Test for the immune system

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diagnosis Of Disease

Word immunity appeared in medicine not from medical sources, and from ancient Rome, where the word is meant exemption from taxes.Man freed from paying, call immune.

In medicine immune began to call people who are ill with contagious diseases and were immune to reinfection.

Currently, the word is used not only in medicine, but also among the lawyers in the concept integrity protection.

Now medicine immunity is understood as a set of mechanisms and protection reactions of the body from exposure to bacteria and viruses, as well as toxic products, and other substances.

Among pathogens particularly marked viruses and bacteria - agents of certain infectious diseases.

Bacteria (germs), Virulence their determined by the ability to overcome barriers of an organism, introduced in the tissue of the skin, mucous membranes, etc., While stressing the toxic substances.

Viruses -.. The pathogens of infectious diseases such as influenza, measles, smallpox, mumps, etc.

Immunity is formed on the

basis of hereditary-constitutional under the influence of environmental factors.

very important to protect the body has innate immunity, due to heredity.

Acquired immunity can be obtained by a child with blood and mother's milk, as well as after (within 1-2 weeks after the disease, scarlet fever or measles, for example).

Artificial active immunity occurs when the body's vaccination.This immunity is of great protective effect in epidemics.Increased by administering vaccines containing attenuated or killed microbes (or their toxins).

on the immune capacity of the body depends on his health, and the ability to withstand the attack of disease-causing viruses and bacteria.

Rate your immunity, using the test given in the table.To do this, add the points corresponding to the selected statements that reflect your health and lifestyle.


14-18 points. excellent result!Unless you have a reason to worry about his immunity.He stands firm on protecting your health.

11-13 points. Think about your lifestyle.If you make it more healthy, it will benefit your immune system.

6-10 points. Attention!Your immune system is weakened.He needs a lot of support.Do not delay visit to the doctor.