Osteoporosis Treatment folk remedies

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Osteoporosis - kind of arthrosis, characterized by atrophy, bone loss.Contrary to popular belief that osteoporosis susceptible to the elderly, it is not.The point is not aged.Read more about this illness, see here.

Our life is very fragile.And bone unfortunately too.Especially if one starts leach calcium - the main building element.This happens unnoticed - that's the tricky osteoporosis .The man fell - and broke a rib!Or collarbone, or a leg ... and only then it becomes clear - the disease has already struck the man.It Affects Everyone is known that 86% of bone mass is formed in 10-14 years.Age achieve peak bone mass in different parts of the skeleton varies from 17 to 25 years.And then begin to lose bone density.All ... Today, osteoporosis is an acute social problem.According to the World Health Organization, among noncommunicable diseases osteoporosis ranks fourth after diseases of the cardiovascular system, oncological disease and diabetes.Statistical analysis gives disappointing results: today, r

oughly one in five people suffers from Russia "brittle bone disease", but most patients do not even is registered, because they do not know about the disease.

Symptoms : Osteoporosis can be detected in self-diagnostics.In the absence of osteoporosis arm span should be equal to the growth of a person.The signs of osteoporosis may also be the appearance of slouching, pain in the lower back, hip, and wrist joints, looseness gums, as well as discomfort during a long stay in the same posture and fatigue during exercise.

Reduced bone density in men is 0.5% and 4.1% in women per year and gradually leads to osteoporosis.The disease initially does not manifest itself.The diagnosis often place only after severe fracture.The only symptom is back pain that occurs after prolonged standing.But such pain people usually blamed on fatigue and not go to the doctor.Look to yourself.For your hair and teeth.Predosteoporoznoe condition - when the teeth are on the edges, as it were translucent, broken nails, the hair whipped.If you sometimes brings his feet, perhaps it is also a manifestation of osteoporosis, and it's time to be checked by a doctor.

risk factors can be divided into 2 groups.

Unmanaged - do not depend on the person:

Managed - depend on the lifestyle and behavior and may be removed:

bone density quickly and painlessly adjusted with special surveys - radiography and densitometry.Densitometry to determine bone mineral density and predict the risk of fractures.This research is important in the identification of osteoporosis at an early stage, when the fracture has not.Radiography reveals osteoporosis only in the later stages of the disease, even after a fracture has occurred.The problems involved in osteoporosis rheumatologists, endocrinologists, gynecologists, you can consult a physician.The first step in solving the problem - it is knowledge.Look to your loved ones: may they require examination or they are in need of treatment.Help them and save yourself health.

What's going on? mechanism of osteoporosis is that due to hormonal disorders human bone lose their main component - Calcium: decreased bone strength, they become thin and fragile, easily broken, even with minimal exertion.Due to the restructuring of the endocrine system, particularly degenerative changes in the thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands, which regulate the mineral exchange in the organism, the enhanced leaching of calcium from bones begins.The bones of dense, hard, stony structures are transformed into fragile cellular entities that lose their ability to withstand even a person's own weight.

Osteoporosis susceptible people whose relatives have had bad teeth and frequent bone fractures.Great tendency to osteoporosis are also people with poor tolerance of solar radiation, are allergic to dairy products, diseases of the gall bladder and kidney, as well as those who are frequent constipation.For such people, the daily calcium intake dose should be doubled, i.e. be about 2500 mg per day."Suppliers" of calcium for them may be products such as shrimp and squid, shellfish and crabs, oysters and fish (mackerel, tuna, sardines, salmon).A large content of calcium in yogurt, milk and cheese.Calcium is found in addition to the above, in the cabbage, potatoes, citrus fruits, beans and cereals.

Studies have shown that there are "risk factors" that contribute to the development of osteoporosis.In the first place there is a wrong way of life, in the second - an unhealthy diet.Strong risk factors are smoking (causes serious hormonal changes in the body) and alcohol consumption (contributes to the loss of bone mass).Huge damage also causes excessive and unbalanced nutrition.Meat products contain large amounts of salt, phosphorus, and protein, increase the leaching of calcium in urine.Coarse fiber foods (cabbage, bran, rye bread, potatoes, and so on. D.) Dramatically reduces calcium absorption in the intestine.Caffeine in coffee, tea, chocolate and cola, 5 times increases the excretion of calcium in the urine.Physical inactivity and sedentary lifestyle - a straight road to osteoporosis.Contributes to osteoporosis and taking medicines containing hormones, particularly glucocorticoids (prednisolone, dexamethasone, hydrocortisone, etc.).

What should I do? If you already have signs of osteoporosis should avoid curvature of the spine.This requires support for the back (back of the chair, armchair, sofa) for most of the day.Need to sleep on a flat hard surface to rise by 30 ° from the head.Instead of bags and packages better than wearing a backpack.In transport it is best not to sit, and stand, holding the upper railing with both hands.From shoes with high heels and tight inflexible soles should be discarded and replaced it on the sports shoes.Clothing should be light and does not restrict movement in the joints.Narrow trousers, skirts and jackets should be replaced jersey.

Recipes. Folk medicine recommends for a month to eat once a day onion soup.Soup recipe is very simple: 2 large onions clean, chop and fry in vegetable oil until golden brown.Fried onions and peel away to put in a pan, pour a liter of water and boil for a quarter of an hour, then let stand for half an hour;then throw away the husk.The resulting soup is divided into 3 equal portions, one of which is consumed in food in the same day, the remaining two - in the next 2 days (stored in the refrigerator and reheat before serving).

1. Requires: 250 grams of red wine, 250 g of rye flour.

Method. Prepare rye dough (yeast or sourdough).The wine is put on a slow fire, when it is heated to 50-60 ° C, remove it.

application method. hot wine rub into the skin in a circular motion as long as it does not turn red.Then place the dough gauze "veil" to the body and cover the top with a thick layer of cotton wool.Duration of procedure - 40-50 min.

make such compresses better than every other day.Duration of the course - 5-10 days.

2. For the treatment of osteoporosis, you can use this great tool.

Wanted: 30 g of red wine (preferably Cahors), 2-3 fresh leaves of burdock, warmer.

Method. wine is slightly warm.

application method. Rub the affected area with wine, on top Put the fresh leaves of burdock, cover feather handkerchief and put a heating pad on top of everything.Duration of procedure -. 2 hours Spend it is not more than 2 times per week.The course of treatment - 4 weeks.

In osteoporosis, you can do the following packs.

1. Wanted: 1/2 liter of vodka, 100 grams of chamomile flowers and grass clover.

Method. Herbs pour vodka, insist 3 days.

application method. Make a compress for the night.The course of treatment - 2 weeks.

2. Wanted: 1/2 liter of vodka, 200 g of birch buds.

Method. Kidney pour vodka and insist 7 days.

application method. For compresses all night.Repeat the procedure every night for 1 month.

Take one ball mummy twice a day, morning and evening, 20 minutes before meals. course national treatment of osteoporosis using the mummy is 20 days.The ball must be out of the mummy of a match head, it should be dissolved in 70 ml of water.The course is 3 weeks, followed by a break for a few days.You can repeat the course.

Shilajit promotes calcium laying in bone mass.

necessary to squeeze the juice of ten lemons and pour it into six raw eggs.All of this must be stored, covered with a cloth, until the eggs do not dissolve with shells.This will occur within about seven days.After that should be added trehsotgrammovuyu jar of honey and hundred and fifty grams of cognac.

Keep this mixture in the dark and take this folk remedy for a dessert spoon after meals.

Wash egg shells, dry and interpret in a mortar into a powder.Take every day for 1.5-3 grams in the morning with cheese or cereals.

Osteoporosis is also useful to take a decoction or infusion of walnut.The infusion of drink a tablespoon, and broth - 75 ml for half an hour before meals.

osteoporosis Herbal treatment
1. Wanted: 7 Art.l.grass ground elder, 25 g of horseradish, 20 g sour cream, a pinch of salt, 2 cups of water.
Preparation: grass boil in water for 2 minutes, chop.Horseradish grate, add goutweed, sour cream, salt.
Application: resulting "salad" to eat at one time.Repeat every day.

2. Wanted: 1 onion, peel carrots, potatoes, garlic and beets, 1 tbsp.l.sunflower oil, 0.5 liters of water.
Preparation: crude onion slice and fry in sunflower oil until golden brown, then add water and cook.From skin to cook the broth and pour in to the onions.Ready drink drain.
Application: drink every day.

Wanted: 2 tbsp.l.honey, 5 eggs, 5 lemons, 50 ml of Cahors wine or cognac.
Preparation: eggs break and mix with honey, dry the shell and grind into a powder.Squeeze the juice from the lemons and pour over egg shells.After 5 days, combine both mixtures and add the brandy (Cahors) and mix.
Application: Take 25-30 ml of 1 times a day, until the mixture is finished.Repeat 3 courses with a three-day break.

also need to follow a diet for osteoporosis.First of all, we should exclude coffee and as much as possible use of milk and dairy products such as cottage cheese, eat fish, cauliflower and sea kale, walnuts, beans, eggs and cream.

prevention of osteoporosis is an active way of life, the strengthening of bone and muscle tone of the body, healthy diet.It must be at least an hour a day to pay a leisurely walk, especially on sunny days.

Good posture helps to prevent back pain and fatigue.Your muscles and joints will be able to move more efficiently.But at first, when you try to keep your back straight, back and abdominal muscles may ache a little bit, because they are not used to such a situation.To reduce discomfort, gradually increase the time during which you hold the posture.Good posture will help prevent muscle injuries.Especially if it is combined with good biomechanics of the body.Good posture improves breathing, becauseIt increases the capacity of the chest.

you will feel better.Imagine how people usually are depressed.They are difficult to imagine with a straight back.Then imagine a happy, joyous people.Rather, they arise in your mind to stand up straight and do not slouch.Posture affects the mental state of a person.

You improve balance, which will reduce the likelihood of falls and fractures.