Useful and therapeutic properties of the dog

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Different Methods Of Treatment

Dog - the most devoted friend of man since prehistoric times.She wakes up in the spirit of our ancestors noble protector and patron.Communication with the dog contributed to the good mood.When the hunter fell ill, Primitive ball fell into despondency: plaintive whining, howling.Dogs differed extraordinary devotion to his master: if you really wounded soldier lost his sight and could not walk more, his faithful dog was still beside him.There have been cases when dogs themselves went hunting and brought production to man.Thus they gave to our ancestors to die of starvation.If the unfortunate still left in the world other than the four-legged friend did not depart from his grave not day and night, until he himself did not comprehend the sad fate.

As you can see, the expression "faithful dog" is not just empty words!

first dogs were used primarily as a seeing eye.But as the dog breeding experts discovered an amazing weight in their behavior.They, like cats, emit a special wave, which has a positive effect

on human health.And the dog was treated not only physical problems but psychological trauma.It is no accident victims smoldering depression therapists advised to get a dog.

Dogs, unlike cats, are able to become attached to anyone, regardless of the nature, age and gender.They need to be strong next to the master, to help him in every way.Try not to abuse the trust of the animal.Dogs are able to forgive a lot, but also their patience has a limit.If you want your mutual communication both pleasure and your Rex also treating you, you will never hit your dog, do not forget to feed and do not leave a long one.

In our age, which is a constant companion along with depression and lack of exercise has become more, people are more likely to suffer from obesity.The latter is not a disease as such, as a consequence of an illness or complex illnesses.And the extra weight - not just a problem of the fair sex.Men also suffer from an excess of it.The dynamics of recent years shows that more and more often they come with complaints to cardiologists and rheumatologists on pain in the heart and hypertension.It provokes overweight and high blood pressure.

Man lives up until about someone cares.When the stimulus disappears, there are sad and disturbing thoughts, more often visited by a painful sense of insecurity.To avoid this, get a dog.

noticed that dog owners rarely go to the doctor with complaints such as spend a weekend outdoors with their pets and do not know what anguish.

best remedy for aching lower back pain - a scarf of dog hair.

If you want to make friends with the dog, take your puppy.Find a common language with the adult dog is more difficult.

cat during the treatment session falls on a diseased organ, and the dog lies down beside him.

In ancient times the dog licking the wounds of warriors, as in saliva contains antiseptics.