Useful and therapeutic properties of lemonade

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Treatment Bath

Also juices, infusions and decoctions, bath nice and helpful to quench their thirst with lemonade, fruit drinks and julep.These beverages are relatively simple to prepare, especially when used in home-bath.Here are recipes for these drinks.

called sour lemonade, sweetened soft drinks, which, due to its refreshing effect, are widely used.The main component of the lemonade is usually lemon juice, but for the preparation of lemonade, you can also use the juice of other citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruit) or other fruit and berries (cranberries, raspberries, red and white currant, pineapple, kiwi, viburnum, buckthorn, orange).In all fruit juices desirable to add lemon juice or syrup.And do juices of fruits and berries can be replaced by syrups of them.Lemon

lemonade syrup are best prepared as follows: grind with lemon juice to sugar syrup consistency, achieving complete dissolution of the sugar in the juice.This should be done in a non-oxidizing cookware (enamel, glass or wood) with a wooden spoon or pest

le.Syrup can be stored in a sealed glass container in the form, in a cool dark place.syrup is diluted as needed.certain proportion of water, and the beverage is ready for consumption.Instead

for preparing a lemon juice can be used soda and citric acid, from which the syrup is first prepared: taking a certain amount of acid added sugar, and some water and triturated to give a syrup.

When we speak of lemonade, we usually have in mind churning sour-sweet drink.Effervescent lemonade - is an aqueous solution of sugar, lemon juice or citric acid, saturated with carbon dioxide.To prepare the lemonade siphon can be used, but only non-oxidizing metal or take any effervescent mineral water.

Sometimes lemonade to taste add lemon, of orange and other essences.To prepare

soda can be used dry and soft drinks, which is obtained by evaporation to dryness of lemon juice mixed with sugar, and prepared by grinding the dry powder mass.Lemonade of such a powder is obtained by simple dissolution in water.To make the foaming is added to it a certain amount of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and citric or tartaric acid.That part of the powder: 66% sugar, 15% citric acid, 11% sodium and 1% lemon oil.The moisture content in the powder during storage should not exceed 3%.

If the preparation of lemonade portion of the water entering it to replace the wine, the wine will lemonade (sometimes called alcohol).But the number of fault in a lemonade should not exceed 50% of the quantity of water, that is, the ratio of wine and water 1: 1.dry white grape and fruit wines are suitable for this lemonade.

substandard lemonade causes

smiling typically poor raw materials, as well as poor water quality.

water to make lemonade is best to use distilled or, in extreme cases, boiled and settle.Lemonade, prepared with water containing heavy metals (lead, copper, arsenic, antimony and others.), Will always have a bad taste.