" Professional techniques to combat cellulite ?"

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Cellulitis

Professional methods to combat cellulite - this treatment is provided by professionals in stationary conditions, ie, within the walls of hospitals and beauty institutes who are working on this problem and offer special procedures, using a set of anti-cellulite action...Whereby the effect is better than with any one of cosmetic or surgical method, and results are observed after a short time.

now known professional techniques 8:

1) lymphatic drainage (promotes the conclusion of stagnant lymph from the skin cells, which prevents the removal of water from tissues and toxins);

2) deep warming (with the help of elastic bandages and infrared radiation warm the tissue to a depth of 3 cm, which activates the metabolism, contributing to the removal of water from the tissues);

3) tsvetoluchevaya therapy (penetration into deeper layers of skin violet rays increases metabolism and lymph flow, resulting in stagnation of the slag is eliminated, lymph and excess water);

4), a suction-pump-action massage (alternate

ly put a kind of "bulb" of various sizes, which are connected to pumps, evacuated, resulting in speeding up blood circulation, activates the metabolism, fat cells are loosened, and the fat is easily broken down);

5) anti-cellulite massage (aimed at weakening "gluing" lumps subcutaneous adipose tissue,

resulting in improved blood flow and removing toxins);

6) Laser treatments (using a laser beam in a "cellulite zones" provokes the formation of collagen in the skin cells, making the elastic tissue, not allowing them to mellow);

7) smoothing wave massage (an analogue of lymphatic drainage with the only difference that the massage is done with the help of electricity, creating a pressure wave);

8) aromatic compresses (it is the combined effect of the massage using essential oils, and then make a wrap "problem areas" with a special film and elastic bandages, soaked in herbal lotions, which speeds up the metabolism, as well as the process of lipolysis).