Treatment of varicose veins of folk remedies

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Varicose Veins

Varicose veins disease affects mainly the legs and rectum and is the result of the weakness of the supporting connective tissue, veins valves insufficiency and outlet obstructions.Provokes occurrence of varicose veins hard physical work, especially related to lifting and moving heavy loads, as well as prolonged stay on your feet.In addition, the emergence and development of the disease contribute to frequent constipation.Very often the beginning of disease associated with pregnancy, when there was a heavy uterus compresses the long-term pelvic veins.

Symptoms: fatigue and swelling of the feet in the evening.The appearance of the skin on the feet bluish, brown and brown spots.

What's going on? Varicose vein disease is expressed in a loss of elasticity of the veins, so that they are stretched, and in some areas are expanding, creating "nodes".blood flow velocity in the extended areas of the veins slows down, and it promotes the formation of blood clots in them.Vienna grow and change shape.Most oft

en, the disease affects the leg veins.Varicose veins may shine or under the skin, or swelling under the skin in the form of "nodes."The blood flows through the veins advanced slowly, and this may lead to the formation of thrombi and thrombophlebitis.

Varicose veins develop gradually.His first signs of a rapid fatigue of feet when walking and the swelling of the evening.

What should I do? In the initial stages of the disease may help to wear special elastic stockings or bandaging feet a day from mid-thigh to the foot with an elastic bandage.When sedentary work is desirable to keep the injured leg in a horizontal position, and every 2-3 hours to arrange a break for 10 minutes to walk.On and from work, it is desirable to walk (unless, of course, the distance allows), without haste and without transferring weight.Bring great benefit to physical therapy sessions.

Recipes. Traditional medicine recommends treatment with a cabbage leaf.To do this, you need to be separated from the leaves of the cabbage, lightly sprinkle them with water and put in the fridge for a day.Before going to bed on dry foot to impose on the affected areas of varicose veins cabbage leaves and gently fix them with a bandage or gauze.The procedure is desirable to repeat daily for a month.It is effective as a compress of overripe tomatoes.Summer is very useful nettle soup.Before use in folk medicine proposed means, be sure to consult with a medical specialist. Attention! When varicose veins in any case can not take hot baths.

For the prevention of varicose veins is recommended to give up high heels, as the high-heeled shoes restricts contraction of the calf muscles and prevents the spring joints, which leads to stagnation of blood in the veins.When sedentary work to reduce the load on the leg veins, it is desirable to put his feet on the bench.If the seat is not desirable to throw his legs, as this makes it difficult to position the blood flow in the legs, feet pinch vessels.Very useful massage the feet on a massage mat or using massage slippers.It is very useful for veins classes - biking and swimming.

Varicose veins of the lower extremities - an extremely common disease symptoms noticeable.Thick, meandering veins with brown shade above the ankle often spoil the beautiful legs.Pain in the calf, night cramps, feeling of tension in the veins, rapid fatigue, their swollen lower limbs - all these can be a sign of illness.Varicose veins - a complex process, in which Vienna could not withstand the pressure, circulation deteriorates.

Smooth muscles within the walls of the veins of the heart and close to the legs become thicker, because the need to withstand greater pressure of blood.On a sudden filling of the blood vein walls meet the expansion, and with the rapid emptying occurs reduction.Reducing veins and relaxation - it's also for blood pressure control means.Reduction promotes blood outflow vein toward the heart, and relaxation - the short-term storage of blood in the vein, resulting in a decrease in pressure.When neural and hormonal stimulation of the smooth muscles of the venous wall, in the case of expansion, develop less force than healthy veins.Finally, the smooth muscle is weakened, Vienna and expands.

mechanism of the peripheral veins - venous valves is that the blood is passed in one direction, helping the heart pump blood.Normally, the valves can withstand pressures up to about 200 mm Hg without blood outflow.But if the tone of smooth muscles of the veins is reduced, or the connective tissue is damaged, the area above the valve is so weak that the valve can not withstand the pressure.Unfortunately, the hormone progesterone, which is produced by pregnant women and has myshtserasslablyayuschie action helps to relax the smooth muscles of the veins, and estrogen reduces the efficiency of the smooth muscle.Therefore, those who use contraceptives and hormonal agents, are particularly at risk in terms of damage to the veins.

Varicose veins - how it manifests itself?Each person can independently assess the state of their veins.To do this in good daylight must be in the position of "standing" carefully examine your feet in the mirror.Healthy veins will never rise above the level of the skin.Varicose veins, in contrast, are raised above the skin surface and can be detected in a simple stroking surface of the tibia or femur.

The earliest symptoms of varicose veins are a feeling of heaviness and fullness in the calves, swelling of the lower leg at the end of the day.

the presence of edema indicates a characteristic symptom: shoes, comfortable in the morning, begins to reap the evening.Each patient can check availability evening edema shin.To do this, use the usual measuring tape.Measure the circumference of the narrowest (above the ankle) and widest (calf muscles) of the tibia in the evening before bedtime and in the morning, immediately after getting out of bed.

If within a few days the circumference of the lower leg in the evening and in the morning differ by more than 1 cm, it constitutes a violation of the venous outflow.

Remember, varicose veins are not only distorting the legs - they are a threat to health, and sometimes a person's life!To treat varicose veins at an advanced stage many times more difficult, so the sooner you see a doctor, the better.If you do not begin to treat disease in time, there is a risk of thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, trophic ulcers and most dangerous complication - pulmonary embolism, which can lead to sudden death.

Medical statistics show that 50% of the patients do not even realize at the initial stage of the disease, they are seriously ill.

Since twenty years, already at an early age is a danger to be ill varicose veins, especially those with marked genetic predisposition to the disease.A sick man rarely draws attention to the early warning signs of the disease.It may just be a part of leg fatigue, which is associated with anything, but not starting with a serious illness.Moderately advanced, prominent blue veins through the skin also does not usually cause anxiety.However, if you associate fatigue feet, with the emergence of a feeling of heaviness in them, sensations of itching, warmth, and slight swelling in the ankle - it is terrible harbingers of future trouble.

One of the most common diseases of the veins.It is expressed in a loss of elasticity of the veins, so that they are stretched, and in some places is greatly enhanced, forming the so-called "nodes."

good therapeutic effect gives bandaging elastic bandage.

Instead bandage can be used elastic stockings.

According to specialists around the world, the most common factors for developing the disease are:

About Hereditary predisposition

About Female sex

About Obesity

About Hypodynamy

By the way, the so-called "stars" are not necessarily evidence of varicose veins- it's just intradermal vessels, the expansion of which svyazanochasche just a hormonal state of the body.Varices same - a manifestation of the weak connective tissue syndrome, which make up the walls of veins.Most often it is a misfortune gets you inherited.So if one of your parents suffered from varices - Get ready, you are likely to encounter this disease.

known that the presence of this disease in both parents increased the risk of developing the disease by 60%.As a rule, the occurrence of functional or anatomical valvular failure, a weakness of the walls of veins are caused by a congenital defect of connective tissue structures.Women suffer from this disease in 1,5-2 times more often, so if there is an unfavorable heredity, they should pay attention to their feet throughout their lives, especially during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is an important test.Often varicose disease first appears or is exacerbated during this period, due to an increase in the load on the leg venous system.The simplest method of prevention - the use of special effects compression stockings or elastic bandages.In addition, there are local dosage forms of medicinal ointments, medical cosmetic gels and creams that can be used for the prevention of varicose veins, after consulting with a doctor.

The rest of the preventive measures are reduced to reduce the fat on the hips, improving muscle tone and skin elasticity as well as strengthening the walls of blood vessels.

But in the end, none of hemorrhoids or from venous ulcers, or even more so for infertility no one has died.But from cirrhosis die, and in 70% of cases it is due to the internal bleeding of the esophagus or stomach.The cause of the bleeding is the esophageal varices or stomach - and sometimes of both combined.

In cirrhosis there is a destruction of liver cells - hepatocytes, and in their place, developing connective (fibrous) tissue - formed a kind of "scarring of the liver", which leads to disruption of blood flow.But the liver is suitable to one of the major blood vessels of the body - the portal (portal), Vienna.Blood through the portal vein from the digestive organs to the liver and then travels to the heart.

Liver cirrhosis damaged, can not pass through a required amount of blood at the required rate, and blood coming from the stomach and esophagus, stagnates.There is a state of portal hypertension - high blood pressure in the portal vein.This leads to varicose veins of the esophagus and stomach.But if on the legs varicose knots are formed and grow under the skin, in the case of the internal organs of the situation is much more serious.The gap thinned the wall of the stomach or esophagus veins causes internal bleeding that leads to more than half of the cases to the death of the person.Varicose veins

not only reduces efficiency causes aesthetic problems and pain, but it may give complications.Poor blood supply to the legs leads to the death of skin, as formed in tissue separation, which prevent removal of the decomposition products, while fresh oxygen and nutrients are not available in some parts of the legs.They quickly develop bacteria, causing severe inflammation.Timely

not healed varicose disease usually progresses and flows with periodic exacerbations (thrombophlebitis), and is characterized by the gradual emergence of addition "varices" other cosmetic defects: pigmentation, indurative cellulitis, venous ulcers, cracks and flaking of the skin.If an unfavorable outcome develop chronic venous insufficiency and disability.Therefore, it is important to try to cope with the disease in the early stages.

So get varicose veins in a particular location can be almost any of us.The question is, how can this be avoided?There are a number of recommendations, which are easy to follow, it would be a strong desire to avoid the above problems in the future:

should be possible to avoid prolonged standing in one place and to diversify their locomotor activity - jogging, swimming or simply walking more foot.

can regularly perform simple gymnastic exercises designed to work the calf muscles.And during the holidays to give the best feet elevated position (putting his feet on the pillow or ottoman) and it is advisable not to sit foot-on-foot.Not bad also regularly arrange his feet douche.

Do not abuse alcohol and too sharp and salty dishes.

Expectant mothers should follow a number of restrictions in the food and beverages - can not be helped, the situation requires.

Finally, a classic, but it is very important tip - once a year, it is desirable to undergo examination by a doctor-phlebologist.

To understand the essence of the problem, it is necessary to know the features of the venous bloodstream.Arteries veins differ from those that do not have a muscular layer as a part of the wall and therefore can not be directed to contract and create blood flow.But somehow the blood goes all the circle and returns to the heart.

This occurs as follows.Venous blood, run-off from the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles on surface veins, enters the so-called the perforating (or connecting) the veins.These veins are not in vain called communicating because they connect the superficial veins of the legs deep.

valves mentioned above is just located in the communicating veins.These (valves) are working on, the inlet in one direction only.That is, let in the blood from the superficial veins, and back is not released.Thus, venous blood gradually accumulates in the deep veins.

And then comes into effect "muscle pump".

Because of the reduction during walking or other movements of the lower leg and thigh muscles deep veins of the legs are squeezed .. And as the back will not let valves, the blood flows upwards towards the heart.

It is clear that if the superficial veins expanded in high pressure conditions a situation arises where there is an incomplete closure of the valves, and the blood is returned to the superficial veins.There are advanced varices.Closes pathological circle.

Due to the fact that blood is collected in the superficial veins of the edema, the output of erythrocytes in the skin and the subcutaneous tissue with the appearance of the characteristic bluish-gray coloration of the skin.

As a result of circulatory disorders and lower leg skin nutrition in advanced stages develop trophic disorders in the form of ulcers, which are most often in the lower third of the tibia, close to the inner condyle.

Considering the mechanism of the disease, we have listed almost all the leading symptoms of the disease, namely:

1) varicose superficial veins;

2) swelling of the feet, especially in the ankles, developing mostly in the evening, after a long walking or standing;

3) leg pain or aching of compressive nature,

4) cramps in the calf muscles and tingling sensation Run Games, taking place usually at night;

5) trophic disorders of the skin the lower third of the tibia: pigmentation, induration, and Zermatt, as the extreme manifestation, trophic ulcer.

Among the complications except trophic ulcers need to highlight the gap varix bleeding and acute thrombophlebitis.The presence of complications indicates the most severe course of varicose veins.

Based on the mechanism of the development of varicose veins, as well as its complications following directions herbal treatment can be offered.

1. Strengthening of the venous wall.

2. Improving the tone of the venous wall.

3.Uluchshenie properties of blood flow.

4. Anti-inflammatory effect.

5.Mestnoe treatment of complications.

should be noted that herbal varicose veins is one very significant difference from the treatment of any other disease.This difference is that in this disease, like for any other it is extremely effective topical application of plants.

Therefore, all treatment areas listed above are relevant to both the internal reception of herbs and their use outside.Take 1 tbsp.Take 1 tbsp.l.Keep refrigerated.l.l.Make calmly, slowly.2 tbsp.Amen.Amen.Amen.Amen.