What are the methods to combat cellulite ?

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Cellulitis

There are currently many treatments for cellulite, the effect of which is directed both to maintain normal skin condition, and the fact that cellulite is not to develop further.The methods can be divided into two main, which in turn are subdivided into minor:

1. cosmetic;

2. Surgical.

cosmetic techniques to combat cellulite involve the use of various cosmetic products both at home and in beauty salons, where professionals come to the aid of special devices.

the initial stages of development of cellulite does not necessarily visit beauty salons and clinics, as many companies produce a lot of cosmetic anti-cellulite remedies that are simple and easy to use, hygienic everything else.

Prepare anti-cellulite formulations may also be in the home.But remember: if you decide to get rid of the "orange peel" with the help of improvised means, its preparation and use will take time and cause considerable damage to your bath clean.Surgical

cellulite treatments applied in extreme cases, only if all the known

methods have already been applied, but not yielded a positive result.These methods are aimed at smoothing and modeling of "problem areas" that are most exposed to the appearance on their "orange peel".

Primary among surgical methods are the following:

1. Cosmetic surgery called liposuction, or lipoaspiration, is the removal of fat tissue by means of vacuum.The very name "liposuction" is derived from the Latin word "Pro" meaning fat.But some leading surgeons Plastic Surgery Centers prefer to call this procedure "liposculpture".They attribute this to the fact that they do not just pump out the fat in the right places, and try to make a woman more beautiful, it is a "mold" her body, trying to get as close to the ideal of using "available material" - given to her the nature of the body.Moving the adipose tissue, they model the body, as does a sculptor working with clay or plaster.

This operation is fairly expensive, so for financial reasons is not suitable for every woman.Most often, liposuction is preferred by those women who not only appreciate the beauty of the human body, but also have a sufficiently voluminous purse.Choosing a clinic for such an operation, it is worth paying attention to the price.If it is too low, then there is something wrong.In any case, the body surgery - a certain risk for the patient, and thus the postoperative period must close medical supervision to avoid any complications arose.

2. elektrolipoliz - not an operation in the narrow sense of the word.You will not cut the fabric, it is only about electrotherapy, which is carried out under the skin.This technique will help you get rid of cellulite.It is used mainly to eliminate small fat in certain areas of the body or the smooth "orange peel".With such an operation can also reduce the volume of the thighs, and "do" waist.

not at every cellulite as shown such an operation.This disease is different.One of its kind associated with swelling due to poor vascular permeability, which is best done with lymphatic drainage massage.Cellulite on the background of circulatory disorders need a special diet, surgery will not help here.On the surface, a point better cellulites best help the various creams and massages.But if you are suffering deep cellulitis, and combined with overweight, then tsellyulolipoliz help get rid of excess fat and skin smooth.

The advantage of this surgery is that some kind of trouble after the operation is not seen.The most that can happen - it bruises on the skin when the doctor touches the blood vessel.

Patients clinics of plastic surgery often asked whether there are contraindications to conduct such an operation?Alas, yes.Women who have violated the metabolism, suffering from high blood pressure and varicose veins, surgery is contraindicated.

3. Lipoplening.Using ultrasound destroys fat cells first and then remove them from the tissue without being harmed collagen structure of the cell walls and they are pumped together with the fat.

This operation is recommended for women seeking to get rid of cellulite, which is combined with their connective tissue weakness.During the operation, fat is released and pumped out of the cells, the very same collagen structure of the cell walls remain intact, that supports the density of the tissue.Other operations in this case will not help.

lipoplening not recommended for women whose skin is strong enough sagged and lost its elasticity.The ultrasonic device can not work closely under the surface of the skin, the skin is only a relatively adapts to the new, reduced volume of tissue.

With such an operation effectively removes cellulite.The treated skin becomes smooth and cellulite on the site no longer appears.This is because the conglomerates cellulite fat cells are destroyed, and the new cell on these treated areas tend not formed.However, it is typical to only those areas of skin which have been treated by ultrasound.In other places the appearance of cellulite is possible.To prevent the emergence of new "ugly areas," it is necessary to engage in conduct of Anti-cellulite massage, strengthen muscle tissue training, organize your meals properly.Furthermore, the operation order may also be a small adjustment figures.