Meaning bath for hardening of the body

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Treatment Bath

bath is of great importance for the hardening of the body, in that it bolshoe- practical significance.With the emergence of the bath can achieve adequate vascular reactions to the external environment.This improves the adaptability of the organism to others frequently changing conditions, including high and low temperatures.Athletes and athletes (as well as other people) visiting the bath, reducing the likelihood of inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract, sinuses and lung tissue.

Bath is one of the preventive methods that increase the staying power of the body.The main value of the bath as a means of maintaining good physical shape is its effect on the cardiovascular sys

tem, the load on which (at constant visiting the baths) helps strengthen it.The temperature and residence time in the steam room, the method and degree of cooling, number of visits to the steam room, the total duration of the procedure, the frequency of visits to the bath - all this hardens especially the cardiovascular system.Bath a strain and has a training character.It is believed that the effect of baths (sauna) on the cardiovascular system can be compared with the effect on it run over a distance of 3000 m bath has on the same specific effect that running:. Change in the level of metabolism, muscle activity, etc. in..Of course, running in comparison with sauna - a complex effect.

Sauna (bath) has a tonic effect on the human psyche, and therefore visiting the bath very

useful for athletes, athletes, people engaged in physical labor, it brings relief from pain in muscles and joints arising after stress causes emotional relaxation,It deepens sleep, improves appetite, which leads to a good mood and well-being.

Banya (sauna) is also used to relieve fatigue, especially in athletes, which they often combine with high emotional stress.In this case, better access sauna shortly after heavy load mode but in that case the bath should be moderate.

for sports, physical labor, and sometimes a simple exercise often lead to injuries.Extensive research shows that sauna helps to heal injuries more quickly, in particular, such as stretching of the joints, various gaps muscles, ligaments, inflammation of the periosteum and other bath quickly removes from the state of "stupor" work-worn muscles.;heat bath has a profound effect on muscle tissue, stimulating them, improving blood supply, speeding up metabolism, quickly clearing them from the end products of metabolism.The muscle is significantly reduced levels of lactic and uric acids.

bath helps get back to normal and overtraining, with heavy physical exertion and emotional overload.Bath useful even so the athletes who do not expose themselves to physical exertion, such as dealing with shooting sports.It was found that the bath procedures have a positive effect on the functional properties of the visual analyzer - after a bath increases visual acuity, increased light sensitivity

of almost one-third.Steam helps to focus and removes excessive muscle tension when firing.Steam treatments help to get rid of muscle tremor.

often after exercise or physical work can feel fatigue.In this case, a specialist in bath procedures F. Teleshov makes the following recommendations: "Three of call in a steam room.Every 5-7 minutes.And be sure to take a cold shower (temperature 13-15 ° C).But the cold procedure should be short - 20-40 seconds, max.And then for 1.5-2 minutes shower or bath (temperature 37-39 °).And finally, to rest for 5-7 minutes in the locker room, it is best to lying, or quietly swim in the pool (temperature 26-27 °) ».

From the methodological point of view, it should be remembered that the bath is a certain load, the degree of which depends on the intensity of heating and cooling, their duration, the number of repetition of these procedures, the frequency of visits to the sauna and others. In addition, should take into account portability bath individuals and theirthe ability of adjusting to the bath.Length of stay in the bath and the amount received treatments always strictly individual.

Take a bath the most useful thing in the evening, so soon after that it was possible to go to bed.If the bath is visited during the day, it is useful to have a bath after 2-3 hours of rest, lying down, which may be accompanied by a short sleep *

There are restrictions to visiting boxers baths.They can visit the bath no earlier than 24 hours after the event.This is due to the possibility of internal bleeding during the fight

(including the brain), and the bath may be life-threatening.This risk could be in other sports, especially if the classes are accompanied by all sorts of bleeding, bruises, especially the head.

Do not abuse the athletes stay in the bath, which is undesirable weight loss.Care must be taken to visit the bath after stress, accompanied by profuse sweating.It is undesirable to visit the bath after taking large quantities of food, it is better to do it after 1.5-2 hours after a meal.And the food should be easily digested and May.But do not go to the bath on an empty stomach.

One of the main purpose of the bath (it is Russian) is the use of it for hardening.Previously mentioned Spanish physician Ribero Sanchez in the XVIII century, wrote: "I sincerely wish my extends only to the testimony Russian baths superiority to the former ancient times the Greeks and Romans, and before who is now in use among the Turks as to preserve health and to cure many diseases".Ivanchenko believes that their individual tempering effect struck Russian sauna overseas doctor.

terms of the quenching effect with the Russian bath can not be compared, and now very fashionable and common sauna.Compared with the Russian bath Finnish sauna has several disadvantages, the main of which is the high temperature and low humidity, which leads to desiccate the upper respiratory tract: there is dry mucous membranes of the throat, bronchi, and even the deeper respiratory tract, as well as dry skin.

Russian bath enables uniform heating, which is very important for hardening.It does not dry mucous membranes, after the Russian bath (if properly taken) do not have a headache, normal breathing, comes a deep sound sleep.The advantage of it is that there can be almost from the apothecary precision to achieve the desired temperature and humidity.

essence of the quenching effect of the Russian bath is in strict compliance with contrasting cycle: heating - cooling - rest.The first cycle -nagrevanie.A reference point for finding the optimal residence time in the steam room is health.Once the bathers feel discomfort and notice excessive sweating, he must leave the steam room and begin cooling (using the shower, in the pool, in the air, in the snow, and so on. In.).After cooling, the need to rest.This cycle may be repeated 2 to 5 times, depending on the individual: a bath, habit, health, age, presence of disease, etc. c..

According Ivanchenko, optimal quenching effect can be achieved stay in the sauna for 10-15 minutes, followed by cooling the same, and 20-30-minute rest.Visit the steam room should be 2-3 times, and trained bathers - 4-5 times.

long time for hardening of the body workout understood when changing different temperatures;and even that is easier - of familiarizing themselves to the cold.But now the problem of hardening look much wider and deeper.

In the modern sense hardening -. It is an adaptation of the organism to this very nebla

rable factors like different humidity, oxygen fluctuations in the atmosphere, etc.

Under the influence of these factors are changes in the respiratory system, blood circulation in the skin, skeletaland other muscles in the digestive, endocrine, genitourinary, and other systems.

Russian sauna helps to adapt to a variety of environmental conditions, training neural receptors that perceive the stimulation of the external environment.

bath increases the overall tone of the body, strengthens its immunity to combat the negative influences of the environment, with some diseases, including infection.Banya is considered primarily as an effective method of thermotherapy.

more attention to "a variety of different regulations and their integration" in the human body gave in his writings, the Russian scientist A. Zalmanov.He wrote: "For millennia, humans and animals could adjust to huge temperature changes.Most northern peoples living in the Arctic Circle, as well as their deer and dogs spend their lives and work at ambient temperature, reaching up to -60 ° C.The Bedouins, Indians and other inhabitants of tropical and equatorial regions live and work at pax temperatures above + 40 ° C, while maintaining their body temperature to 36,6-37 ° C.This means that in the central nervous system exist thermoregulation center, which is positioned in the medulla oblongata. "

It is this facility is subject to an active workout at the bath procedures and then under normal conditions more effectively responds to the temperature of the surrounding

Menenius environment, contributing to a more rapid adaptation to changes in the body.

established that the body is greatly influenced by air quality, especially the oxygen content in it, which changes depending on the temperature and humidity.With increasing temperature and humidity the amount of oxygen decreases, and vice versa.With a significant increase in humidity human body is deprived of oxygen and a large number of pulmonary alveolus filled it with water vapor.

Poorly adapted to such conditions the body suffers, and in some cases, this condition can lead to tragic consequences.Regulation of adaptation processes carried out by the respiratory center located in the medulla oblongata.It is this regulation can survive "under hazardous conditions" oxygen starvation at a strong reduction of it in the air.

People who regularly visit the bath and enjoying the steam room, much less have difficulty breathing with strong humidity and high temperatures, especially when both these factors simultaneously act on the body.

Oddly sounds, but regular visits to saunas trains and other regulating centers that ensure the normal functioning of the digestive, circulatory, lymphatic, and other systems.

A "if all regulation centers are functioning normally, all the microbes and viruses are harmless.Remember the history of epidemics, and especially the history of plague, cholera, the Spanish flu in 1918, and you will see strange

statis tic that never attracted the attention of researchers.During the cholera epidemics of plague and the number of dead and diseased never exceed one third of the population.Historians of medicine and microbiology, this phenomenon is called innate immunity ... ".Zalmanov gives another explanation to this phenomenon: "... this stability was the result of long-term stability of the structures and functions of regulatory centers", which means that this resistance trainee, including by means of bath procedures.

Zalmanov believes that the numerous centers of various regulations depend on the number of normal, normal composition of liquids, watering these centers;blood, lymph, extracellular and intracellular fluid environments.In the blood, for example, there are alkali reserves, "as if a tampon that protects from acid blood disorders that can cause death.Without vigilant, vigilant regulation of the alkaline reserve of human life is unthinkable.Sweating, regulating body temperature, prevents significant temperature deviations, would be impossible without central control. "

So, the normal functioning of the organism depends on the regulation of centers that the trainee, including by means of bath procedures, provided, of course, the right to use them.In particular, "of, as a result of bath procedures mentioned body fluids change their composition, are actively involved in the cleaning process for removal from the body of harmful substances, the final products of metabolism.

established that an important factor in the emergence of various forms of diseases are times

personal forms of fatigue;muscular, nervous, acoustic, optical, thermal, digestive, intellectual, emotional, sexual.Relieve fatigue, overwork, even physical, it is not always possible to simply rest.Bathroom same procedure virtually eliminates all kinds of fatigue, especially the nervous, muscular, emotional.

words "healthy mind - healthy body" are directly related to the tempering, or vice versa -zakalivanie has a direct relationship to the truth.

For the formation of a healthy person hardy main condition - perhaps early hardening of the body.S. Kneipp, a famous German scientist, author of the book "My water cure" withstood hundreds of editions in Germany and in almost all European countries, including in Russia, wrote: "Oh, if all mothers as early as possible and deeply imbued with his task, understand the responsibility that fell on them, and do not miss the opportunity to enjoy all kinds of good advice about the early hardening of the bodies of their pets! »

primary means of quenching water Kneipp believed.The book referred to above, he listed the most simple, but most, in his view, effective means of hardening: walking barefoot, walking on the wet grass, the wet stones, but svezhevypavshe th snow, walking in cold water, cold washing of hands and feet, washknees (total body pouring with or without).

course, before exposing yourself to extreme water procedures, it is necessary to consult a doctor, especially those who are prone to colds.Many such procedures are contraindicated extreme, they can lead to an exacerbation of disease.

The useful winter swimming?The scientists claim that by applying this procedure increases the body's need for oxygen is 6 times (!).In humans, taking water treatments long time after bathing body temperature drops to 34 ° C and recovered after 30 minutes only.At 10-15% decreases the heart rate, increases and becomes leaner body thermoregulation.

But get used to extreme water procedures in our time is very difficult conditions in the city.The fact is that getting used to the cold due to even genetically passed down from generation to generation.Interesting information leads in his book Yu Gusho.In 1959 an American expedition recorded that Australian aborigines sleep naked at air temperature 0 ° C on the bare ground.Scientists expedition argue that such immunity to the cold natives achieved through forced malnutrition or starvation just in cold climates, and in the absence of clothing.This stability Aboriginal cold - "a vivid example of almost limitless possibilities of human adaptation to external conditions," including extreme.

order to endure extreme cold treatments to modern man, living in a comfortable environment, you need at least a desire (will), good health and gradually getting used to.Not bad food to comply with the normal mode.Scientists say that the cold easier to tolerate and quickly become accustomed to the people eating mostly plant foods.