The meeting with the surgeon surgery go now then ?

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diagnosis Of Disease

Surgeon we are afraid of how the knife, so it is seldom resort to it.Meanwhile, the talent of this expert appreciate not for surgical interventions, which he produced, and on operations, which he managed to avoid, cure the patient by other means.

Therapeutic treatment is sufficiently effective only in the early stages of the disease, whether it be gastric, breast, or varicose veins.Therefore, an escape from the operation, and the flight of the surgeon - the phenomenon opposite.

Reasons guard:

• frequent and unexplained dizziness, headache;

• feeling cold snap, numbness;

• swelling, which may be accompanied by pain;

• any painful or unpleasant sensations in the arms and legs by changing the temperature (for example, the reception contrast shower);

• slight fever;

• dry mouth;

• recurring pain in the abdomen or rectum;

• feeling of heaviness, or pain;

• pain in the joints;

• causeless vomiting;

• pain in the legs when walking;

• reduced performance;

• lost weight or gained weight for no app

arent reason;

• appeared nervousness, aggressiveness, tearfulness, fatigue, mood swings;

• were more likely to urinate;

• gut worse work: often diarrhea or constipation, dark or discolored discharge, mixed with mucus or blood;

• changed gait, there was intermittent claudication;

• there is excessive sweating;

• noticed volume formation under the skin, hardening in the breasts and the roughness within the breast;

• was hard to swallow (every piece sometimes has to drink water);

• arise discomfort when passing food through the esophagus, particularly hard;

• discovered protrusion in the groin or in the field of surgical scar;

• cough without fever (this symptom should pay attention to smokers);

• diaper rash occur in the coccyx;

• hardening in the neck found in the thyroid gland.

In any concerns - to the doctor immediately!