Flexibility Test

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diagnosis Of Disease

mobility in the joints - flexibility - this is a person's ability to perform movements with large amplitude.

Flexibility depends on the elasticity of muscles, tendons and ligaments and is determined by the total mobility in the joints of the body.

If we talk about the joints, it is wise to determine their mobility. For example, the mobility of the shoulder joint, the ankle, and so on. N.

flexibility needed to man in various movements and the implementation of certain actions, it is interconnected with such qualities as speed, flexibility, agility.

There are passive and active manifestation of flexibility.Passive - is the ability to perform certain movements, requiring a large amplitude in the joint when exposed to external tensile forces, for example, by using a partner.For this purpose, and a variety of complications.

active manifestation of flexibility is carried out only by the activity of the intrinsic muscles of man.

flexibility may manifest itself in the form of static - in poses or dynamic - movements.

It should be noted that the same person is not always the same mobility in the joints.

age, mobility in the joints deteriorates, and therefore man must constantly monitor and strive as far as possible to maintain their mobility.

flexibility affects muscle tone, and the stresses of the antagonist muscles, which means that the manifestation of flexibility depends on the ability to freely stretch and relax certain muscle groups, by improving intermuscular coordination.

Flexibility varies throughout the day: in the morning it is less, and in the evening and during the day anymore.

On the manifestation of flexibility affects the ambient temperature: it is better at +20 ... 30 ° C and less at +5 ... 10 ° C.When fatigue performance flexibility deteriorate.

mobility (flexibility) of the spine is of particular importance.

slim figure always caresses the eye, and the person feels confident and free.Save slender figure up to 70 years or more is difficult, but possible.

As shown by numerous studies, physical exercise, physical labor and sport from a young age allows for a long time to keep fit.

There are fairly simple tests in order to be able to assess the level of development of a particular quality.

flexibility needed to man throughout his life.Often, it can be seen as not very elderly people can no longer be free to fasten the zipper on his shoes barely bend over to pick something off the floor.And keep the flexibility is not so;hard, just do not give way to laziness.

• it is necessary to embark on a small bench;

• take in hand centimeter ruler;

• do forward bend below the bench (O).

• every centimeter below the bench - 1 point;

• 3 slopes need to take the best result. rank:

for men for women

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