Corn as an indicator of internal diseases

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diagnosis Of Disease

Long since ancient oriental doctors determined the cause of the disease in the legs, and never wrong.Today, their secrets become known to the public and widely used in alternative medicine, both in the Eastern countries and the West.

indicators of various diseases are the calluses on his feet.They appear in the problematic areas on the foot and on the toes.Because these areas are closely linked with human bodies, following the recommendations, it is easy to determine which authority the violation occurred.Moreover, the massage of a particular area on the foot can lead to a significant improvement in health status.We consider these areas and draw parallels with the internal organs.

1. If the blisters appeared under the big toe, the probable shoulder osteochondrosis spine;if the corn was formed in the same finger, but closer to the middle of the foot, it is likely not well nasopharynx, throat and vocal cords.

2. Corn on the cushion of the second finger points to problems with blood circulation.

3. Calluses under the middle toes indicate a possible disease of the lymphatic system.

4. If found corn under the feet of the fourth finger, it is likely that in the body there is a process of respiratory disease, most often manifested in the fall and spring.

5. On arrest, or frequent urination, according calluses formed under the little finger, and near it, on the foot pad is the area associated with the lungs and bronchi.

6. calluses on the heels of talk about colon disease, in particular about hemorrhoids, and in women - about diseases of genitals.

7. In Chinese medicine is widely known point associated with urinary and cardiovascular system.It is situated above the heel behind the protruding bone.It is called Kun-lun, and it massages the most favorable impact on the health of cardiovascular and urinary systems, besides her massage will allow to normalize pressure.

If you feel pain in different parts of the foot, the reason for this - the energy stagnation, and massage problem areas will restore the normal functioning of internal organs.


In diseases of the liver is necessary to massage the top of the big toe, and if disrupted spleen and pancreas, then massage the lower part of your thumb (from the edge of the nail) and normalizes their work.
Massage second toe should be used in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, peptic ulcer, gastritis, as well as intercostal neuralgia.
to improve the work of 12-pёrstnoy intestine, small intestine and colon, as well as help treat gynecological diseases Massage of the third finger.
fourth finger is associated with the gall bladder, respectively, this finger massage normalizes the gallbladder and cure osteochondrosis of the spine and joints.
Massage little finger will allow to normalize work urogenital system, cystitis cure, tsistalgii and epilepsy.