Symptoms of food poisoning

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diagnosis Of Disease

Reception substandard food can cause discomfort or acute poisoning .

In recent years, despite a warning from doctors in the media, cases of severe mushroom poisoning is much more frequent.

Food poisoning - a disease that results from eating food contaminated with living microorganisms, toxins produced by microorganisms, toxic chemicals or poisoning of fish, mollusks, plants, or fungi.Most often affects the digestive tract.However, botulism, a dangerous life-for form of food poisoning, primarily affects the nervous system and can cause difficulty in breathing.How to use folk remedies in this illness, see here.

Food poisoning can result from improper food storage and handling, such as improper freezing or contact with products contaminated hands or instruments.Symptoms usually develop within about one hour to 48 hours after ingestion.In some types of food poisoning (especially cholera and bacillary dysentery), symptoms can appear within three to five days.

Food poisoning is suspected, when suddenly

appear acute gastrointestinal symptoms.It is difficult to prove that the cause of the disease is just food poisoning, until a few people who ate the same food, or were in the same restaurant, do not begin to appear the same symptoms.The disease often subsides spontaneously after one - five days;but expressed or prolonged symptoms require treatment and sometimes hospitalization.

should be aware of the symptoms of such poisoning every person to take urgent measures and to the arrival of the doctor of "first aid".

In acute poisoning after 1-2 hours:

• there is severe vomiting;

• loose stools;

• strong rapid pulse, sometimes with interruptions;

• whitening skin;

• change in color of the lips;

• feeling unwell.

When these symptoms should immediately call "ambulance", but before the arrival of the doctor it is necessary to start a gastric lavage:

• drink 12-15 liters of ambient water (18-20 ° C) at 300-500 ml portions;

• then give 6-10 g of pounded charcoal (it must always be in the medicine cabinet at home);

• cold snap at the legs attach to the heating pad feet.

remaining steps take doctors.

If after eating a man felt a state of discomfort, it is necessary to analyze what the food taken and what might cause this condition.

For example, even if a diet were quite benign fungi and vomiting appeared - it can be a sign of the presence of gallstones in the liver.Therefore, you should see a doctor and do an ultrasound.

should consult a doctor if:

• there were pains in the abdomen;

• fever (over 37 ° C);

• yellowed whites of the eyes;

• darkened urine;

• repeated vomiting after a meal;

• appears uncontrollable vomiting;

• if you vomit blood impurities found or it has the color of coffee grounds;

• frequent diarrhea, profuse (a thick slurry) discharge, mucus or blood visible impurities;

• Under certain types of poisoning and symptoms appear:

This state also requires a doctor's call for assistance:

• temperature soared;

• there was a pain in the throat, blushing, rose and almond coated white.This pattern is sometimes attached to the typical picture of food poisoning.