Special exercises for cellulite ?

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Cellulitis

special exercises, as well as scrubs, diet and so on. N., In principle, does not exist.However, you can use the exercises, which, although not directly aimed at the destruction of cellulite, still can help you get rid of the "orange peel" due to its additional effect.

With exercises that strengthen the muscles, not only can fight cellulite, but also to prevent its occurrence.The action of these exercises is that during their performance increases power consumption, thereby splits fat in "problem areas".Furthermore, fabric reinforced inside become elastic.Regular exercise will contribute to a better blood supply that provides timely conclusion toxins.

you can use a set of exercises to strengthen the muscles, which run regularly will help you get rid of cellulite or at least suspend its development.

1. Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, hands, hook the back of the head.Slowly lift the upper body, straining with the abdominal muscles and buttocks.Relax your shoulders and back of the head coun

t slowly to 10 and lowered.Repeat 20 times the rise.

2. Lie down on one side and pull the lower arm, put on her head.For the stability of lean body with the other hand on the floor.The legs bend at the knees.Lift the top leg slowly to 20 cm from the floor and lower.Repeat 20 times.Roll over to the other side and repeat with the other leg lifts.

3. Lie down on one side, put his head on the outstretched hand.With his free hand lean on the floor.The legs bend at the knees, slowly raise the top 40-45 cm and lower.Repeat the exercise 40 times and then turn over to the other side and do the other leg lifts.

4. Lie on your back with his hands clasped at the back, bend your legs at the knees.The left lower leg, place the right knee or slightly above the knee lift, tighten stomach and buttocks, lifting slowly.Housing in this case turn slightly to the left knee.Count to ten, then slowly lower body and leg.Perform the exercise 2 to 5 times.Then change the leg and lift the body, turning it slightly to the right knee.

5. Sit on the floor, hands lower.Turning the body on the right thigh (right leg stretched forward), at the same time bend the left leg and move it through the right so that her knee touched the floor.Now pull the left leg and do the same movement of the right foot.During the exercise, the shoulders do not bend, do not release your hands from the floor.Perform each exercise for 10-12 times in each direction.

6. Lie on the floor on his back, arms apart.Somknite legs and bend at the knees.Follow slopes feet to the right and left, trying to get his knee, which fell to the floor.Shoulders and hands pressed to the floor.Make exercise 10 times on each side.

7. Get on your knees, joining their hands pull ahead.Get down on the right thigh by pushing the left hand.Return to starting position.Now sit on the left thigh, performing movements with the arms in the opposite direction.Repeat this exercise 10-15 times.

8. Lie down on your left side, rest the elbow of his left hand on the floor, clasped his feet and pull out, directing them slightly to the left.Raise and lower legs 10 times, then flip to the other side and follow the same movement.

9. Lie on your back, pull your hands along the body.Knees bent.Lift the elbows and place the left leg over the right, without straining your hand and without changing their position.Return to starting position.Perform each exercise 8 to 12 times each leg.

10. Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, hands sheet under the head.At the same time lifting the leg and the shoulder girdle, make a turn to the right, trying to touch the elbow of his left hand right knee, turning the shoulder girdle.Now - repeat to the other side.

11. Running sitting, with emphasis on the elbows.Bending your knees, knees touch the forehead, return to starting position.Make exercise 10-15 times.

12. Sit down.Abut palms on the floor, one leg pull ahead, another bend in the knee and set aside.Based on the foot of the bent leg, lift the other leg up and lower.Perform each exercise 8-10 times with each leg.

Biking - a great tool to get rid of cellulite and make your body perfect.Time for these occupations require a bit, as in other cases.It is important to regularly in training.

Buy a bike and take him to his country of land.So you can combine business with pleasure.After all, it's nice in the morning to sweep the area and get some fresh air, or go to the pool to swim.By the way, if you want to get a great tan, a bicycle is a must, as while driving tan falls is much better than on the beach in direct sunlight.If you are uncomfortable riding a bike for the summer holiday period will be plenty of time to learn.Also, you can adjust its shape.Your stomach will be resilient, and on his feet disappear excess body fat.

After months of training, choose the maximum rate of drive.This is done as follows: first, two or three minutes, the ride should be slow, then with each turn the pedals you strengthen the pace and within five minutes the maximum speed dial.The whole body is tense, legs work as a motor.This strengthened the rhythm you need to go three or four minutes.Within one minute, slow down, rest for two minutes, then repeat all over again.