Agar - "female" medicine

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Different Methods Of Treatment

Agar -. The product obtained from the mucilage of red and brown algae growing in the Pacific Ocean at a depth of 80 m Delicate delicate sea grass is a colorful feathers resembling fern or fluffy panicles.The Chinese and Japanese have known about the medicinal properties of agar-agar for several millennia ago.

main production centers of production and sale of agar - China, Japan and the United States.Harvest it in other countries - Korea, Morocco, Spain and Portugal.Algae first fish out of the sea, then boiled, dried and dehydrated by freezing.The result is a leathery substance, which is again dried.This is agar (in our country it is called agar).

chemical composition .

plants, giving the healing jelly, especially rich in iodine, iron, calcium, macro- and microelements and other biologically active substances.

therapeutic effect.

Agar found quite widely used in medicine in many countries.Regular consumption of seaweed gives a good effect as soft strengthening therapy.Agar-agar is used as an anti-i

nflammatory agent contained in the food neutralizing intestinal toxins weight, it strengthens the liver and lungs, helps hemorrhoids.

As established investigators, agar-agar has another very important property for women's health.Algae are rich in fucoidan, which softens the disease of breast cancer.According to statistics, the Japanese woman in the diet are present containing agar products suffer from breast cancer is much less common than the Europeans.According to the latest algae not only slow, but also stop the growth of cancer cells.In our

pharmacies drugs can be purchased in the form of dragees and emulsions, including agar.Healing agent has a mild laxative properties.Its effect in constipation based on the fact that, swelled, agar-agar considerably increases in volume, large intestine fills the space and thereby stimulates peristalsis.

Although not a (calories preparations of agar helps to lose weight, because it does not absorbed by the body. In the intestine to swell substance agar does not decompose, and very quickly removed from it.

nutritional properties .

Agar-agar sometimes called "vegetable gelatin", "tseylontang", "Japanese (Chinese) gelatin," and even "Bengal isinglass." Processed seaweed sold in the form of powder and granules, which, when mixed with water gives a gentle and stable jelly, not to dissolveUnlike animal gelatin, even when heated. agar-agar is transparent, odorless, taste and color. His qualities he owes the high content of coarse fiber. swelled in cold water, it becomes a valuable gelling component in the preparation of aspic, fruit and vegetablejelly, jellies, marmalades, and also serves to decorate sweet dishes - cakes, mousses, puddings and blancmange agar is far superior to the traditional gelatin, extracted from the skin and bones of animals, because it has a more solid structure:. 1% solution forms a dense -nygelatinous mass, which melts at higher temperatures.

Today, Japanese food lovers can not do without algae as a light vegetable additives or supplements to the traditional sushi.

agar powder dissolved in a liquid such as water, broth or fruit juice.Then bring the powder until dissolved and boil for some time, stirring constantly.The dish is put necessary additives, and then cooled in the refrigerator or at room temperature.

Contraindications .

Taking preparations containing agar should be only after consultation with your doctor, because even sold over the counter medications in combination with irritating intestines substances can lead to irritation and redness of the skin, allergies, disorders of the liver, significant problems with a chair (severe diarrhea).

In addition to algae, medicinal properties also have lower aquatic plants that live in the lakes, they primarily include spirulina.In areas far from the sea, there is an interest in freshwater plants -. Duckweed, chlorella and other

Agar is not combined with products containing wine or fruit vinegar, or a lot of oxalic acid (such as rhubarb, sorrel, Swiss chard, spinach).It is not recommended to combine it with chocolate and black tea.Very carefully should eat foods with agar-agar, those who suffer from chronic diarrhea.