August 12, 2017 17:50 | Heart Diseases

Not too many if you weigh

many complete among adults.Women are more likely to admit it.

Men tend to think of their excess weight norm, even if they weigh 10-15 kg more than the average man weighs their age and height.

Our tips

Eat three meals a day, including breakfast.Avoid food, which a lot of sugar and fat, on the other hand, enter into your diet starchy foods - bread made of flour, meal, potatoes, rice, etc., reduce the portions of meat: lean meat even gives a lot of calories;..

go to low-fat dairy products and low fat;eat slowly, eat allot half an hour;

refuse additives;

if you feel hungry in between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner, set the time for a snack in the morning and in the afternoon;

to snack was indeed light, low-calorie, schedule in advance that there will be;ideal for snacks fruits and vegetables;eat slowly, let your lunch and snacks last no less than 10 minutes, be prepared for the fact that the weight will decrease slowly;

better to lose weight over the ye

ar by 5 kg, than to lose the same kgs per month, and two them again to dial.

So, the first condition - good nutrition.The second - more traffic.Our ancestors ate more than we do, and weighed less.In everyday life, they were physical activity.This does not mean you have to hurry jogging that with considerable fullness can be dangerous decision.Getting regular exercise, start with a slow tempo.After all, you already have the additional load - carry extra kilos of weight, but when you lose weight, then it will be easier to train.Perhaps you've heard that in order to burn off the calories from eating a piece of chocolate cake, you need to run five kilometers.Is it worth it in this case to communicate with any exercise, whether or not use?Will, if you think about the future.Over time, if you spend more calories than to receive, you will surely lose weight.If you take a day and a half kilometers away, for a year, you can lose five kilograms, not less, for the same caloric intake.And if you increase the distance, you can lose weight even more.Vigorous walking is so improve metabolism, and resting calorie consumption will be large.

Each day try to find the extra 20 minutes to move, and it is better for half an hour or even an hour.Set a task carried out in the motion for a total of 20-40 minutes a day.