What does the cellulite appear ?

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Cellulitis

cellulite formation mechanism is not fully understood.But because this problem is for women, there are suggestions that it occurs without the influence of sex hormones.

Many agree that cellulite - purely cosmetic defect.Endocrinologist can take to treat the patient, but only if the cellulite is combined, for example, obesity.

French doctors believe one of the reasons for the emergence and development of cellulite bulimia - a pathological condition manifested immoderate appetite.Bulimia, in turn, can take place in various diseases:. Diabetes, thyrotoxicosis, neuroses, etc.

If you frequently intercept a slice or two between breakfast, lunch and dinner, if you are not feeling much hunger, absorbing everything that comes under thehand, there is an occasion to address to the doctor.And do not be shy.

But mostly the causes of cellulite rather banal and obvious.

If muscles waist and thighs does not feel sufficient stress, the muscles become flabby - and they deposited fat.In addition, deteriorating blood

circulation in the tissues, which contributes to the typical pattern of cellulite skin.

The second problem, which leads to the appearance of cellulite - is insufficient excretion of toxins from the body.Slags called intermediate and end products of metabolism that are not displayed through the intestine and through the pores or deposited in the extracellular space, including in connective tissues.

However, the theory of slag disputed among physicians, since even with the most modern devices such deposits can be found.Therefore, in this case, prefer to talk about perekislenii (acidosis).This means that the equilibrium is disturbed acids and bases in the body, and with it the balance of the power coupling and purification of cells.The main reason for such a violation lies in the wrong nutrition and lack of oxygen in the tissues due to lack of mobility.

Arise cellulite can also happen if you suffer from overweight.It is therefore very important to monitor their weight and maintain it in a normal (or even within the normal range, that is less than your ideal weight by 1-2 kg).