Prostatitis treatment

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diagnosis Of Disease

When the doctor diagnosed and determined what form of prostatitis you are ill, he will suggest a treatment plan, focusing, if possible, for a full recovery.Chronic prostatitis is very difficult to cure.However, zapasshis patience and trying different techniques, many men cope with this condition, not allowing the disease to hamper their lives.

The simplest and most effective way is sufficient intake of various drugs.Selection of drugs - a rather difficult task.Here is a sample listing of the most common groups of drugs.

Antibiotics. Traditionally, first used in the treatment of all forms of prostatitis.Most likely, your treatment will begin with a "broad spectrum" product - that is,calculated on the struggle with a variety of pathogens.In another embodiment, if a doctor to ascertain the type of bacteria causing your infection (based on the results of a urine test and a sample of prostatic juice), you probably will appoint another drug, more specific, it is acting on this type of bacteria.

Duration of antibiotic treatment will depend on whether an infectious agent is susceptible to their influence.If you have an acute form of the disease, the treatment may last only a few weeks.Sometimes patients with acute bacterial prostatitis is admitted to introduce an antibiotic intravenously.

But chronic infectious prostatitis often responds poorly to treatment with antibiotics, as their action in this case is less effective.Its treatment requires a longer period, and it is not always possible to completely heal.In addition, you can become worse once you stop taking the drug.If this happens, you may have to take on a daily basis is very small doses of medication indefinitely to keep the infection under control.

Although chronic non-infectious prostatitis is not infectious nature, sometimes doctors prescribe antibiotics for a few weeks, to see if he will not help improve the condition.If the medication does not help, it stops receiving.If the condition improves, the doctor may advise you to continue to take the medicine for a few weeks.Some patients with chronic non-infectious prostatitis small dose of antibiotic to help prevent the onset of symptoms, or soften them.It is possible that this is due to the fact that the infection does not always reliably detected.

Alpha-blockers. If you have problems with urination, possibly due to the presence of obstacles in the urethra, you can assign alpha-blockers.These drugs relax the prostate and bladder neck, allowing the urine to pass more freely.Since now you can at once get rid of large amounts of urine, alpha-blockers do not allow you to go up so often during the night to the toilet.

Analgesics. There is a huge amount of pain medication, such as aspirin, ibuprofen and paracetamol to help you relieve pain and to eliminate discomfort.But before you take them, discuss with your doctor the dose to avoid side effects.

Stretching and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles often helps to alleviate the symptoms of the disease.Curing exercising specialist offer you exercises that will benefit, and explain how to implement them.

One of the most common exercises that benefit in chronic prostatitis are Kegel exercises.I must say that Kegel exercises cause a rush of blood to the pelvic organs, and possible exacerbation of prostatitis symptoms in the initial period.In the future, against the background of improving blood circulation and the ongoing treatment, the condition returns to normal.

In the late 40's gynecologist named Arnold Kegel developed the basic program of exercises to develop the muscles of the perineum intended initially for the treatment of female urinary incontinence.Nowadays, it is known that Kegel exercises are as good for men.

First we need to define your own perineal muscles.A man can do it as follows: it is necessary to try to stop the stream of urine when urinating.The muscles that you use to do this, and have the needed perineal muscles.At the same time you feel the tension in the perineum and around the anus.The man is also using these muscles, straining when trying to give up the last drops of urine.

Actually Kegel exercises consist of three parts.

1. Slow compression: tighten your muscles as you did to stop urinating.Slowly count to three.Relax.

2. Abbreviations, tense and relax your pelvic muscles as quickly as possible.

3. Popping: potuzhtes as the allocation of the remainder of urine or stool.

Also perineal muscles this exercise causes stress and some abdominal, as well as tension and relaxation of the anus.

Start your workout with 10 slow contractions, acronyms and ejection 5 times a day.After a week, add 5 to each exercise, while continuing to execute them five times a day.Add 5 for each exercise each week, until they become thirty.Then continue to do at least 5 episodes per day to maintain the tone.You must perform 150 Kegel exercises every day.

exercises can be performed anywhere: while driving, walking, watching TV, sitting at the table, lying in bed.At the beginning of training may find that your muscles do not want to remain in tension during the slow contractions.Perhaps you will not be able to perform cuts quickly enough or rhythmically.This is because muscle is weak.Control improves with practice.

If the muscles are tired in the middle of the exercise, rest a few seconds and continue.

Do not forget to breathe naturally and smoothly during exercise.Take one to two hundred compressions every day.

Your physical therapist may offer you and other relaxation techniques, such as biofeedback.This method uses the patient's training methods control certain reactions of the organism, including the relaxation of muscles.During classes and specialist attaches electrodes to your skin in different parts of the body.Electrodes are attached to the monitor, which reflected the reaction of your body, including muscle contraction.After connecting the electrodes to you, the therapist uses various relaxation techniques to calm you down and reduce muscle tension.And you, visibly controlling the process on the screen, learn to do it yourself.

Medicine in general and physiotherapy in particular, do not stand still, and replace the exercises.Kegel come other more specific complexes.One of these complexes is described below.

It is clear and quite simple in design.The complex is primarily aimed at the elimination of stagnation in the pelvis and prevention of prostatitis.

1. While standing, sitting, lying down.Make the most deep breath, inflate with the stomach.Hold your breath for 10-12 seconds.Then exhale the abdomen;Try to keep it at the same time completely disappeared, as if glued to the spine.Repeat 3-7 times on three occasions during the day.

2. While standing, sitting, lying down.How can I draw the stronger the anus for 8-10 seconds.Repeat 3 times for one approach, several times throughout the day.

3. Standing.Transfer the weight to the right foot, left foot moves to make free back and forth (40-100 movements).Repeat the exercise, starting with the other foot.

4. Standing.Make shallow side torso to the right and to the left (30 slopes on each side).The slopes are carried out in mid-tempo, with the leg to the side tilt can be bent at the knee.

5. Standing.Jumping in place with a change in height of jumps (i.e. above, below).Exercise should be performed in the nude.Start with 50 jumps;gradually increasing the load, to bring up to 300 jumps on a daily basis.Do not be afraid, if at first you will feel discomfort and pain in the genital area.

6. insuring hands, try to make a straight twine, spreading his legs to the maximum possible level.Hold this position for 20-30 seconds, and then try to at least a little to increase the distance between the legs.This exercise is very important, as it promotes the tensile stress resulting in the thigh muscles.

7. Browsing.Crawling on his buttocks.Sit on the floor, stretched out in front and side of the leg.Transposing the buttocks, "step" back and forth for 30-50 "steps" each buttock.

8. Lying on your back.Uprites the floor back of the head and buttocks so that the back rose above the floor.Fix this position for 10 seconds.Repeat 3-10 times.

9. Lying.Exercise "boat."Lying on his stomach, arms along the body.Without the help of the hands at the same time lift the (tear) from the floor chest and straight legs, relying only on his stomach.Hold this position until you feel tired.Repeat 3 times.

10. Lying on his stomach.Put on the floor rubber ball and lie on his stomach.Resting his hands on the floor, roll the body on the ball for 3-5 minutes.

11. Browsing.Sit on the floor, legs in front of him.Without bending your knees, pull your hands to the feet.Do the exercise for at least 3-5 minutes daily.

12. Browsing.Sit on the ball crotch area for tennis, supporting the arms of the body mass.Within 3-5 minutes, roll the ball in the crotch area, gradually increasing the pressure.Once of twice the pain threshold will increase, I'll get you the complete disappearance of pain.

13. Regulation "birch".You run into a half neck, shoulders and elbows, hands supporting the waist.Hold this position for a few minutes (the time depends on the initial level of fitness).This exercise is well supplemented by deep breathing .

14. Self-massage through the rectum prostate.Taking a shower, soap or any neutral Spread cream middle or index finger of the right hand (for left-handers - left) and enter it into the anus.Then, do a slow finger massage the front wall of the intestine, gradually increasing the pressure and changing the surrounding areas.

We offered the most effective exercises that can help you not only to strengthen the weakened zone (prostate), but also to achieve a complete cure of the disease.The complex is being followed for several years and proved its practical significance with regular use.All these exercises are safe, recommendations for their implementation time, frequency and the number of repetitions relative.You must be guided by their feelings and level of fitness.Note the gradual increase in load.And if there are any questions, consult your doctor.If

list "habitual" and common physiotherapy treatments, the chronic prostatitis are most often applied:

Phonophoresis hydrocortisone at the crotch area.

Microwave therapy.

Electrophoresis calcium chloride.

UHF therapy.

Hydrotherapy: ascending anal shower, micro enema of warm water and antibiotics.

sitz baths, too, strictly speaking, are a form of hydrotherapy.Popularity baths greater obligation than their efficiency, accessibility and simplicity.Many men find that sitz baths facilitate their pain and relax the pelvic and lower abdominal muscles.The procedure consists in the fact that a person takes a bath in a sitting position, immersed to his waist in the warm water.

When you are first diagnosed, your doctor may advise you to take sitz baths two or three times a day for 30 minutes.If you have sharp first bacterial prostatitis, the temperature of water bath should not exceed 37.2 "C. If you suffer from a chronic disease, the water temperature can be increased up to 40.1" C.

Prostate massage often helps to reduce fluid retention in the prostate gland and tiny ducts cleaned, covered with bacteria.In addition, massage helps enhance the action of antibiotics, medication to help penetrate deeper into the infected tissue.

Due to the fact that chronic prostatitis is difficult to diagnosis and treatment, men over the years have tried different ways to be able to control his symptoms.Here are some of them:

Drink a lot of water, "to clean up the infection."

Reduce the consumption of alcohol, caffeine and spicy foods, "so as not to disturb the prostate."

regularly go to the toilet at regular intervals, "when the patient can not tolerate the prostate."

sexually active conduct "so as not stagnated nothing."

Although it will not do you no harm, there is no reliable information, that following these guidelines will help you.Scientists have yet to prove that changes in diet, going to the toilet, in the sexual habits can help in the treatment of prostatitis, or ease his symptoms.

However, this does not mean that you should abandon these practices, if they are helping you.It is not known why, but some men found that by avoiding long sitting, without eating certain foods and beverages, they improve the condition.

Many men living with prostatitis, limit yourself to something in order not to worsen their condition, and do something that, in their opinion, they are helped, not even knowing how and why it works.

Sometimes improvement in chronic prostatitis comes only a few months, and exacerbation occur for no apparent reason.

increases if the risk of prostate cancer ?

There is no evidence that acute or chronic prostatitis increases the likelihood of prostate cancer.However prostatitis increases the level of prostate specific antigen (PSA) in the blood.If you have an elevated PSA level, and you're sick prostatitis, it is best to do the test again after a course of antibiotic treatment.If you chronic prostatitis, discuss with your doctor the need to test for free PSA.

Can I transfer prostate infection to your partner during sexual intercourse?

Prostatitis may be the result of disease, sexually transmitted, but he is not contagious.Prostatitis is not transmitted through sexual contact, so your partner can not be afraid of infection.

Does prostatitis cause infertility?

Yes.The disease can adversely affect sperm production, creating difficulty in ejaculating semen during intercourse.Since the seminal fluid contains sperm, it can reduce the ability to fertilize.There are studies which indicate poor quality of sperm in some men with prostatitis.

Are there any surgical treatment of this disease?

Generally doctors prefer non-surgical treatment.Your doctor may recommend surgery if the disease threatens to infertility and antibiotics do not help alleviate her symptoms.The surgeon can clean the clogged ducts of the prostate and eliminate fluid retention, allowing the sperm to move faster.Operation do not recommend patients with chronic nonspecific prostatitis.