stones Treatment

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Mud Therapy

Lithotherapy (from the Greek «lithos» -. «Stone") - a treatment crystals, minerals, healing clay and mineral food supplements.Even in ancient times, people discovered that rocks and minerals can affect the human body, his physical and mental state.Stones were, they admired, they were stored and used for getting rid of various ailments.

Modern science is based on a comprehensive study of the properties of different types of stone and the many practical observations proved that the impact of the energy emitted by them, really huge.

crystals, as well as the human body is composed of atoms of different density.They also are exposed to heat or pressure, respond to electrical, magnetic, radiation, and other variations.Almost all the stones are receivers, conductors, absorbers of energy flows.

Under the influence of cell radiation minerals, human tissues and organs can change the frequency of its vibration that affects the state of both physical bodies and mental health.

In addition, crystals and stones aff

ect the human body in a different color, which also serves as the problems of treatment of ailments, restores physical and mental harmony.The natural energy of stones eliminates tension and stress, reduces or completely eliminates the negative effects of power.

Natural stones affect not only the person but also on the environment, purifying and harmonizing energy of the premises in which he lives, works, rests.

Every natural stone has its own, unique to his strength and energy, which (given the right) can have a tremendous positive impact not only on the human condition, but also in its relations with the outside world, the people in the different spheres of its activity.

accumulating energy of the Earth and the cosmos, they are at the appropriate address not only retain the positive potential, but also transmit it to the owner.

The natural stones used for thousands of years as a medicinal and cosmetic means.Ancient healers knew how to use the stone to cure almost any disease.

Natural minerals in cold, warm and hot applied to the body, used for massage, wear on certain parts of it, pounded into a powder and added to medicinal drugs and ointments.

Currently lithotherapy received official recognition in almost all countries of the world community.Various minerals are used for both internal and for external use.In medical centers, they have been used and traditional doctors, and in homeopathy.

widespread stones found in beauty salons and spa therapy.

Minerals is also used in water purification filters.Many of them (for example, quartz or dolomite), not only purified water of harmful impurities to the human body, but also to give it remarkable healing properties.