The test for the evaluation of plasticity

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diagnosis Of Disease


Plasticity - a rational ratio of tension and relaxation, high technique MOTOR enforcement-coordination qualities.

Plastic has a certain pattern and rhythm by the movement of the human body, reflecting the spiritual and inner world.

movement performed at the level of skill, you can also call plasticity.

plasticity fine movements is achieved internally consistent work muscle groups.

Plasticity - consistent inclusion in the motion of the individual parts of the body, limbs and their rapid relaxation.Exercise "Wave" is most clearly characterizes this quality.

«Wave» in the anterior-posterior direction - a sequence of actions that transmit motion from one body to another level.It should be fine muscle coordination: complete relaxation of some groups of muscles, and the maximum stress of others.Estimated amplitude and fusion movements (round back in the beginning of the movement, bending back at the end of "wave" body «Wave» brush forward:. bending the brush touch your ray-carpal join

t and sliding pads of the fingers on the palm, gently them straighten


distance between the tips of the fingers and the wrist joint is measured in centimeters

«wave" from "round" crouch:. start with the wave-like motion knee forward, then the hip, lumbar and thoracic, and ends with "wave" shoulder movement (as ifvertical snake).

inclusion of these exercises in the complex daily exercises will help to gradually mastering and active relaxation of muscle groups. There is no doubt that plasticity depends on flexibility, agility, speed and mobility in the joints.

Education relaxation should start with an active volitional impact onyour muscles. it is not enough just to use autogenic training, and should come to the state of relaxation gradually, beginning just after mastering relaxation of the body in a prone position.

In this position, there is a feeling of weighting his body, his "indentation" in bed.Further, the sense of aggravation occurs, on the contrary, an unusual lightness, "neoschuschenie" themselves.

coaching this condition will allow in the future to quickly come to a state of complete relaxation.

The next step will be to relax mastering relaxation of certain parts of the body.

for quality relaxation sensation should be used contrasts strongly strain specific muscle group, then quickly loosen it.

Learning to relax, it is necessary to switch the focus from hand to foot, trying to keep both of them in a state of relaxation.

Then you can go to relax the muscles of the pelvis - abdomen, the back surface of the sacrum, go to the upper abdomen.

diaphragm should be under special attention, because the bottom of the chest is the solar plexus (nerve large cluster of nodes).Its relaxation can have positive effects on the stomach, liver and pancreas.

Then attention turns to the torso - first relaxes its upper half, and then the bottom.

then have to deal with relaxation of muscles of the neck and head.It is necessary to lower the chin down, his mouth closed, his lips compressed.It should at the same time relax the muscles of the neck and face.

mastering relaxation of certain muscle groups, it is necessary to begin work on increasing their rate of relaxation, alternating fast voltage as fast random relaxation.

You can then move on to mastering relaxation to perform a variety of movements, focusing on groups of muscles relaxation rate after an arbitrary voltage.