Wrapping in the fight against cellulite ?

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Cellulitis

wrap will help you to become slim, trim, change the outline of the figure, to get rid of cellulite disfiguring.And all this without the use of drugs and grueling sessions in the gym.

to use a special wrapping material.It is characterized in that permanently retains the natural heat of the human body and thus creates a so-called "greenhouse effect" which provides the greatest therapeutic effect.

creams, ointments, lotions penetrate deeper into the skin and heated due to deep heating of the regenerative functions of the skin are increased, resulting in cellulite disappear.

wrap with healing white clay is very good effect on the elasticity of restoring the site, as the clay contains minerals, which penetrate into the intercellular space, beneficial effect on inflamed cells.

Disappears stasis in the lymphatic system, which the vessels, which are located throughout the body, cellulite is often blocked by swollen fat cells.The body is cleansed of toxins - the decay products.They are removed from the cells

to the lymph nodes.Slag does not clog the connective tissues and stagnation do not lead to the formation of even more notable mounds and pits

Coffee grounds are also very useful for wrapping.

Caffeine in combination with kola-nut splits the fatty chains in the tissues, contributes to the rapid elimination of stagnant lymph and accelerates its flow.Kola extract, in turn, enhances the effect and improves microstimulation tissue.

The same principle can be done with brewed tea leaves.Teofelin substance, part of the tea increases blood flow to the thin vessels and positively affects the removal of tumors, naturally excreted from the body accumulated excess moisture.

adding to the mass wrapping ruskus (murine wild rose), you will be able to greatly strengthen the walls of blood vessels, beneficial effect on lymph flow and the removal of toxins.

substance Guarana is extracted from the seeds of Brazilian guarana bush.Prepared on the basis of its mass increases basal metabolism and helps produce catecholamines, which accelerate the breakdown of fats in the cells.Wrapping with the most effective substance primarily during dieting.

In conjunction with caffeine chasgo used ginkgo - the active ingredient derived from the Asian tree ginkgo biloba.This material supports metabolism and is involved in the breakdown of fat distribution and uniform deposition over the entire surface of such a mass.

in the same group with teofelinom and is a substance derived from the tropical creepers Asian Centella extract, which helps the blood supply.

To skin becomes susceptible to cellulite preparations, it can be applied.mass containing fruit acids such as hydroxy-acid related to alpha gidroatsidam.It accelerates the exfoliation of dead skin cells, thus activates the formation of new cells.

In all the above cases, it is appropriate to the use of nicotinic acid, which primarily provides significant warming effect in termokremah.And it will agree, it is very important for such a procedure, as a wrap.