To dissolve gallstones

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Digestive Tract

set itself the clock.To notice the time.Drink four tablespoons of olive oil and immediately drink a tablespoon of lemon juice.Exactly 15 minutes again in the same order and further repeating these two doses exactly 15 minutes, first oil, then lemon juice.Repeat until until

oil will not end.When the oil is consumed, drink the rest of the bottle in one gulp lemon juice in one go.All of the above must perform with precision.We must make every effort not to vomit a lot of oil.A small loss of oil at low belching almost does not matter, but the big burp should be avoided.Lemon juice with the exception of nausea, which appears sometimes during treatment.If you happen to burp, it is still said sequence and intervals must be observed.If the intervals are not followed exactly, some gallstones can remain.Even worse, if they remain in a narrow passage, and this can cause biliary colic in a few days, when the stones start to move toward the exit.Sometimes not all the stones come out at the same time, and it takes a

few bowel movements.The next day after the treatment you can drink infusions of medicinal herbs dried.

take olive (olive) oil for half an hour before meals.Start with half a teaspoon of tea and get to the cup, all the while gradually increasing the dose.Treatment usually lasts for two to three weeks.According to the observations of folk healers, and the treatment decreases the secretion of gastric juice, which supposedly protects against ulcers and abscesses in the stomach.This means casts stones from the gall bladder and pushes them without surgery.

Take a few beet heads, wash, peel, chop or grate, add water and cook until until the liquid is almost like syrup.Drink three quarter cup several times a day.Beet juice drink for a long time.

drink Horsetail, brewing it as a tea.

drink a mixture of carrot, cucumber and beet juice (carrot into two parts, one part cucumber and beet juice).