Bath as a means for weight loss

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Treatment Bath

Obesity has been known since ancient times.Hippocrates in his treatise "On a healthy way of life", in the section "How to lose weight" gave advice to lose weight.K. Galen in his writings also sets dietary

recommendations for obese patients.Caelius Aurelianus recommend obese people diet, fast running, a nap, a bath.Avicenna in the "Canon of Medicine" recommended moderation in eating and other ways to deal with obesity.

Obesity is now among the most common diseases, especially in countries with a high level of economic development: 30% of the population of these countries is obese.

Obesity - it is a very dangerous disease.It is a risk factor for diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes.Patients are obese coronary disorders, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, respiratory failure, frequent acute respiratory diseases, reduced mechanism of immunological protection, the occurrence of pneumonia, bronchitis, pnevmoskle pink, changes in the gastric mucosa, fatty liver, chronic cholecystitis, a v

iolation of the gallbladder function, pancreatitis, kidney disease, changes in the musculoskeletal system (arthritis, joint disease, sprains), violations of water-salt metabolism, edema.

Obesity has a significant effect on the functional state of the endocrine glands: decreased secretion samatotropnogo hormone in women - ovarian hypofunction in violation of the menstrual cycle, in both men and women - a violation of gonadal function.

leading to the development of obesity is a nutritional (food) imbalance caused by excess calorie food, mainly

through animal fats, and carbohydrates (60% of primary obesity), diet violation - the use of the main part of the daily ration of food andcalories in the evening.Russian bath has long been considered a good way to get rid of excess weight.Experience shows that when used properly, bath procedures can lose weight significantly and painless, especially if you combine them with a rational balanced diet.

to reduce weight in the bath can be used different means and procedures, the choice of which depends on the weight-loss goals and the amount of excess "reserves" on the body and the body wants to lose weight.

a radical means of weight loss author of one of the first brochures on Russian bath B. Stakhov attributed rubbing the body in honey bath salt, grated radish, tar, turpentine and pepper.Paying tribute to our ancestors, who were capable of such feats, we can hardly find today the followers of this method.

However, some recipes used today.For example, body rubbing honey and grated radish with salt or honey.Incidentally, the use of salt is only possible in the absence of the body, even the slightest signs of skin diseases:. Rash, fungal infections, scratches, sores, etc.

When rubbing the body with a mixture of salt and honey, followed by a visit to the steam room, you can achieve effective results.Already in the first minutes of being in a steam room sweating begins quickly, which continues for some time after leaving the steam bath.To make maximum use of this procedure, you need the comfort of steam, just do not try to wash off the sweat and wrap myself in the bath

bathrobe or towel and continue to sweat.It was only after some time, you can take a warm shower;an attempt to cool quickly is dangerous.

There are other radical ways "sweating" in the steam room (with the help of alcohol, pouring salt water).But radical methods require compliance with a pretty harsh environment, and we will not deal with them.They usually resort athletes, as well as those who ordered a medical weight loss, and do it on a specially developed method, which is included, as a rule, and therapeutic massage.

The usual visitors of the Russian bath for eviction weight used mainly steam.Here are some simple guidelines for them.

steam room visits should be brief but frequent.I stayed in the steam for 8-10 minutes in the waiting room, wrapped in a towel or bathrobe and continue to sweat, as the pair is the process of sweating going on for some time.It should refrain from drinking.Such short-term approaches in the steam room, you can make it 4-5.Of course, in this mode, it is difficult to refrain from drinking, but to achieve the desired effect to be little drink.

Bath method of weight loss should be coordinated and combined with certain diet that eliminates overeating.Compliance with such a diet and bath procedures ensures a gradual and very healthy from a medical point of view of weight loss.At the same time gradually, but guaranteed you can achieve weight loss to normal.In any case, one bath for a visit, you can lose up to 1-2 kg of weight.

addition to complying with the strict drinking regime consumption of such beverages should be avoided during

during bath procedures that provoke thirst: beer, Fanta-type water, Sprite, Coke and so on in..It is best to take a small amount of regular tea or herbal teas.

especially hard to banish the weight of those who suffer from severe obesity.Steam treatments in such cases can only be considered as complementary.Basically is a special diet, movement, and even medications.

Unfortunately, fat - an aggressive tissue tends to active reproduction by overeating.This fabric is able to accumulate toxic substances (heavy metals, pesticides, etc.) That enter the body from the outside with a drink, food, air.

One room, as it no worry, get rid of obesity will not help.However, with the active-styvanii Pohl himself a broom can be the fabric a little "stir", but only just.Adipose tissue has low thermal conductivity, and to quickly and thoroughly reheat it, should be not less than thoroughly work a broom, particularly oak, which is suitable for oily skin.The oak leaves contain a large amount of tannins, essential oils available, quercetin and kveristin, pentosans.They are active in the skin and deeper layers of the body.These oily substance was purified by skin fat and make it elastic mat.Oak broom quickly cleans the skin deeply warms it promotes sweating, "melts" fat.With the active treatment of the body with a broom in the body activates metabolic processes, is "burning", ie fat oxidation.Incidentally, this process continues for some time after the bath (30 minutes).But

use bath as a means for weight loss obese should be cautious, especially suffering from pathological forms of obesity.This can be done with grade 1-2, when there are not any signs of cardiovascular disease.

ancient Greeks in the V-VII centuries.BC."Expelled" the completeness and obesity 'cause sweat "and exercise room.

bath, as a radical means of fighting obesity, and is actively used by ancient Persians: they are eager to sgonki weight soared in a hot bath.Herodotus noted that obese people with stomach caused the Persians contempt.It was believed that he was deprived of his manhood, lazy, inactive, indulges in gluttony.Such a person is ashamed to appear in public.As already stated, a bath can be effective in reducing the weight only when observed when using drinking mode.If immediately after steaming, or even during the procedure a person consumes a lot of fluids to restore its deficiency in the body, it will not have any effect.

Some baths visitors, especially athletes, go to the other extreme - they generally do not use in a liquid bath and weight are driven almost to full dehydration.It's unhealthy.In this case, along with water (later) is removed from the body necessary for normal muscles and other body systems, salts, particularly sodium and potassium.

should be borne in mind that is totally unacceptable to reduce weight at the same time enjoy the bath and diuretics.