Determination of individual moments

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diagnosis Of Disease

For the definition of "personal moment" it is necessary to take into the hands of the stopwatch and press the start button of the second hand.Without looking at her, immediately start to count myself a second to 1 minute, and stop the stopwatch immediately.


• Persons with a good adaptation to different stress (physical and mental) have a very slight deviation to determine the minutes:.. Plus or minus 3-5 with, ie account for 60-65 seconds.

• People with a bad adaptation of the individual have a short moment - to 46,2-47,0.

• People stopping the stopwatch at the 40th to tend to have poor exercise tolerance.

• Mentally unbalanced, especially committed suicidal attempts, stop the stopwatch on the 30th or even at 27-22 with.

In diseases of the temporal characteristics are also changed - the duration of the individual minutes the shorter, the more severe the disease.

Increase individual minute duration coincides with a decrease in body temperature.

For those who are in a state of depression,

time runs very slowly.

In the literature there are unique examples where the "second stretch" and the person in an emergency situation to perform his rescue action in a few seconds, which is usually performed in a few minutes or more.This phenomenon, scientists continue to study.

There is information about the geeks who are constantly like chronometers to determine the time.

For example, in the XVIII century, lived in Switzerland, Jean Chevalier, who all his life time scored in the mind and at any time can tell what time it is.

Currently, there are people who in the determination of individual moments do not count seconds, and intuitive note last minute.

Each person has and their time scale: some mature early, while others are maturing more slowly, some early age, others live a long time young and keeping a clear mind to 90-100 years.

The sense of time for a person is very important - it is the timely execution of work, delays exception when a correct assessment of the time needed for the road, has a value of time and in the preparation of dinner, etc.

lack of sense of time may cause an accident..traffic accident and other troubles in life.

Individual minute - a good marker of progress "biological clock" of man.

sense of time changes under the influence of alcohol: it seems that it was not long, but in fact already passed several hours.

chronobiology NI Moses believed that to change the duration of individual moments can judge the human biological adaptation.