Useful and therapeutic properties of silver

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Mud Therapy

Net silver (Argentum, Ag) - is a brilliant white metal, very soft.On Earth, silver is 20 times greater than gold, but it is still considered a rare precious metal.Silver is found in its pure form ingots, sometimes weighing up to several kilograms.However, it is found most often in conjunction with other metals, mainly lead and copper.

Gold is useful to carry people with skin diseases.It is believed that this metal strengthens the body, increases its resistance to disease and has a positive effect on the heart.

properties of silver.In ease of handling (ductility) silver is second only to gold.Thus, 10 g of silver wire can be pulled over a length of 15 km.From silver make beautiful jewelry, coins, utensils, appliances, where 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.As other noble metals, silver is not darkens in air but only if the air is clean.If the air contains at least a small percentage of hydrogen sulfide or other volatile sulfur compounds, the silver darkens.Have silver and another quality: it is better tha

n any other metal conducts heat and electricity.

Silver - constant component of plants, animals and humans.In average the contents in marine plants is 0,025 mg per 100 g of dry matter in the ground - 0,006 mg, in marine animals - from 0.3 to 1.1 mg, and terrestrial (including humans) can be detectedonly traces of the element (10 2- 104mg).Interestingly, the trace element in plant ultraminimalnyh doses comes from the soil, which is growing, and in the body of humans and animals with the plant-based diet.Application

silver in medicine.In Russia since ancient times, it was decided to include in the bride's dowry cutlery made of silver.This was done not only in order to highlight the wealth, but also to improve the well-being of all members of the new family.The sign is justified: metal kills bacteria, which means that the cutlery out of it is very good for health.

silver preparations have antibacterial, astringent and cauterizing properties.This is due to the ability to break the silver microbial enzyme system and precipitate the proteins.

disinfectant properties of silver are well known.Everyone who could afford to hold water in silver vessels, were thrown into the water silver coins or immersed in her silver spoons.In our time, the water is disinfected electrolytically, using special devices with silver electrodes.With silver clear water of germs.Is saturated with silver ions, it becomes an excellent cleaner, frees the body of toxins.Enema of the silver water is purified diverticula of fecal stones.

Currently produced some drugs whose composition silver added.These include colloid silver, Protargolum, silver nitrate.For small wounds, abrasions and burns apply bactericidal paper impregnated with silver nitrate and chloride.

Silver promotes the resorption of tumors, stimulates the process of restoring organs after disease.Silver plates, superimposed on the colon area, activate its work and improve peristalsis.

Silver Jewelry useful when wearing resistant hypertension.A necklace of silver coins, a bracelet or a ring may be an excellent means of reducing blood pressure.It is important to wear the silver is not on the clothes, and that it is in direct contact with the skin for a few hours a day.

Contraindications.Keep in mind that all things in moderation and excess silver in drinking water can lead to argyria - the deposition of metal in the skin and mucous membranes.Silver can be deposited in the internal organs, and its surplus has adverse effects.It can manifest itself in the fact that the skin and mucous membranes become grayish-green or bluish color.Alarms should serve as headaches, convulsive twitching, pain in the right upper quadrant, fussiness.

Therefore, before using the money, you need to check how sensitive the metal body.If you are wearing silver jewelry around the holes for earrings or finger inflammation appears if there are dizziness, feeling of anxiety, restlessness unfounded, then silver is not your metal and should be abandoned.