Celebrate spring with beautiful hair

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diagnosis Of Disease

spring we all experience stress, and our hair - is no exception.Spring lack of vitamins and sun, the temperature difference, over-dried air in the room cause different problems: broken hair, whipped and begin to fall.Following these tips, you can restore their former health.
split ends - the problem is familiar, perhaps, to everyone.Hairstyle them look sloppy, capricious, and split ends do not want to pack.Fix this problem is quite simple - enough hair cut, will have the best effect "hot scissors".Tips for a long time will not be split after the procedure, and maintain elasticity, shine and strength.It is recommended to use the service "hot scissors" on a regular basis, then locks will always remain strong and healthy.
To prevent useful to use special balms and masks.Care must be taken to the hair after perming and coloring.From popular recipes experts recommend the use of honey, egg white, and olive oil.From salon treatments help mask with silicone: it envelops each hair thin film and give the strands s

trength without weighing it down.
Another common problem - over-dried hair.In this case, additional power will help masks and shampoos with minerals, vitamins and oils.Good effect of burdock oil.
To avoid this problem, you need to constantly take care of the moisture of the hair.Here is a simple homemade recipe: combine olive oil with a tablespoon of honey dissolved in a colorless henna.Add egg yolk and apply on hair.Wrap hair with a towel and, after half an hour, wash.
Often our spring hair is too greasy.All because of - the failure of the sebaceous glands due to stress and hormonal disorders.Starting treatment should be to visit endocrinologist.Such hair require special attention: it is necessary to wash them often in a day, using warm water and a neutral shampoo.
Use for oily hair are masks that contain white clay - excess fat absorbs kaolin, pores and tightness.Balms and conditioners apply on hair ends.Many women spring
notice that their hair has become thinner and lose strength.Condition worsens hair bulblets from winter diets and temperature changes.To deal with this problem should be complex: watch your diet by eating enough protein, minerals, vitamins, fruits and vegetables.
to strengthen fine hair has a great recipe: currant berries knead and mix with 1-2 teaspoons of honey and curd.Beat yolks separately and combine with the previously prepared slurry.Apply to the hair and, after waiting half an hour, rinse with water.