and the stop to the abdominal area (Figure 114.) - On the front (repeat 3-4 times).

Fig.113. Massage the back surface of the body.

Fig.114. The front surface of the body massage.