Stomach ache

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Digestive Tract

1. pain in the right upper quadrant.If it is accompanied by repeated vomiting and fever - an inflammation of the gallbladder.We must immediately go on a diet, give up the use of acute and fatty foods.The diet should be salt-free.

2. SUCKS in the stomach.Maybe a slight inflammation of the stomach or duodenum.This is the most common kind of pain, but no reason to panic.Such pains are part of the middle-aged and older people.But if the pain is persistent, does not go through 10-15 minutes, there is a suspicion of an ulcer.Before going for an examination (and necessary), try to give yourself first aid.Distribute food intake to 6-7 times a day.Eat more milk and less carbohydrates

3. pain in the abdomen, on the right.This is appendicitis, and it is best to call the doctor.

4. pain in the abdomen, on the left.This may be an inflammation of the lower large intestine.If the diagnosis is correct, and any accompanying symptoms - a violation of stool, rumbling in the abdomen, increased flatulence.You have to giv

e up fresh vegetables and fruits, can not drink milk and eat black bread and condiments.

5. PAIN spreads around the waist.Let us try to feel alone or left upper abdomen.If you then becomes painful, then, we are dealing with inflammation of the pancreas.Eliminate all fried, the patient need hunger, cold and full of peace.In severe cases, you should consult your doctor.In general, pain in the stomach is very dangerous to drink at random painkillers.Pills only drown the pain and at the same time tushuyut clinical picture of the disease.The doctor, finding no commonplace mezennterialnogo appendicitis or thrombosis, can not put any other diagnosis.25 people out of every thousand patients with appendicitis die because of wrong diagnosis.But if you are well tested and sure of their diagnosis, the pain can be controlled independently.

As advises physician A. Alexandrov, an exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis effective Analgin, sedalgin, PENTALGIN and other similar drugs.Well it helps enzymes - panzinorm and festal.From the pain caused by renal colic, help antispasmodics - No-spa, papaverine, Halidorum.The attack of chronic calculous cholecystitis easier to bear if the use of dipyrone, papaverine, no-silos or powder spazmolitin.Dyskinesia of biliary tract, or so-called cholecystitis without stones, requires the use of choleretic drugs.Doctors recommend Flamini FLAKUMIN, HOLEZIM, AL-LOHOL (tablets), HOLASAS (syrup), infusion of peppermint.In gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer and gastritis with increased secretion help drugs neutralizing hydrochloric acid.It Almagell, Fosfalyugel, Maalox.From folk methods it makes sense to try a solution of soda or milk.

When abdominal pain

Make an enema of warm water.Sometimes it is recommended to add a little vegetable oil enema.It is necessary to drink tea from peppermint or caraway.It is recommended to rub the belly camphor alcohol.Assist with hot water heaters, imposed on the stomach.

When alimentary tract diseases: gastritis, dyspepsia, poor digestion, heartburn, gas in the stomach.

is recommended to drink the juice of raw potato - one glass in the morning on an empty stomach, then go to bed for half an hour.After an hour for breakfast.Conduct treatment 10 days.Break - 10 days and over a 10-day treatment, the second break - 10 days for the third time to repeat the 10-day treatment.