Biologically active additives (BAA ) for prostatic

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diagnosis Of Disease

Everyone who came into the shops selling goods and esoteric drugs Alternative of constant medicine, knows that they are just the abundance of different drugs based on herbs.On the shelves there are thousands of such products, causing many complaints.

Here are some herbal drugs used to treat common problems associated with the prostate, such as frequent urination and a weak urine stream.

African plum (Pigeum africanum).

African wild potato (Hypoxia rooperi), also known as the South African Bog.

Pumpkin seeds (Cuccurbita Rero).

ryegrass (Secale cereale).

Stinging nettle - aboveground part (Urtica dioica and Urtica urens).

consumed in moderation, these foods are safe.However, studies have never been conducted to establish the safety and efficacy for prolonged use in large quantities.

exception is the plant saw palmetto (Serenoa repens).Unlike other herbal supplements, it has been studied carefully, and the results showed its undisputed efficiency.

This drug Affairs & amp; etsya of saw palmetto

berries, which homeland - South Florida.Hundreds of years on the back

nomads used it as an aphrodisiac.In recent decades, this plant has become a very popular means of treating the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).In Europe, saw palmetto is sold as a medicine.

believed that saw palmetto prevents the conversion of testosterone to hormone associated with prostate tissue growth.Analysis based on the results of more than a dozen steps palmetto studies showed that use of the plant brings the same result as the use of finasteride (Proscar), but with fewer side effects.The researchers suggest further research to determine the optimal daily dose of this additive and its long-term effectiveness.There are also other studies of saw palmetto, and they all came around to the same conclusion.

The use of saw palmetto does not give quick results.Most men notice some improvement in about one to three months after you start taking supplements.If after three months of receiving you do not have any improvements, perhaps, the drug does not suit you.

While receiving saw palmetto indefinitely seems safe, but maybe we just do not know anything about the side effects of this agent during prolonged usage.Ranh

above assumed that taking saw palmetto helps to maintain the level of the CAP in the blood, but recent studies have shown that saw palmetto does not affect the level of the CAP.

Further studies may provide more information about how to best use this tool.In the meantime, if you decide to take saw palmetto, read the following information.

Efficiency.The ingestion of saw palmetto reduces the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).However, it does not reduce the size of the prostate itself.

Adverse reactions.Adverse reactions while taking saw palmetto is usually negligible.The most frequent of the side effects - a vertigo problem and the gastrointestinal tract, such as nausea, vomiting, constipation and diarrhea.Palmetto can reduce blood clotting, so you have to be careful with him while taking anticoagulants and drugs antitrombotsidnyh.

Few herbal products and food products can claim that they help in the prevention and treatment of cancer.There is no precise scientific evidence of the effectiveness of the pre

preparations, and some of them may even be dangerous.Here are two popular supplements that are sold as drugs, cancer-fighting:

Chaparral.Also known as creosote bush, chaparral (Larrea tridentata) - is a desert shrub that grows in the southwest United States and Mexico.American Indians have long used chaparral to treat the common cold and snakebites.In recent decades, the plant was sold in the form of tea, capsules and tablets, with the annotation, which states that it can cure many diseases, including cancer.

Scientists believe that the substance contained in Chaparral may inhibit proliferation of cancer cells, as well as viruses and bacteria.However.Chaparral study there was no evidence that this plant is able to destroy cancer cells or inhibit the development of cancer.In addition, scientists believe that chaparral may cause irreversible changes in the liver.

Shark cartilage.Some scientists believe that shark cartilage contains specific proteins that inhibit the formation of new blood vessels within the tumor, thereby preventing the development of cancer in sharks.The method of treatment of shark cartilage based on the theory that the capsules containing shark cartilage, will have the same effect in the human body - to stop the growth of cancerous tumors and even reduce their size.

However, few studies have shown the ineffectiveness of shark cartilage supplements.

Among others doubt the very possibility of the content of capsules sufficient amount of purified protein, to have at least some effectiveness.Moreover, our stomach and intestines may simply digest protein contained in capsules, as well as other proteins, and it never reaches the blood stream and can not operate.The drug has a very unpleasant taste and can cause nausea.

Food additives - only one form of alternative cancer treatments.There are other practices.

doctor puts you in the blood of a special drug that, according to this theory, is to associate certain elements, such as lead, mercury and other substances that contribute to the development of cancer and to remove them from the body.According to another theory, binding agents improve overall blood circulation, increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to the body cells.It is believed that cancer develops better in the absence of oxygen.

This method of treatment is suitable for people with heavy metal poisoning, but there is no evidence that it helps in other diseases, including cancer.This method of treatment can produce serious side effects such as kidney damage and bone marrow failures heart rate and severe inflammation of veins.The procedure should be performed only by a very qualified and experienced doctor.

This therapeutic method will require you to comply with certain diets and general rules of life.The diet consists of whole grains, vegetables, vegetable seafood, beans and soy-based soups.With regard to changes in lifestyle, you must adhere to the optimistic views on life, build strong relationships with other people, do a lot of exercise, wear clothes made of natural fabrics, used for cooking utensils natural, made of wood, glass and ceramics.

In macrobiotics is based on a philosophy that asserts that natural food, utensils, clothing, along with a positive attitude to life and strong social ties lead us to harmony and health improvement that allows the body to overcome illness, including cancer.May offer

diet may be useful in itself, since it contains little fat, but very rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.However, it may be absent or present in very small amounts of some other nutrients, and then you need to take them as supplements.

This practice is based on the relationship of the soul, mind and body, and their mutual influence.Such methods are often used to relieve anxiety and stress and improve overall health.Experience shows that they also strengthen our immune system.With body and soul therapy can not cure prostate disease, but some people, it helps to fight emotional and physical effects of cancer.

Laughter is based on the assertion that, often, and a lot of laughing, we abstract from their health problems.Laughter is a kind of analgesic.When we laugh, our body produces substances that can deal with the pain and reduce depression.

Laughter is intended to include in the daily routine of some hilarious moments.This can be

watching comedy movie, call a friend, who Lac always laugh, jokes with neighbors or colleagues at work, and so on. N.

People have used hypnosis for therapeutic purposes since ancient times.The last fifty years, there is a revival of interest in hypnosis among physicians, psychologists and psychotherapists.

doctor with hypnosis enters our body in a relaxed state in which our mind remains open to external influences and concentrate on them.Nobody knows exactly how hypnosis works, but experts believe that it will change the wave pattern of the brain, about the same - as a relaxing technique.

During a session of therapeutic hypnosis you get suggestions to help your body deal with stress and anxiety and increase your ability to cope with their condition.Do not believe what is shown in movies and television programs - under hypnosis you can not get to do what you did not do in the normal state.Approximately 75% of adults susceptible to hypnosis, when it carries out specialist.People often can not be hypnotized, when they themselves do not want to lose control of himself and the situation.

Meditation - is a way to calm the mind and body, which came to us from the religious and cultural traditions.During meditation, you sit quietly, nor are focusing or concentrating on the mantra - just sound or combination of sounds that you repeat over and over again.This helps you to enter in a deep state of rest in which your body responds to stress less.Your breathing slows, muscles relax, and brainwave activity reflects the state of relaxation.

Regular meditation helps reduce stress and lift the state of anxiety.There are facts which show that using meditation can reduce blood pressure and even increase life expectancy.

Although, at first glance, it may seem a simple meditation technique, but to learn to control your thoughts is not easy.However, the more you practice, the easier it will be to concentrate, not allowing your mind to be distracted.

These therapies include smooth dances, the expression itself in drawings and performance or listening to music.In addition, they have a calming and soothing effect of these

techniques help to restore self-confidence, self-esteem, provide a sense of well-being and reduce the symptoms of depression.

There are several organizations that promote and advance the use of music, dance and art in the treatment and maintaining health.These organizations have their branches all over the world.

Yoga has been around for about five thousand years.It includes the practice of correct breathing, movements and postures in order to achieve unity of mind, body and spirit.You are taking certain postures, performing certain movements, paying particular attention to the breath while breathing while performing certain movements in and out - during the execution of the other.Yoga helps to control stress, anxiety and pain.However, to achieve the effect of yoga requires constant practice and training.

Some complementary and alternative therapies are based on the belief that the natural energy of the body plays a vital role in our health and treatment of diseases.Many of these methods take as a basis the ancient Chinese philosophy.There is no scientific evidence that they can cure prostate cancer, but in practice their safety and undeniable benefits for the overall health of the body.

Acupressure, like acupuncture, is based on the belief of ancient Chinese philosophers, that our body just under the skin, 14 are invisible pathways called meridians.These paths are qi flows - a Chinese word means "the life force of the body."When the flow of chi is interrupted, the person becomes ill.

During a session of acupressure therapist massages the finger presses or certain points of your body, to restore the free movement of qi and relieve symptoms.Research acupressure as a method of treatment has not yet led scientists to certain conclusions.Many people who get relief using acupressure, find this relaxing therapy.

Acupuncture - one of the most studied non-traditional practices, and it has already been recognized in Western medicine as bringing real benefits to the treatment of certain conditions.In 1998, the US National Institutes of Health has issued a declaration of acupuncture.It says that there is sufficient evidence that acupuncture helps to relieve dental pain after surgery, cure

Vaeth nausea arising from chemotherapy, anesthesia and during pregnancy.With respect to the treatment of other conditions such evidence is not clear.However, some researchers have found that acupuncture may facilitate and pain caused by cancer.

During a typical session of acupuncture therapist sticks to your skin from one to ten needles in hair thickness by 15-40 minutes.The purpose of the needles - to lift the blockade and run the free flow of qi.The therapist can move his little needles, connected to it an electric current or heat.The procedure of introducing needles almost or completely painless, some even find it pleasant and relaxing.

Undesirable side effects of acupuncture are very rare, but still possible.Make sure you go to a qualified and experienced professionals, who also follow the rules of hygiene, using only disposable needles.

Tai Isa-Yiyuan

Tai chi chuan - a system of postures and exercises that have been used in China for over a thousand years ago, for self-defense.Not now used to fight with the enemy, Tai chi chuan is becoming increasingly popular form of gymnastics, especially among the elderly.It helps to stretch the muscles, improve flexibility and relieve stress.

Tai chi chuan is composed of soft, slow circular movements combined with deep breathing.By concentrating on the movements and sensations of your body, you develop a sense of balance and tranquility.People involved in tai chi chuan, is often described it as "meditation movements."Like other forms of Chinese therapy, it must facilitate the free passage of the flow of qi in our body, as it occurs in the healthy body.

These techniques are well established for the treatment and prevention of diseases and are used for a variety of - often contradictory - approaches.Sufficient studies of these techniques has been conducted, and their effectiveness is, by and large, unproven.


This healing philosophy has its origins in the medical practices of ancient India and is now becoming increasingly popular in the United States.Ayurveda is based on the principle that the mind and body are one and the body can not be healthy if the mind somewhat disturbed.

followers of Ayurveda believe that cancer is the result of emotional, spiritual and physical imbalance.According to them, to cure the cancer, it is necessary to cleanse your body of toxic substances through the blood-letting, vomiting or bowel movements.To achieve and maintain the necessary balance in Ayurveda uses certain diet, herbs, breathing exercises and massage.There is no scientific evidence that this method can cure the disease.

Homeopathic medicine used to treat symptoms of the disease is very small doses of natural substances, usually of plants and minerals.Homeopathy is based on the "law of similarity".Its adherents believe that if large doses of a substance causes certain symptoms we have when we are healthy, low doses of the same substance can fight the disease, which causes similar symptoms.Homeopath chooses from a list of nearly two thousand substances, the drug that is best suited to your set of symptoms.

Homeopathic remedies most commonly used in the treatment of chronic diseases and recurring ailments, such as arthritis, asthma, allergies, colds and flu.However, some homeopaths believe that their tools can cure all diseases.

Scientific studies have not been able to explain how homeopathic medicines work and whether they work at all.