What should I do if I can not beat cellulite ?

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Cellulitis

Defeating cellulite is very difficult.And if you feel that you have not achieved the desired result, do not panic.Be persistent, be patient, listen carefully to the recommendations of experts and try more and more money, helps get rid of skin imperfections.Carefully choose drugs, consult on this matter with your doctor, and do not buy products of unknown firms, whose effectiveness is highly questionable.Perhaps until now you have enjoyed it so?

However, even the use of proven tools you can go to waste.Wasted time and money (and besides, a lot) can plunge into depression, even a very strong members of the fairer sex.Any failure brings a lot of grief, and all the more frustrating to lose, if so many people around very successfully addressed similar.But some of the fair sex have to understand that in the fight against cellulite can be easy to lose, despite the tremendous efforts.And the reason for that is very simple - an abundance of stress in life.Everyone knows that all somehow interconnected in the hum

an body.And if in any organ or system of the body of life there are any problems, they somehow have an impact on the overall condition of the person.Stress, nervous overload are considered by many researchers the cause of cellulite.What's the secret?

turns out that under stress and nervous overload disturbed interaction of the basic systems of the body.There are violations of the gastrointestinal tract, significantly changed the work of the endocrine glands;Of course slows blood flow, all of these factors are not directly lead to the appearance of cellulite, but they are outputted from the normal rhythm of the body functioning that can be considered as a risk factor.

We should not forget that frequent stress adversely affect the adrenal glands.Namely adrenals regulate water balance in the body.It is clear that the violation of water balance in the body is one of the causes of cellulite.In addition, irregularities in the adrenal activity may result in a violation of the sodium-potassium balance in the human body and an increase in adrenaline.Excess

epinephrine, in turn, causes the body to more stress.Disrupted breathing, it becomes intermittent and superficial.As a consequence of this explicit acts insufficient intake of oxygen, hence the violation of cellular metabolism, vasoconstriction, blood circulation in the limbs limitation.

Alas, we must note that there is a vicious circle.Stress saps the strength of the body, making it vulnerable to the appearance of cellulite.And thus, for purposes lyulit, in turn, is a cause of stress.So, in the fight against cellulite, it does not prevent to analyze all their behavior to find out - not too podcherzheny you stress and not too suffer from nervous overloads.If you come to this conclusion, you can change your way of thinking.Often this is enough to cause nervous system in order, and therefore gain more strength to fight this annoying phenomenon of orange peel.