Aging skin

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diagnosis Of Disease

cause of skin aging can be long-term exposure to the sun, which old age is even stronger.

Because in bright sunshine and the need for a long time to be under its influence should strive to protect your face, using protective creams.

Careful attention to your skin and timely measures will help to avoid many troubles.

Answer the questions that you offer specialists dermatologists.

1. Does your skin often irritated or covered by a rash?

2. Does it happen that the skin reddens and a feeling of a burning sensation?

3. Is Caused irritation, allergic reaction, even high-quality cosmetics, perfumes and detergents?

4. Do you suffer from flaky, dry, cracked skin?

5. easy for your skin "burns" in the sun?

If 3 or more questions you answered yes, most likely your skin is very delicate and sensitive.She needs special care with special hypoallergenic cosmetics.It is necessary to consult a dermatologist and cosmetologist or,

human skin as an organ directly perceive all the external environment, plays an impo

rtant role.

arise after certain actions and reactions due to shifts humoral and nervous mechanisms affect the activity of the whole organism.

Therefore, human skin - this is not only a cosmetic concern to its softness and smoothness, but also the subject matter of many of the ancient and modern scholars.

From electrical resistance of the skin also depends on the well-being of the body.

As the potential difference of the right and left hands, one of which will be put on a plate of copper, and the second - from zinc, can judge about the emotional state of a person, his level of excitement or, conversely, inhibition that clearly show attached to these plates ammeter.

When depressed arrow shows the small numbers, and when excited - very high (more than 150-200 mA and even higher).

Such a device can make everyone (this invention physicists and scientists Adamenko Kirlian).

Their device consists of wooden blanks covered with a plate of zinc, of which there is a wire to microamperometer.

The wooden disc is inserted into a copper pin, too, with a wire attached to the other terminal of the micro-ammeter.

The hand is taken of the zinc and copper rod tip is placed on the mucous membrane of the lips.

on human skin are arranged point - exteroreceptors skin .This nerve receptors, which are focused in biologically active points, and in specific zones of action.

These include palms, soles, neck, as well as in certain areas of the body - Geda - Zakharyin zone.

healing properties of points on human skin have been found a long time ago in China.Many centuries perfected this science, and to date, there is already a detailed topography of such points and areas on the human body.

It turned out that on the palms and soles of the person has a projection area of ​​the internal organs, the same area there is also on the ears.

At certain points of pain sensitivity in these areas is carried out diagnostics of diseases of any organ.

content of the good condition of the skin of hands and feet, especially massage, positive impact on health.

should pay attention to the condition of nails, because they are certain changes can also indicate the presence of disease.